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  1. 2 minutes ago, Faulkner said:

    Yeah, that’s so typical. The Santos family on AMC, the Santos family on GL, the Vegas on OLTL. They were more than happy to pair them with the Anglo characters (I won’t say white since Latinos can be any race or mixed), but they are ethnic enough to date the black folks from time to time. Yet almost without fail, they’ll play some hot Latino stud with the white heroine and play a Latina or woman of color as the villain. 

    Yes they will send the latina under the bus in a minute for their white heroine. And  they rarely cast actors who are half latino to play their offspring. 


    And you have Maurice Benard as the only latino lead in Daytime which they used to proudly boast about during Hispanic heritage month while every one of Sonny's kids in Anglo. 

  2. 1 minute ago, Soapsuds said:

    What Abbotts? Only Jack will be left. I don't count Kyle...he is homeless child....LOL


    I am so glad the actress is gone...never cared for her...let's hope Cane is next and very soon. I can't stand the actor and his antics on social media.


    As a latino I could care less for the Rosales, the new latino family.......no soap has ever been able to write correctly a latino/hispanic family. 


    All that said ....Mal is slowly but surely destroying anything good Y&R once had with all the firings........

    And when they aren't casting non latinos as members of the latino people they're having them exclusively date and have children with non latinos to them have waspy children.

  3. 2 hours ago, KMan101 said:




    So dumb.


    They're just throwing things together and seeing what can stick.


    Truth. Lots of folks need to be shown the door. But Frank just keeps adding and adding. And dropping other actors left and right or letting them leave. He sucks. (And people on The Twitter have no problem calling him out, but he continues to do the same [!@#$%^&*] - so we're not alone in despising what the show is becoming and who they're focusing the attention on). Unfortunately deVry and Howarth have RABID stans. I'm tired of stans dictating shows.


    Not saying Ron was blameless, his GH became a disgusting hot mess and I cheered his firing, but Frank has clearly been the real problem. Same for Varni. Both have to go. But then again, it could also always get worse :( 

    And then when people are finally gone he brings them back to pretend people were clamoring for them.

  4. 28 minutes ago, Faulkner said:

    I wonder where it leaves Nate. Will he just be the new town doctor a la Stitch?


    I was thinking of doing a thread about Latinx families on daytime. It’s an interesting phenomenon.






    The only one who was an actual loss was Mishael.


    I'm also waiting for the hiring of black women who aren't mixed. Every time they cast for a new black women on CBS they hire a mixed actress.

  5. 1 hour ago, GMac said:

    I was floored when Moniz left.  She really made Dinah into something and her charisma was off the charts.  


    Hilary was on for 5 years and never had a family member introduced.  Arturo is on for 6 months, some of which were recurring, and already has a brother.  :rolleyes:


    We saw Hilary's mom for like 5 seconds but surprisingly no other family members came. Not even for her funeral

  6. Kyle is more tolerable now that he grew some facial hair and put a shirt on. Don't buy him as a businessman. He's like Nick. It's doesn't work at all. They should try him with Mariah who he has actual chemistry with. He has none with Summer and Mariah has none with Tessa.  He also looks pathetic pining after Summer.


    Neil is another one who looks pathetic pining over a woman.  Ashley curved him over the phone so he shows up in person to be rejected again.


    Am I supposed to feel sorry for Phyllis? This is the child she deserves!


    Tired of this story with Lily. Devon has every right to be angry at Lily. I'm just tired of hearing him yell at her and I'm tired of hearing her being painted as a victim.

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