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  1. When Tracy said she will seek revenge on Skye, what exactly does that entail?!
  2. Oh come now, Team Kimberlin LOVES Jane Elliot too! She paved the way for a type of bad girl... who is really good.
  3. Scotty & Tracy are lovely to watch together! Just bring back Lucy and we're in business!
  4. why do you guys hate Skye so much? She's not a simpering wallflower!
  5. Tracy better pray she doesnt cross Skye! I CAN'T WAIT to see Jane and Robin head to head, i adore them so!
  6. HEADS UP, Tracy[[email protected]#$%^&*]es! SKYE CHANDLER QUARTERMAINE is officially BACK in [[email protected]#$%^&*]ery so La Tracy better WATCH OUT. In all seriousness, i hope the revitalised Skye goes head to head with the wonderful Tracy. Jane Elliot deserves THE BEST acting partner money can buy and for my money, its Robin C.
  7. If you could bring in a new costar for Jane, who would it be people?
  8. Dear Tracy fans, i am SO SORRY that your favorite was relegated to being the 'villainess/comic relief/literally bound and gagged' type at Luke & Laura's wedding... i consider that material to be totally insulting to Jane Elliot, who has always strived to make Tracy so very human. The contrived outlandish goings on to prop up other characters sickens me. Consider the feelings of Skye fans too, our favorite wasnt even given LINES at the wedding of her lover of 3 years - not even one look to acknowledge their history. This show stinks, its completely plot driven. Jane & Robin are worth so much more.
  9. This plot twist is so contrived and makes no sense to me. I don't think it serves Tracy and Luke's stories at all that he suddenly says "Oh by the way I'm in love with you"... i also have a hard time with this knowing that they seem to have just shafted his feelings for Skye, a woman who we know he actually DOES love. I am very dissapointed, but at least its a storyline. better than nothing.
  10. Yesterday's episode - EMMY REEL for Jane methinks. Absolutely profound and magnificent! This woman is an artist!
  11. Didnt anyone catch Tracy's little snark at Carly? Carly was speechless.
  12. The dreadful news about Julia Barr leaving AMC disturbs me in that i keep thinking that Jane may not be valued on GH, just as Julia wasnt on her show. We need to make our voices heard.
  13. Luke and Laura are ENDGAME people. Get over it. Tracy's too good for Luke anyway and i personally want Paul Hornsby back on GH to woo her back.
  14. I can't wait to see Jane and Genie in scenes together, should be so much fun.
  15. I'd post in here, but i've been blacklisted.
  16. you are so out of order! Trying to alienate me like this. My god, by all means allow Toups to scan the previous pages and realise that you people are blowing this way out of proportion. Are you that desperate for drama?! PLEASE calm down so we can get this thread back to some civilised, normal discussion!
  17. tracyluver, you can take a hike! I can post in here if i want, i happen to enjoy Tracy, so stick that in your damn pipe! I think Skye being Tracy's daughter is a great idea. It would also add further to the duplicity of Gretel Rae... Lets face it, Guza stupidly will never write for her by herself, despite Tracy being one of daytime's classic characters, so if she has to further somebody else's storyline, it should be Skye's.
  18. i'm no troll, i've been with this board for 6 years. I just don't intend to see my personal favourite get unfairly slated by jaded fans of another actress (who i happen to admire and respect). And may i remind you who painted this portrait of Jane? So a little damn respect and sensitivity toward my feelings as a Tracy AND Skye fan wouldnt go amiss. The only reason i made reference to Tracy/Laura fans going after each other was to lighten the mood, i had no idea you would get so wound up. The attitudes around here positively REEK of double standards.
  19. Spare me the self righteous lecture and save your energy people, you're going to need it when you come up against the Laura fanbase.
  20. What the hell is that supposed to mean?! Skye brings life to anything. Actually you know what? FORGET IT. I am DONE here!
  21. as a Skye fan first and foremost, i can't tell you how delicious the prospect is of Tracy fans going up against the equally rabid Laura fanbase. Hopefully, Skye can get Luke back once the path is cleared and your mutilated carcases allow us to proceed...
  22. JANE & DEIDRE HALL in 'Electra Woman' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZH7Hx99r1rI...ted&search=
  23. A vintage Tracy Q promo has been posted on DTS - CHECK IT OUT!
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