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  1. I find it interesting that Harding Lemay wrote this. I also noted when I posted this on Facebook, that they had the whole dark, moody lighting thing down a good three years before Y&R (although I'm pretty sure it was to hide the cheap sets more than anything).
  2. Watching "The Outs" has made me want to dust off my old gay-themed series I was working on, but thought was "too boring". Time to reconsider

  3. I still do a double take when I see "The Doctors" listed just before Days of Our Lives. Stupid talk show.

  4. JR Martinez on The Price Is Right? This is bizarre...

    1. Khan


      Please tell me he wasn't a contestant.

    2. frequentsoapfan


      Isn't Goddard on there alot?

    3. frequentsoapfan


      Isn't Goddard on there alot?

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  5. I don't care what anyone else says, this is the most interesting DAYS has been in a full year.

  6. Any idea as to why he wouldn't play Sam? Would his return to AW have worked better had he done so instead of creating such a dud new character?
  7. It's a party up in hurr. Also, I also love Melba Moore's voice, and the 80s Kashif-style dance tracks, but Melba's voice really does NOT suit that kind of dance-pop music very well.
  8. How much longer until DAYS gets new writers? I can't take this anymore.

    1. beebs


      I don't mind Daniel, I just think he's being played as a hero, when he should be played as a bit of a manwhore with a...unique code of ethics. It'd certainly create more legit story for him.

    2. JackPeyton


      From what ive learned, they do pay attention to all outlets of feedback, but esp snail mail. Sony, i believe, uses focus groups & indie research. Online is basically just what fanbase is the loudest and most obnoxious.

    3. JaneAusten


      lol thanks. I kind of figured that because so many actors have said much of this. I wasn't sure about DOOL but I do know that ABC and CBS uses or used focus groups and snail mail heavily

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  9. Even in edited form, it's still one of the most vile things I've ever seen on television.
  10. Rita Bauer. My bad. My knowledge of GL pre-83 is extremely tenuous, but I'm fascinated by the Dobsons and Marland's era. Reading over Roger's history from the 70s is just amazing and I'd kill to see more of it.
  11. I loved that, also the 1979 episode he posted. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGF7kCQDO9Q Is this Rita's final episode or was there much more afterwards? I have to say, for not knowing much about the stories at this time, I'm really loving every minute of it. Just proves that strong writing and stronger actors really make all the difference.
  12. Ohhh this is gonna be good. I'm loving having Kendall and Mateo out of the picture. I never got the appeal of Mateo and Kendall just doesn't interest me in the slightest, so this is a good pair of exits. THRILLED about Viki, Clint and Tina, and ESPECIALLY Lindsay. I always loved Lindsay so this oughta be great. Keep it coming, I'm loving it already!
  13. I find it REALLY odd to see that ATWT was doing better than all NBC soaps in 18-34 women. RH was HUGE with young women! I never realized that. Really, the whole of ABC. Shocked that Price Is Right was doing so lousy around this time.
  14. EPISODE 3 It's buzzing at The Royal. The grand opening is upon us, and champagne is in every glass. Kian, Jason and Peter socialize with the local foodies and press, basking in the glory of their creation. Ryan passes by them, hors d'oevres artfully displayed on the tray in his hands. Jason pulls Ryan over momentarily. JASON: Can you do me a favour and ask the kitchen to wait ten minutes before serving the mains? I'm gonna have Peter and Kian give speeches, then at my cue, get the staff ready and we'll parade everything out all at once, alright? RYAN: Got it, boss. Ryan is about t
  15. You have NO idea how much I miss my Dru. SO MUCH LOVE for that woman!
  16. Enh! I remember how nosy and easily flustered Lucy was on GH and PC later in the 90s, and honestly, I can totally see it playing out with her there. The endless rambling is totally something I could see Lynn playing up. I could totally see Andrea Evans doing it though. I'm still playing around with the casting so this could change, but we'll see how things work out for the time being.
  17. EPISODE 2 ALEXIS DILLON Jacqueline MacInnes Wood RYAN OLSEN Scott Clifton ERIC HADLEY Scott Evans DARREN WASHINGTON Bryton James KIAN McCLARY Chord Overstreet PETER PHILLIPS Kin Shriner JASON TOMS Zack Conroy MARY RUSSELL Victoria Rowell JOANNA WILLIAMS Lynn Herring MARK WILLIAMS Wayne Northrop OUTSIDE THE MAJOR ST. APARTMENTS Kian stands dumfounded as Peter steps out of his limo to greet him. Jason stands a bit in behind him, as though Kian somehow will shield him. Peter seems to ignore their awkwardness. PETER: Hey baby, I thought I'd come s
  18. EPISODE 1 DAN KAPLAN Shawn Christian ALEXIS DILLON Jacqueline MacInnes Wood RYAN OLSEN Scott Clifton ERIC HADLEY Scott Evans DARREN WASHINGTON Bryton James KIAN McCLARY Chord Overstreet PETER PHILLIPS Kin Shriner JASON TOMS Zack Conroy Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Spring is starting to...well, spring, and the extreme Canadian winter has brought many feet of snow. The snow is now getting heavy, saturated with the weight of the April showers. We come upon an apartment block in the heart of the city, during a typically dreary day. Rain for a third consecutive day,
  19. Let's see if I can get this Nine Lives story written. Gonna take a lot of energy to write this, move, and finish my school work!

    1. aMLCproduction


      Good luck. I look fwd to reading it.

  20. That NPR report on DAYS actually upset me. Doom is in the air in Salem.

    1. JackPeyton


      it just sounded like some plot point stories will be reduced to a week to me, not that every story will start and end in a weeks time. i think its good if they can balance fast, short stories with a long term arc. i do wish they would have learned from the baby swap tho, that was the best they did in a long time

    2. aMLCproduction


      What is NPR where is this report coming from I havent seen no changes on Days but some stories are moving faster

    3. beebs


      National Public Radio did a story on the changes at DAYS. It's in the Mess That Is MarDar thread. The radio report differs from the written report.

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  21. Watching clips from Edward Q's trial from late 94...just realized how absolutely horrendous soap opera has become since then. *sigh*

    1. DRW50


      I was the same way, with Youtube. Around late 08/early 09. That's probably the only reason I got back into the soaps, especially the end of the P&G soaps.

    2. beebs


      Exactly. I think GL's cancellation was a wake-up call for me. That was the show that got me into soaps in the first place, and to see it go was heartbreaking. But if no one's learning from past mistakes, they're doomed to repeat them.

    3. SFK


      I love GH around that time. Only time I was really into it.

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  22. Just re-read my soap pilot script and surprised to think that after sitting on it for a good few months, it's actually really good. Should I post it for the world to see or should I hold onto it and pitch it to someone...or both?

    1. Mr. Vixen
    2. DRW50


      Maybe you could try a cable network, or a websoap person.

      Post it too, but if you think it's that good you should try for some business.

    3. aMLCproduction
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  23. Interesting too, in the same batch is the final 90 minute episode: Interesting to see how the 90 minute experiment finished off. The pacing improved a LOT by this point. WAY less padding, probably by setting up the Texas stuff.
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