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  1. 46 minutes ago, edgeofnik said:

    Even though it's doubtful. If Jack/Victor are brothers, isn't there a problem with Kyle/Summer (Uncle/Niece)? They did have a complete relationship in the past.


    Just pull the plug off this mess and get Dina a new diagnosis with a cure. Heck, they had the whole Lyme disease with Katherine. Anything.


    The one thing about Y&R is that no matter which regime tries to destroy it, it's always salvageable because of the deep history and the core families.   

    Summer and Kyle was always damn near incestual. Phyllis was his stepmother more than once.

  2. 20 hours ago, DeeeDee said:

    Hilary's been dead a month and Devon's already forgiven Lily.

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    I dont like Lily but Devon wasnt painting Hilary at a level of sainthood she didnt deserve and conveniently forgot why Lily didnt like her. I understood him being upset but I never bought him completely turning on his sister for a woman he only knew a few of years.

  3. Sharon switching the tests that said Summer is an Abbott was the final nail in the coffin for me for Sharon after a string of bad plots.Turning Summer into an Abbott was writing a wrong and gave HK some of her best work. 


    Vincent is Valerie and also the incestual blackmailing rapist. That story never had any semblance of good but overall it was just going too far.

  4. 7 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

    Reading some stuff on other sites it seems that Doug has been put on recurring so not technically fired.


    I guess that at the end of a contract cycle (in Dougs case would it be 26 weeks? that used to be the deal for vets) the contact can be voided.


    He has not received any notice of future appearances.


    So Y&R could have intended to use him  .How far in advance does a recurring player get notice they are scheduled to tape?


    There was talk that Christian LeBlanc was made recurring but never any official word on that.

    Word is he's been recurring  since January so  not sure why he's freaking out now. This ain't helping his case for future airtime. 

  5. 8 hours ago, ChitHappens said:

    Image result for bye gifs

    His Twitter has only shown me he's an entitled [!@#$%^&*]  and the new latino family clearly has him pressed since since he was liking and retweeting crap about the latinos taking over. Anyone who conducted themselves like him openly bashing their job on social media would and should expect to be fired.

  6. 6 hours ago, j swift said:

    Grief sex, and any other sexual encounter that suggests that people are always ready, willing and able to have sex.  I don't know anyone who could get it up after a funeral; let alone in the rented limousine. 


    Actors sacrificing vanity for an Emmy.  Men shaving their heads for cancer stories, (while still working out their biceps), and women forgoing full makeup to demonstrate their commitment to the craft.  As Lawrence Olivier said to Dustin Hoffman when Dustin said that he had been up for three nights to appear tired in a scene, "next time try acting, dear boy."

    I said plots not acting choices that interfere with your fetishes

  7. 1 minute ago, SteelCity said:

    I agree and it's at the point now that it's really the majority with every unattached middle-aged woman hooking up with quarter lifers.

    And then once these older women are finished with them they past them right down to their daughters or step daughter in Abby's case on Y&R. I saw people pushing for Kyle to hook up with Phyllis like she didn't help raise him when he was a baby.  



  8. I'm tired of these younger male characters dating women old enough to be their mother's on the show. When they do it the opposite way with young women and older men they make sure to tell us how inappropriate it is. It's like a rite of passage that every young male must have his first big relationship on the show with and older woman. For the most part I find people in their 20s date people their age.

  9. 1 hour ago, ranger1rg said:

    The Las Vegas hotel suite where Billy and Phyllis stayed looks like lower end Holiday Inn.


    Cheap to the extreme. They don’t get it that a double bed (instead of a king or queen) looks pathetic, and that these small rooms just don’t send a message that these people have money. You mean there’s no room to push these walls out, even a little?


    i actually thought Mal did a great job with sets and lighting during his first year, improving noticeably on what we’d been seeing.


    The last few months look like the bean counters showed up and cut the budget drastically. With Nick getting new Dark Horse sets, I wonder if other sets will get even worse.


    How many fewer tables will we see in Crimson Lights — even as we hear the background track that makes it sound like a packed house? How much smaller will the GCAC get? How much more plastic will we see in the Ashby kitchen and dinette? We didn’t even get the old courtroom set during Lily’s trial, instead getting cheap cardboard walls and chairs pulled from some cafeteria.


    We might as well go back to the days when JFP shot 70% of the show at the GCAC.

    Thy had Phyllis complaining about a $200 massage. Between the way she and Billy have been bumming off others lately you'd think they were broke.

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