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  1. Just finished season 2 of NYC including the reunions..These women are a trip..I think they may be my second favorite behind Beverly Hills and Bethenny is the only person to ever compete with my Lisa love.
  2. New Jersey marathon all day...I've noticed it's filmed a little differently..like different type cameras..I forgot how crazy Danielle was, completely delusional.
  3. DAYS: Kiriakis clan + Kate OLTL: Todd Manning Y&R: Jill AMC: J.R. B&B: I haven't watched in forever but I guess..Stephanie? GH: Lisa?
  4. Finally started watching some of NYC...Kelly is bat [[email protected]#$%^&*] crazy...like wow. Now on BH...Just saw the preview for tonight's episode and all I have to say is Oh noo Lisa is getting fed up with Cedric. They're my favorite housewife duo ever . Can't wait for the text message from hell and to see some of Kim's usual craziness.
  5. I love what a trainwreck Kim is..She's hilarious to watch...This is becoming my favorite set of Housewives outside of Camille and Taylor who I have no interest in at all.
  6. I dont even need the bat [[email protected]#$%^&*] craziness of the table flipping dinner, I'm just ready to watch these high brow women get dirty AND Adrienne is there this time!
  7. Could not love Lisa and Cedric more if I tried.
  8. Just caught the most recent Beverly Hills episode...I can't stand Camille..And I wish I could feel bad about the impending doom of her marriage, but now I'm just excited to see it on t.v. because I can't stand the barbie doll..That face just doesn't even move.. Wondering where the random battle between Taylor and Kim is gonna come from.
  9. Lisa and Kyle are pretty much the only reason I even watch Beverly Hills..I also do enjoy seeing just how much money Adrienne has..But I digress..Lisa is just like this breath of fresh air as far as reality t.v. goes..
  10. I really wish Kandi would just flat out tell Kim she sucks..Tardy for the Party only sounds decent because it's loaded with auto tune..The bitch can hardly sing the song in key when she has a backing track playing... I was pretty shocked Lawrence had such a nice and soulful voice, I'm actually interested to see where this goes.. Phaedra is such a phoney..I can't even decide if I dislike her or not..She's like a bad version of Sheree whom I adore..But old man with the bald spot has got to go.. The Atlanta show always makes me so thirsty for some wine or champagne..These ladies are never not drinking and I love it.
  11. I think Sheree didn't ask for the bank statements because she's over it and wants him to stop spreading that bull... Watched the second part of the D.C. reunion..My god the Salahi's literally are delusional and whatever drug they're on I want some.
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