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  1. 10 hours ago, DeeeDee said:

    Y&R has been horrible for years. The actors need to quit throwing tantrums on social media.

    I'm sick of the social media tantrums too

    9 hours ago, DeeeDee said:

    I wasn't including Sinha in that group.


    He's done an admirable job making his position clear.


    I was referring more to many of Y&R's vets who fear they're being replaced ala Braeden, Doug Davidson, Bergman, etc.

    EB throws a tantrum every time the young people get more airtime then him.

  2. 16 hours ago, Cat said:


    Most of the youth on Y&R are so boring, though. :ph34r:

    Because they give them nothing to do while giving  the older characters the drama

    1 hour ago, Chris B said:

    Seeing more of Kyle with Dina and then Mariah and Lola, he works better there than he does in the business scenes with the rest of the Abbott’s. He just gets lost in those scenes which was particularly notable in the fallout from Ashley’s reveal. The secret reveal with Dina intrigues me. I’m curious just how outrageous this secret will be.  

    Yeah outside of his scenes with Dina Kyle is not good in the scenes with the Abbotts. And the writing for Kyle in those scenes is horrible. Were we supposed to buy the sudden regret of aiding Billy's gambling addiction after a month of hearing him state he didn't care all the way up to a day or two prior? Mal been flip flopping heavily to wrap up this Billy mess and then acting like we're supposed to forget what we just watched. 


    I will say I didn't see Dina's secret all all coming and for once it was actually a twist.  Didn't make sense but it wasn't something I saw predicted. 

  3. 5 hours ago, xtr said:

     I definitely don't like how Summer is being painted as a victim in this storyline about her, Billy and Phyllis. Especially by Phyllis. Summer sexually harassed and plotted to get Billy to sleep with her for months, largely to hurt her mother. She's not a victim because Billy took her up on her offer and doesn't regret that it hurt Phyllis in the process. Not to mention she used Jack's feelings for Phyllis and tried to seduce Kyle to help her achieve her goal. Summer helped bring this on herself.


    I don't like how quickly her and Phyllis have reconciled. Phyllis should be pretty angry with her, (in addition to being pretty angry with Billy.) I do believe she will end up pregnant and Billy will receive the bulk of the blame for it, and be villifed by the town. I also could see Kyle sticking by her during the pregnancy (maybe even at some point pretending to be the baby's father) and that will strain his blossoming relationship with Lola. 


    Also, thought it was something how Phyllis mentioned that Billy would have slept with Victoria if Summer wasn't around and made that sound like that would be worse than sleeping with her own daughter. 

    I hope no pregnancy story comes out of this. Pregnancy is the go too soap story and all those storylines are horrible. This storyline was a flop. No need to extend it another 9 months  when no one enjoyed it and we already know how it would end. And it's 2018. Young women use birth control. 

  4. 9 minutes ago, DramatistDreamer said:


    I'm gonna go on ahead and guess that this would be because Angelica McD has taken a vested interest in how the Rosales' are depicted onscreen.  They are her baby and the writers could feel that their jobs are at stake if they don't get it right. 

    I do wish there had been this type of drive with every character on the show over the last few years-- Y&R might not have had the huge ratings loss that it has experienced.

    They didn't put this type of effort into with that first Latino family they tried to create a few years back. The brother and sister comb who Abby and Noah dated. They dropped their story before it even got started. 


    The writers still have time to turn around Nate as his introduction was a mess. Hopefully when he returns to screen soon he's done walking around town giving out advice and being in everyone's business. 

  5. 22 minutes ago, edgeofnik said:

    Of course, people would rip Lola because she actually is taking control of her life and career. We know self-made, independent women are the kiss-of-death on soap. It's funny because Dummer should actually be more Lola, but she's been reduced to a thirsty, blackmailing man-stealer. 

    That's the thing with soaps. Women who actually go to work and have drive are considered boring and the writers don't know how to write for them unless they're raging bitches. But we're supposed to admire the schemer they have wiping down counters just to say she has a job. Summer is working as an intern yet  she's in the mix of everything in the workplace as a plotpoint to be close to Billy and Kyle.

  6. 9 hours ago, carsonfan said:

    I've enjoyed the last two weeks of Y&R more than I have in a long time. The actors have brought their "A" games and I am actually really loving the Rosales family. They feel like a real family to me and it's nice to see some different representation than just white rich people on the show. Kyle and Lola are fire and I'm already enjoying the Lola/Summer rivalry. I always love seeing the coven together and I'm glad that story finally seems to be moving. Eileen will be very very missed though :(

    People say they're too stereotypical by mentioning food but Lola owns a food truck and I live around latinos and we talk food all the time. And I guess folks have never heard of Cuban tamales but Cubans do have their own version. For once it feels like the writers actually did some minor research.

  7. On 10/7/2018 at 8:27 PM, soapfan770 said:

    Angell Conwell says she loves it when Y&R calls her up; however the show just doesn't love her back. What a huge waste! Y&R is now like what ATWT and GL became in the '00s where any attempt of an AA story is DOA when it shows up on screen. 

    It's bene 2 years. But Angell has been working steadily away from Y&R

  8. 2 hours ago, Antoyne said:

    Today was the first episode I watched in a while and I was thoroughly entertained.


    Loved everything at Jabot. Loved Mariah owning Phyllis. 


    Summer is a stank ho who slept with her mom’s boyfriend and aunt’s ex husband, the father of her cousins. Gross.

    And apparently her only other option is her ex stepbrother who's mother at one time was married to her grandfather and also was hooking up with her father and who's father was also formerly her step grandfather. And people say soaps dont need unrelated newbies. 

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