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Y&R: Ideas & Thoughts On Reaching Greatness (Latham/Hamner: Improve Y&R)

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Writing is about tapping into the wealth of resources one has within their mind, body & soul. It's about utilizing their 5 senses in a way that brings out characters & plots they write for, to make their characters & plots alive. If everyone inlvoved with Y&R THOUGHT more often & more critically, the show would be great.

Y&R History & Storyline Suggestions

Form greater connections b/w the characters & show history. Y&R has a rich & complex history that should be further explored. Place a moratorium on creating new major characters for at least a full year.

Instead of the Sheila-looks-like-Phyllis SL, why not explore Phyllis' criminal past (attempted murder (Christine), arson, murder (Sasha Green) etc) & tie that into the return of David Hamilton & Daniel Romalotti.

The search for the real Phillip Chancellor III should be tied into Nina's search for her long-lost child who was sold by Rose DeVille, the eventual feud b/w Katherine & Jill, the return of the Fosters (Elizabeth, William Snapper, Greg), PC IV & (Sharon Farrell's Florence Wesbter.

The Nina's long-lost kid/PC IV SL can also lead to the return of Sabryn Genet's Tricia Dennison & tie that in with Victoria/Brad (Victoria's greatest love is Ryan & he's PC IV's step-dad, remember?)

Tie in Jack's ownership of Jabot Cosmetics & the feud b/w Jack/Ashley & Gloria with the return of Billy (sending him to Hong Kong with no biz experience was stupid! :blink:), Traci Abbott & Marla Adam's Dina Mergeron. This should also lead to a discussion of abadonment & the revelation that Ashley's biological dad is alive & that Gloria is the Glow Again Cream Killer! The inital fallout surrounding John's death could have been great. Now, it can be if the above suggestions are implemented!

Tie in Nikki's PTSD with the socially/politically contentious issue of illegal aliens & have Miguel turn out to be one & ship him back to his native country. (That can trigger her memories of being gunned down at the ranch) :lol:

Explore The Issue Of Abadonment

Paul: Heather Stevens Lynch & Ricardo Brana Williams. Tie Heather with the return of Carolyn Conwell's Mary Williams, Patty Williams & the BRIEF return of Isaballa Brana Williams.

Victor: Victor Jr. Tie it into Victor's softer side after his bout with temporal lobe epilepsy

Jack: Keemo Volien & Kyle. Tie Keemo with Jack's owning of Jabot & Kyle with his coming to terms with Phyllis' new marriage.

Explore The Issue Of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Nikki: She was gunned down on 2 separate occasions (1998 & 2006) & yet she seems fine!? :angry: My goodness, add realism to her character! :lol:

Sharon: Kidnapped & almost killed. And all this the year after Cassie dies & ends a long-term marriage. Yet, she seems fine!? :angry:

I could add J.T. to the PTSD category, but I don't care for him.

Stop The Character Assassinations

Paul Williams: "When Paul Williams tried to save Christine Blair from being raped, Michael Baldwin shot him." If that true, then why the hell would Paul have anyting to do with Michael!? :blink: Paul "raping"/forcing himself on Christine cuz he was filled with rage at Ricardo's christening? Contrived!

Michael Baldwin: Committing numerous crimes just to help out Gloria, whom he doesn't truly love!? It's lead to the contrived feud b/w him & Jack.

Christine Blair: Going into business with & becoming engaged to the man who tried to rape her? :lol::blink:

Victoria Newman: She was stalked by Gary Dawson, so should know all about living life in fear, but she chooses to put up with the evil art collectors & Brad lying to her thoughout most of their marriage. She knows about Brad's kiss with Sharon & is always suspicious of her hubby when he spends time alone with Sharon. Why is she still married to Brad?

Brad Carlton/George Kaplan: When his wife, Ashley, was suffering with breast cancer, he f***ed her "best friend", Olivia. So fearful of him & his mom being killed, he became a high-powered biz executive at Jabot Cosmetics & Newman Enterprises, both well-known international companies. No wonder the evil art collectors tracked him down! :angry: Was his departure from 1996-1998 ever explained?

Shelia Carter: Some Sheila fans say that looking for love & acceptance is what she's all about. Well, if that were true, she would have never committed as many serious crimes as she did. If Lauren is her arch-nemesis, why'd Sheila save her life? :blink: She's a deranged, evil person & should be dead or a maximum security prison for life. Bradley Bell/Kay Alden/JF Smith turned her into a one note villian. Again, how many serious crimes has she committed? I rest my case :angry:

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Traci /Colleen: Traci was impregnated by her professor, Tim Sullivan. Will the same happen to Colleen? :angry:

Nikki/Victoria: Nikki was engaged to her daughter's hubby, Brad. Parents & their children having sex with the same person is always disgusting.

The Dumbing Down Of Characters

Jill: The CEO of an international company can't see past Gloria schmes? :angry:

William: The District Attorney of GC can't see past Gloria's schemes? The New Year's Eve kiss b/w Gloria & him was outrageous, not to mention poorly executed! :angry:

Colleen: She was angry that J.T. f***ed Victoria, now she's f***ing aroung with Korbel? She's not even trying her best to hide their affair. I thought she smartened up? She knew that Kevin locked her in Gina's freezer & set the place on fire. Even Amber is exhibiting signs of smartness.

Phyllis: She knows its Cassie's birthday, but is surprised that Nick throws the toaster across the room & asks him what's wrong? It seems like when she became a stepford wife, she lost portions of her brain.

Lily: Since C. Khalil returned, the writing & acting has turned Lily into an idiot. It was hard for her to perform CPR on Daniel? Her personality & intelligence vanished! :angry:

Katherine: She can figure out that Roz Cosmetics is a dummy corporation tied to Jack wanting to buy Jabot Cosmetics from Chancellor Industries, but can't figure out that Gloria is the Glow Again Skin Cream Killer? Wasn't Katherine very upset over everything that this scandel caused? :angry:

Ashley: When Ashley stole & impregnated herself with Victor's spunk, what was she really thinking about? That one day she'd tell Victor that her daughter was his & that they'd be together forever? She can't figure out that Gloria is the Glow Again Skin Cream Killer, even when she KNOWS the depths to which Gloria will sink to!? :angry: She even testified in court that Gloria is "con artist"! :angry: BTW: Don't they have cameras at well-known international biz headquarters? :angry:

Other Thoughts & Questions

*I fear that D. Diamont or D. Davidson might be fired this year or next. :unsure:

*I have a feeling that either A. Korbel :angry: or Cane will turn out to be the real PC III.

*Does anyone find it strange that T. E. Bregman is still on recurring 5 & a half yrs on Y&R?

*I have a feeling that there's something up with Vincent & somehow he''s tied into the Who Killed Carmen? mystery

*I don't know if I want Diane Jenkins to return even if Alex Donnelly reprised the role. The character was assassinated under Alden/Jones/Smith

*Weren't Drucilla & Olivia close? If so, why hasn't she ever mentioned her sister & nephew lately? My goodness, her adopted son is charged with murder!

*The former black detective was far tolerable than Det. M. Sullivan

*Stop using Esther as the show's idiot

*If Latham & Hamner knew more about Y&R, the show would be great instead of being good

*I'm glad that Latham fired John F. Smith, but K. Alden should have stayed. Was Alden fired or did she quit?

*Did Kathryn Foster (ex-producer) quit cuz she disapproved of Latham's vision?

*If Latham fires Edward J. Scott, then I bet his wife, Melody Thomas Scott, will quit. But I don't think Latham will take that chance...for now at least

*Nikki was gunned down at the ranch, so why did she ever return to live there? :blink:

*Some say the the killing of John Abbott was a way for Latham to send a message to disgruntled cast members like J. Cooper, E. *Braeden & a few others. Is that true!? If that is, Latham should have some of her powers taken away! :angry:

*It looks like Latham is turning into John F. Smith Version 2.0

*Did Nicholas, Victoria & Nikki ever go to college and/or earn a degree? If not, why are they working/worked at international businesses? :lol:

*How does an ex-fashion model with no biz experience/degree, such as Drucilla, became the head of a company's major cosmetics line (Beauty Of Nature)? :lol:

*Is Latham's boss Bill Bell Jr.?

*Alden & JF Smith were demoted mainly due to massive declines in ratings. If this happens again, expect Latham to be fired, or if she's demoted, she might quit.

*Why'd Chris Abbott leave Y&R for B&B, then return?

*I fear that Erica Lovejoy will turn into Sheila Carter 2.0 :angry:

*I never use the word "veteran" when referring to actors. All the word really means is that a certain has been on their respective show for a lengthy period of time. It has nothing to do with TALENT! T. Luckinbill has been on Y&R for almost 8 years. Should he get more SL cuz he's a vet? :angry::blink:

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"Kiddo?" How about you take it lubeless up the a$$, Grandpa?

Bias: a particular tendency or inclination.

You are taking things too personally, man. You just went on about how (quote) "insufferably BIASED!!!" a poster was being. Most people who post in discussion forums have a particular bent or leaning so far as what they like and don't like -- everyone has a bias, even maybe a prejudice. It is their right to have it, and I have seen you do nothing but scream and moan (yes, ALL CAPS is screaming for me) about those who don't like exactly what you do. I find that to be "insufferable IRRITATING!!!"

Saying someone's opinion is biased is like saying someone's question doesn't give an answer. It's pointing out the obvious in a way that sounds like an actual argument. Yes, bias may hint at having a prejudice and preconception without information, but AntiNWO seems to have talked eloquently enough about the everything else that I wouldn't consider that to be the case.

All I'm saying is that it would benefit everyone if you didn't take Holy offence to anyone who dislikes Sheila or disagrees with how she is seen.

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Applied for every show, but do continue...

I agree. I think shows should always use there histories to enrich the show. It makes for better storyline purposes and character driven stories. However, some past stories are so convulted are mucked up, that it's hard to do so.

I always thought this would be a PERFECT story for Michelle's exit from Y&R one day. The days these character walk around town free doing nothing, could be some months well spent in jail to give the audience SOMETHING. Example, Kevin Fisher. BTW she did not kill Sasha Green, it was implied.

HA! LML will probably recast them all, with poor actors/her past employees.

If Tricia has to be linked to Brad, then it has to end in death for Brad. I don't want another actor suffering over this loser.

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Great ideas!

Poor Nikki, she gets shot and Victor gets the big story. WTF?

Sooner or later these kids will have to return and I can't wait to hear the lame excuses...

I think this has been touched on enough actually, with little care.

STUPID. STUPID. STUPID. This isn't GH, why the [[email protected]#$%^&*] hell was Christine going to marry her attempted rapist in such an ill conceived and un-developed story.

Well Victor has to go some day...

The BUG is Y&R's GOD!

Because AH Victor is diet.

Can't remember. But DD has shown minimal growth since his start on Y&R.


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There are some things I don't like about the show, but I don't want it to be cancelled...

Yes, I agree that there should be some things that need improving...one of them is the bringing on of new characters; we have had Jana on for how long, and we still no nothing about her, but she's in everyone else's scenes

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