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  1. 1 hour ago, Marco Dane said:

    What is everyone's opinion on the production values and the show in general of GH...... 

    Not as bad as DAYS but still looks like a stage play


    I don't know how anyone would be confused between Y&R and GH and DAYS. Clearly Y&R has the bigger budget of the 3. And ya'll talking about the lights being so bring on DAYS. It looks dark as hell every time I catch it on the TV at work. And yes it looks like one of those public access dramas from the 90s. 

  2. On 7/28/2018 at 1:23 PM, xtr said:


    I'm going to go off a tangent for a moment but they should definitely have a black Bachelor. And I think the show needs to cast for that season in the manner they did for the black Bachelorette. They need to have a good amount of black woman/women of different races, so they will alienate less people.


    They did a really nice job of casting for Rachel, the black Bachelorette. She had a lot of black men/men of different races in her cast, plus a decent amount of white men as well. Most of the men they cast for her were handsome and were gainfully employed/accomplished. I don't watch the Bachelorette/Bachelor regularly.  But I've seen different casts and her group of men may have been the best looking and most accomplished cast I've seen. Certainly the most diverse. If they casted in the same manner for a Black Bachelor it would land better with people in general IMO.


    Going back to the OP's question, I definitely do not blame housewives for soaps declining. If anything they helped soaps get on their feet when they first started airing and helped make them popular. I don't blame any particular group for the decline of soaps, except for people who run the shows. I think that factors like poor writing and ignoring character's/shows histories have helped soaps decline. 



    They did a terrible job casting for Rachel. She said as much. Alot of the men weren't appealing to her. They even had black men on there that don't date black women.

  3. 8 minutes ago, ajsp35801 said:


    I'm comparing her to people throughout the Diaspora, who have mixed ancestry and/or different cultures based on their location. Everyone ain't "black like me". But that doesn't make them any less so. 


    I'm comparing her to people throughout the Diaspora, who have mixed ancestry and/or different cultures based on their location. Everyone ain't "black like me". But that doesn't make them any less so. 

    You're comparing her to folks who are biracial African Americans who have a different racial makeup. People in the Caribbean will often label themselves based on how they look but theyre still mixed. 

  4. 17 minutes ago, ajsp35801 said:


    Seen her family where? On pictures she posted online? In person? Unlike CK and LS, I've just never heard or seen Mishael refer to herself as mixed race. She may  be, I just never got it from any picture I've seen of her parents either. 





    Your comparing her to people from a different culture. Just because you have heard her talk about being mixed race doesnt me she isn't. I've seen pictures of Mishael's family. She's a dougla.

  5. 6 hours ago, ajsp35801 said:


    Exactly. I don't know one black person that doesn't have some racial make up other than black. Hence, average black person. I doubt most of those people would consider themselves mixed race either. I surely never saw Mishael purporting herself as a mixed race person. Which is why I asked why you referred to her as such. Are you assuming this because she's Trinidadian? Or did she say that? 

    Well clearly you aren't black with your average black person is mixed talked. Black people usually dont claim 10% whiteness from slave rape. And most are not East Indian. I'm not assuming anything with Mishael. I've seen her family. 

  6. 2 hours ago, ajsp35801 said:

    Devon is biracial. 


    I never got Mishael was mixed with anything. At least no more than the average black person.  Where you hear that? 

    What is the average black person? You do know black people are different depending on where they're from. And her family is from Trinidad and Tobago. She's mixed with East Indian which is very common there.

  7. 4 hours ago, John said:

    Vanessa is 35/36 correct


    Y&R was looking to cast 19-21 when they cast Esmerelda on YR in 2013 but Briana could be older

    I clearly remember she had just graduated college when they cast her. Plus in the movie I saw her in from 3 years ago she came across as mid 20s

    2 hours ago, Darn said:


    Not one. All of them are biracial. It's one of the saddest things I've ever seen. At least the 90s had Olivia. And a decade ago we had Davetta for a short while. Sigh.


    I did some insta-stalking and I'm gathering this actress is not yet 30. She was a toddler in the 90s.



    I was just pointing that out the other day with Y&R. Even Mishael herself was mixed with Indian. Hilary was biracial though. Lily, Neil, and Devon are all black people played by biracials.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Faulkner said:

    My immediate first thought? Wow, they went several shades lighter.

    She's too young for the role. She had to be like mid 20s on Y&R


    I mean Vinessa was too young too but I can't imagine Briana playing the mother of a 20 something and a police commissioner. 

  9. I liked Briana Henry in the tv movie It Had To Be You however she is not right for the role of Jordan. She was also on Y&R though I really don't remember her performance on there.



    Briana Nicole Henry has landed the role of Jordan Ashford on GH, taking over for Vinessa Antoine, who joined the show in 2014 and is exiting to star in a new Canadian drama, DIGGSTOWN. Henry will start shooting this month.



  10. 7 hours ago, ajsp35801 said:

    I don't dislike the actress that plays Shauna. She's pretty and can act better than most teens. Shauna, however, suffers from the same malady that hilary did. Terrible writing. 

    The actress sucks too. She states her lines in a stitled way. All of 3 of them who play Charlie, Shauna, and Mattie are terrible. Even if the writing was better they wouldn't be giving anything good.

  11. Also in the case of actors of color. Most aren't treated well at their soaps so I have no problem if they want to barely acknowledge it or even be vocal about their time their not being great.

    3 hours ago, DramatistDreamer said:

    I tend to be more forgiving when it comes to whether a former soap actor wants to talk about their soap careers.  Keep in mind that not every performer had a positive experience on a show and soaps are no exception.

    Recently, I read one interview when an actor described in detail what a bad experience he had on one particular soap and he was on there for about two years. 

    I wonder if that show and its fans would rather he'd said nothing at all?  I didn't mind that either because although I enjoyed the show for many years, I know there were good years and there bad years onscreen and I figured it was probably even more intense BTS.

    Perhaps its not such a bad thing if a former soap actor stays mum--although personally I enjoy the honesty, even if it makes some squirm, LOL.


    This! Someone who was only on a soap for a year and it wasn't a role their most known for isn't required to have some loyalty. Someone who had a less than positive experience is free to mention it.

  12. This teen storyline is so bad. First off none of these younger actors involved(Charlie,Mattie, Shauna) have any natural acting ability. Not sure why they continue to cast people with so few gigs under the belts for roles like these. Too man young actors out there with more onscreen experience. The storyline is do horribly written but the awkward line readings and facial expressions dont help.and then they're opposite CK who can't act worth a damn and coasts on being inoffensive.

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