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It's not all GH related, I hope Dante doesn't get Upset! :-)

SOD Cover:

GH: FINALLY! (big pic of Jason/Elizabeth w/ their arms around each other) - Jason Learns He's The Father

Star's Firing "Irresponsible and cruel" (refers to Stuart Damon - Steve Burton, Rebecca Herbst, Natalia Livingston, Kimberly McCullough, Kin Shriner, Jason Thompson, Constance Towers and Jaclyn Zeman all give quotes in this article)


IN! DOOL (pic of Matt Ashford)

Out! Y&R (pic of Victoria Rowell)

PASSIONS Secret Exposed! The Story No One Else Would Tell

AMC Murders: Who Did It!


SOW Cover (it's a split AMC/DOOL one):

AMC: Killer Revealed (pics of Ryan, Kendall, Zack, Babe, JR)

Babe's Alive!

DOOL: Steve Kidnaps John - And You Won't Believe Why (pics of Steve and John)

Y&R Star: The REAL Reason She Quit! (pic of Victoria Rowell)


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QUOTE(Chris B @ Feb 14 2007, 10:40 AM)
Can't wait for the Stuart Damon/Victoria Rowell items! I wonder if Guza/Phelps will ever speak on the matter! Or anyone from Y&R in defense of Rowell.

The SD one is about the rumors about him going to GL to play Ed Bauer.

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From Betty10211: In the 2/27 issue of SOD, it's revealed that the Satin Slayer is a very much alive Alexander Cambius Sr.. His motive? To teach Zach a lesson about obedience!


That has to be a joke. Doesn't it?

Go Passions! Get yourself mentioned on a magazine cover!

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Oh wow! I'm shocked but very pleased with this Stuart Damon support, Obviously Frons could care less what Jackie Zeman or Kin Shriner thinks but to have Burton and others speak out!? Good for them.

I've thought for a long time GH was probably very clique-y behind the scenes and less family-like than AMC, but apparently not.

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Alexander as the killer is so dumb, but what should expect?

The story got us to watch, the ratings went up a bit. sweeps probably will be decent ratings-wise,

Megan saved her job

The reveal comes at the end of sweeps so in their minds it doesn't really matter if it sucks or not.

Once February is over they can go back to the same bullsh*it material they started last summer.

I can't wait to see how they explain Alex killing his precious Ryan's sister! Oh wait, they'll just ignore that.

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