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  1. It was really good. Frisco, Felicia, Scorpio, Anna, Robin....great times.
  2. I would love to find these podcasts if anything to chuckle along. As for #3, I've seen multiple exit interviews and think, "Bulls****".
  3. Honestly, something with him is coming up for Sweeps involving him either getting killed or leaving. He's setting it up to look like he was fired d/t his views instead of the fact he hasn't been essential for years. However, he just comes off as a whiner, though.
  4. I tried finding this on Instagram but she just has pics of herself. Must have gotten some bad reactions to this ignorant post.
  5. A long time lurker, finally a poster. My thoughts on Mary is that she is what Mason needed to be ready to be in a relationship with Julia. Julia and Mason have flaws and warts, like most realistic couples. He needed someone like Mary to show him what love was. He did lose it, but now that he'd experienced it, he would be more open to it and the fulfillment it would bring him. Julia showed him it was more than star crossed lovers but also maturity, children, and yes, sometimes struggles. In the long run, Mary was needed to help Mason successfully move on with Julia. The remodel of the Q mansion was all Gloria Monty because she decided an earthquake in NY was the way to go to remodel several sets.
  6. Why? What happened to Richard Eden? Ignore my last post. I got my answer but I'm unable to delete it.
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