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Weekend Hangout Thread


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Thread will only be open on Friday's after 4 until Monday morning.

This is kinda like the random thoughts thread, however this the weekend party thread. You know, small talk, chit chat, shootin' the [!@#$%^&*], running off at the mouth.

Mainly done so we won't clutter up the Random Thoughts Thread. Anything goes....to a certain extent (That means you too Kenny).

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So no one is going to go and party this weekend? Man, since winter break, almost every night has been a party. New Years was off the damn chain! Tonight is going to be pretty mellow, I'm going to the movies in a couple of hours and I don't have to pay so that is even better.

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Hopefully soon I'll find someone to 'put it on me'.....Met a new co-worker at work...so, who knows

Hey Marilyn!

Hey Venus!

That sounds pretty promising. I have a date later on tonight with a former co-worker of mine. He is so sweet and a cutie. I think he has had a crush on me for a while.

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I'm actually going bowling tonight :unsure: I hate bowling :angry:

I don't care for it myself either. No real action. My favorite spot in my town is this club called "Our Fantasy." The first gay club in Wichita. Its been around forever and I love going there. They put on really good drag shows. They had a show for New Years Eve and I loved it. Great times there!

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