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  1. 28 minutes ago, Darn said:

    Baby switches! There have been about a billion since 2004. Every other year there's a baby switch. And it never ever impacts the canvas once whoever lost a baby gets their baby back. 


    On that note, dead babies. Enough. These people lose children as frequently as some people lose socks.


    Long-lost children. These writers/execs think that just making someone related to a main family will make us care. They don't bother with having it make sense with the characters or the timeline of the show, as long as your Bright Shiny New Thing shares DNA with someone we care about we'll fall in line. See: Ethan on GH, Anna's random son with Faison on GH, Niki and Paul's impossible son on Y&R, Nina's child on GH no one gives a sh!t about on GH because no one likes her, etc.

    You basically covered my issue with long lost children on soaps. Make work for some viewers but it sure isn't working for me.

  2. 1 hour ago, GMac said:


    I haven't been watching much.  Thank you.  I did catch the beginning of today's show and sure enough, Abby was prancing down the stairs of the Abbott mansion.  


    Did they explain why/when she left the ranch?


    I'm not a daily viewer so I don't know. Probably not. Phyllis and Billy are the only ones who get lengthy explanations for everything.

  3. The Ashby house always looked like an apartment to me. I keep forgetting its supposed to be a house.


    Pretty sure Ashley and Abby live at the Abbott mansion. Billy and Phyllis should get their asses over to the Chancellor mansion but how else would be subjected to future wacky hijinks?


    Why is this show so obsessed with forcing Summer and Kyle together like there hasn't been enough Newman and Abbott pairings? No version of them has ever had chemistry and they work better as just close friends. 

  4. 1 hour ago, DramatistDreamer said:

    Today's soaps seem to underestimate the value of having a good director but whenever I've seen episodes of Y&R over the last several years, it seems as though they have been doing without one. 


    At least from what I see onscreen, there appears to be little to no direction, particularly where the actors are concerned.

    All the soaps need better directors. GH is the worst because FV feels he's the director also and steps in and gives bad direction in scenes against what the actual director is saying and then will just cut and paste from both. 


    Yesterday's Y&R was so damn hallow for me.  I mean it doesn't help that lately some of the weakest actors on the show have been getting heavy emotional stuff. But where is the director to step in and make this look good?They can't even bury this stuff in flashbacks like they did Nick vs Victor.

    And that sex scene between Lily and Cane was shot from such weird angles. What is with the strange angles on this show lately like some pervert is manning the camera?

  5. 29 minutes ago, Vee said:

    Tommie Garrett is Maria Bell's mouthpiece who capitalizes on any situation. That said, I have no doubt the BTS drama is there and real.


    Also: Hunter King is a decent but often overexposed young actress who online fandom has consistently twisted themselves into knots over, hoping to find a way to ignore or downplay her being harassed simply because they don't like her onscreen stories. The Muhney cult smearing her was enough, but simply not liking her work was not and never will be an excuse for shrugging off how she was treated BTS. It's vile.


    And BTW, both King and especially her kid sister have been getting a shït-ton of work outside daytime for a number of years. They don't need Y&R and they certainly didn't need a sexual harassment incident to get her sister work.

    I still see folks coming at HK for no reason on a daily and trying to put sexual harassment on her entirely. And yes Joey King gets alot of work and doesnt need to be on Life and Pieces so its hilarious people are saying Hunter needed to bring her on the show. Joey is a very successful former child actress and has a big following.

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