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  1. *waves to TracyLuv* Halee I did manage to not eat ANY cake at all. I am very proud of myself, because I was SO tempted. I think since most of us here are women (though men have eating issues too) we can all understand food/eating disorders. I've had to battle bulimia and anorexia in my younger days and even though I'm much wiser now, it kind of really is something that is a lifelong battle, for me, anyway. I still struggle with stress related binge eating, but haven't done it in a while now and if I do get stressed and have to eat something, I try to pick something healthy. Funny thing is th
  2. As an off topic, I have been really faithful in my summer dieting, but I am so stressed because of work, I am tempted to go out and eat a cake. Not a piece of cake. A WHOLE cake. By myself. And then lay there and moan about it afterwards. I need to get out of here, 5 o'clock cannot come fast enough. Have a good weekend, everyone.
  3. Yes Jane is cute and Lacy were sweet with their hospital date, but I still feel something lacking. Both in Jane's airtime/scenes and "story", and in their relationship. I will say, they still have the best chemistry of any other "couple" right now. But considering the couples we have, I don't know that is saying much. I just know I'm BORED. If Luke is going to romance her, get on with it, already. And if they are killing Luke off (I always said that if TG had his druthers, that's the way Luke would go, not "off in the sunset" garbage with Laura), then write it WELL and give us a reason to c
  4. I'm fairly certain we are going to find out the Jeromes Ava is a part of are THE Jeromes, of old school GH, and we know how they like to play up the mob angle with Tracy. Not that I think the spumor is necessarily true-but you never know. I can't imagine it being Victor, even if it were revealed he really wasn't dead, he'd have to be like 90 years old because he was sixty-ish twenty five years ago. I can't imagine it being Julian, I don't think Julian would be old enough to be Ava's father since I guess she's mid forties? He'd only be about ten years older than that. She could be Olivia'
  5. TBH not sure but I thought I saw it speculated on one of the lesser boards as I lurk vaguely from time to time...
  6. And agreed that I don't think most of these actors give their characters much thought when not "working". Nor do I think most of them even care who they are paired with. I'll NEVER get the backlash about Evul Tony Geary for not supporting LnL and stating out loud he doesn't want to go there again. He has the right to voice his opinion, and to state what he'd like to see. And NO, he doesn't owe loyalty to LnL as a couple just because they supposedly launched his career. I'm not trying to be mean, but...GH has really been the only career he's ever had, and I bet at times he hates Luke Spencer, o
  7. I think there's a spumor out there that the show is trying to cast Ava's father as a foil for Tracy. Discuss. If they cast him with Richard S, we in bizness.
  8. I know, right? I think there are like three people left on the internet that still try to debate/fight about it...LOLOL.... It's so not worth the time. I DVR the show, but my skip button still gets a workout. That is something I've always done, though...FFWd through whatever doesn't interest me or characters I don't like.
  9. Sorry for that....I should just not bother to read the comments of whack jobs. Carry on......
  10. It never ceases to amaze me how much some LnL'ers think we sit around wringing our hands over a possible LnL reunion. Really, people? O.M.G. BWHAHAHA! What's even sadder is that some of them think some of us dislike Laura and/or LnL and have disdain for Genie all because of LnL. Really? As if there aren't dozens of reasons to hate LnL and/or Laura all on their own? As if Genie doesn't come across as a self entitled diva all on her own? BWHAHHAHA! Of course not. It's all about Lacy and the fact that we are all trembling in fear over an LnL reunion. Sadly? There are some that REALLY belie
  11. IMO Olivia has always been useless and a waste. I wanted more Connie and Tracy, but after Connie's declaration to Olivia that she was all she had, doubt it. I think they are setting up a triangle with them and Sonny and this is the only reason they have them together so much. As far as the Franco as Todd debate, I'll admit I paid almost no attention to Franco. I don't think I watched more than two episodes total that JF was in. However, from what I saw....I think Franco and old school dark Todd aren't that different at all. So I don't have a problem with it if RH seems to be playing Todd. I
  12. I don't mind Ava, I like her vibe. Thing is-the GH cast is getting waaaaay overblown. Do we really need Connie, Olivia, Carly, and Ava? Four women around the same age is okay I guess(though four is a bit much) but when the four of them have almost interchangeable personalities, it really brings home that only two of them are needed. At least with the younger set, Ellie, Britt, Maxie and Lulu all have fairly distinct quirks. I don't think you'd ever mistake a Britt line for a Lulu one. When is Tracy's new man coming on? I'm going to keep repeating that until he appears. Lacy or no Lacy, he NE
  13. No Tracy today either I guess? *bored* I DO like Britt. I just wish she was enough for me to watch for. And while I don't *hate* Kiki-not fond of KA's acting-I still wish the real Lauren would have turned out to be Ellie. I noticed a bit of a resemblance between the actress that plays her, and JE. Not just the red hair...the facial features are similiar, too.
  14. Honestly I am more than happy to be spoiler free but I can't quite manage to not read some of them. I like being surprised far more than being spoiled, so I am trying to take it bit by bit now as well. The coma thing bores me, really. The ONLY upside to that is if Tracy starts attracting the attention of another man while Luke is comatose and Luke wakes up to having to truly fight for her. Besides..a spiteful part of me thinks he'd deserve it fully and without fail if she did start encouraging someone else. She's a dynamic, vibrant woman. It makes ZERO sense that she doesn't have a suitor
  15. I thought Tracy was supposed to be on yesterday, too. About Laura-I thought I saw a spoiler that said she finds out about Luke and gets sucked back in or some such twaddle. Never mind that if Luke wanted her, he's had countless chances to have her over the years and he didn't go for it. She practically threw herself at him before marrying Scott and he still didn't seem to care. I hope, if she does try to make inroads with Luke, that Scott finds out and FINALLY writes her off. It would be the least she'd deserve after marrying him as a consolation prize.
  16. I'm still not real optimistic about the whole "OMG Luke needs a liver" story (if indeed that is what it is); however if they make Tracy the one who gives him part of her liver, and something happens to her as a result...I could be okay with that. Thing is, even though Tracy doesn't drink half as much as she did back in the day, I can't imagine her liver is in good enough shape. LOL I have a bad feeling this is going to be all about Tracy looking evil by not informing any of Luke's family(even though he asked her not to), and of course Bora will stick her big nose in it and totally ruin my en
  17. I am getting a "swan song" vibe again from TG. I think it's Luke's liver, too and he'll be way down on the transplant list if he's on it at all. I can see Tracy offering up part of hers, but I can't imagine it'd be in good enough shape for them to use. So I guess we'll find out I think, in pretty short order, what's going to happen, but I used to say I could totally see them killing Luke off. I didn't care too much for "Franco's" tone yesterday when talking to AJ about their family tree. Something about it made me want to punch him through the screen.
  18. I too, liked that bit about them being best friends. The scenes were great-I just got a bit of closure/finality about them being "romantic" out of it. I honestly feel it was more TG and JE having a conversation, especially the best friend part. I have no idea where they are going-but to be honest, I don't see yesterday's scenes as a set up that they will be a couple again. Yes, I think Tracy will always love Luke-but you can love someone deeply and they can be totally wrong for you as a spouse. As they both agreed yesterday, Luke CANNOT give Tracy what she needs. I can't see Luke becoming a co
  19. SO the spoilers....same old, same old.....Tracy nagging Luke...Luke fleeing...I don't want to see that. I don't find it interesting. I'll repeat: the only way any kind of illness between them would draw me in, is if the roles were reversed. I have no desire to see something I've already seen. And I really don't want some death bed epiphany(had to use that word lol) from Luke. If he has to be at death's door to appreciate her, he don't deserve her. BUT-if they are killing off Luke and this is TG's swan song, I'd rather his scene partner be Jane if anyone.
  20. Go ahead and vent, Ms.Q. I don't watch, but I vent here about my stuff that I don't think anyone else here even knows what I am talking about, LOL. So unleash. You'll feel better. Series TV you get hooked on, sometimes can drive us crazy. BTW....any oldschool Doctor Who fans here? I watched as a kid, have spent the weekend watching a few old repeats...and I don't exactly have another fandom-it's a bit too out there and weirdish for me-but if anyone here watches, chime in! PS If anyone here does watch, I like David Tennant way more than Matt Smith as The Doctor. I realize they have to recas
  21. Star, what a little miracle. Such a cutie, and he's going to have a wonderful testimony one day. I don't really care for KA either. I haaaate they are making her a Q, then again....I'd be lying if so far I didn't see Q traits in her. The way she smirked at Sonny, I was like, eh, that's almost what I could picture a young Tracy doing.... I won't lie. I'm intrigued by the spoilers. Hopefully they won't be wash rinse repeat of when Luke had his heart attack. It sounds like it's something else. Liver trouble? Diabetes? Just don't let it be "Tracy nagging, Luke rebelling". PLEASE.
  22. Glad to hear there is more Tracy coming up. PS is anyone else having the issue of having to click on "More reply options" and then hitting "post" before your post appears? I've had that problem the last several times, just clicking "post" does nothing.
  23. I would rather see Connie and Tracy keep their friendship than see Ava and Tracy share a SL. JMO Haven't watched today, though.
  24. Lainey, you crack me up. We need your humor here more often. Star, how is your baby doing-not a "baby" anymore though, right? Hey, I'm a TracyFF. I make no apologies, either. I loved Lacy in the beginning. Now, as I just said to someone, I don't know if TG has it in him to do the romantic lead/true wuv thing anymore. I am not sure he wants to. And I repeat-the hospital issue-should be REVERSED. BUT- I will wait and see what those episodes tell me. I'm sure I'll love them, for whatever reason-even if it's just Jane being Tracy at her most heart wrenching.
  25. For all we know, "real" Lauren died and Ava renamed her next kid Lauren(some people do that, but it's rare)-but there's also the real possibility that Franco is not her father. I think the urge to pair Michael and Kiki is going to be too much for TPTB to pass up. Can't do that if they are first cousins(though I know Guiding Light did it in the past, it's still disgusting and I hope they don't go there). Besides...I'm not real thrilled about KA playing a Q. She's not a very good actress. I wish I could get happy about the health scare thing with Luke. Thing is-been there, done that. We've had
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