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ATWT: SOD Spoilers

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ATWT's Jack and Carly say good-bye

Katie's quest to punish Simon works a little too well this week when Carly ends up paying the biggest price. "She's still on this mission," Says TC (Katie). "It's mostly about Simon. If she could get him in trouble without getting Carly in trouble, she would probably do that, but she's not going to go out of her way. Then she starts to see it unravel. Carly's arrested first and Simon's still out there. She sees Jack taking Carly out in handcuffs and it breaks her heart when she sees the looks on their faces. And yet again, Simon has gotten away. she still thinks that Simon's going to get arrested, but seeing Carly just brought it all home, that this probably wasn't the best thing to do, so she confesses that to Mike.

While Mike is hearing Katie out on last time, Simon enlists Vienna in a scheme to sneak him into the Leonian Consulate, where Carly is being escorted - by Jack. "Aside from the fact that he's losing the love of his life - he's pushed her so far that she's not coming back - he's now worried that the kids are going to lose their mother," explains MP (Jack). "Because she's done these things that will have gone against her probation and might put her in jail for a number of years."

Carly apologizes to Jack (who admits to his share of the blame for the ruination of their marriage) and says a tearful good-bye after he drops her off to await extradition. She even tells him that he was right about Simon, who she thinks has deserted her. But as soon as Jack leaves, Carly comes face to face with the Aussie, who recently declared his love. That seems to leave Carly with a decision to make. "She's got a little bit of a hellraiser in her, but she's also a really good mother. Obviously, Simon and Carly get along great, but would she leave her kids for him?" asks PL (Simon). "Simon's a good lay, but he's not that good!"

VCR Alerts

Iris has more tricks up her sleeve for Gwen and Adam on Wed, Jan. 10... Margo fears the worst when Tom collapses on Monday, Jan 15. On Tuesday, Jan. 16, Katie's luck changes. But with Mike and Simon leaving, can she really be happy for long?

There is an interview with JP that is much too long to type out now, but let me know if there is interest and I'll type it out later for you. There are mentions of Luke, Jennifer, Simon, Jack, Carly, Katie, Gwen....but nothing spoilerish.

Meg rejects a heartbroken Paul once and for all. Like I believe that.

Vienna becomes Carly's only ticket out of jail.

Emily fears for her son's safety.

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    • Just started reading Grillo-Marxuach’s statement and already am taken aback by the use of portmanteau of Lindelof and Cause’s names. Were they really called “Dalton”? Hopefully my local library will get the book in some form (I made a request for an audiobook and an ebook) because this sounds like an interesting read.
    • There's a lot of narrative rewriting about Lost because it ticks many of the boxes of what was supposed to be - in terms of diversity, and expansion of network television mindsets - but at the time, the show mostly got buzz in that first season. The second and third seasons got a ton of negative response (especially the third) and even when things stabilized after that, there was a great deal of mockery of the navel-gazing "mystery box" world to help hide that there were no clear plans in place.  Even at the time I remember fans pointing out what hacks Lindelof and Cuse were. That's true for fans and producers in general, but that label has stuck, deservedly so. I always got bad vibes off the show, as well as Desperate Housewives, and consider both to be classic examples of narrative and media hype mattering more than the product itself. I'm sorry to hear just how ugly the atmosphere was backstage at Lost, but I can't say I'm surprised. It's one of those shows where the vileness bled onto the screen, especially in the deaths of those (mostly non-white) who were deemed unworthy.
    • Wow, such an invaluable information, I hope I get this for OLTL one day, but love reading in such detail the history of GH. Thank you!
    • Javier Grillo-Marxuach's full statement is a lot. Oh, BTW: @marceline will be pleased and/or enraged to know the book apparently extensively covers Sleepy Hollow.  
    • I binge watched seasons 1 and 2 after the series ended. I've never been able to watch any farther than that. The main thing I remember about this show is Dominic Monaghan stating non-clamantly in an interview that Matthew Fox was a wife beater. Wild times!
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