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  1. 4 hours ago, ranger1rg said:


    Mariah and Tessa live in a DUMP. It’s ridiculous — one of the worst sets I’ve ever seen on daytime.


    I stuck with those two for a long time, but neither has improved. They’re just not good enough. I’d dump them both.

    I'm glad they dumped Shauna as she was terrible too. Time to dump Tessa, Mattie, and Charlie next. 


    I think they did a better job casting Lola and Ana. And Kyle has grown on me. 

  2. 16 hours ago, Antoyne said:

    Um are you out of your mind. The Mattie actress as Ana? The actress playing Ana now has acted circles around that Mattie girl and she’s only been around a month.  


    I do agree, I’m not interested in music on soaps at all though. It actually annoys me.

    The actress who plays Mattie needs to be dumped too. She cant act worth a damn. Neither can the Charlie actor.

  3. 14 hours ago, ajsp35801 said:


    Ingenue. The character needs real drama and hurdles to overcome though.  Give viewers a better reason to root for her. The show had a chance with pairing a girl from the wrong side of the tracks with an Abbot. But they've made it all way too easy for them to be together and no one is standing in Lola's way of career success. 

    But why does the minority have to be from the wrong side of the tracks?  Why can't she just be normal?

  4. So Summer and Shauna both gone? Throw in Charlie, Mattie, Tessa, and Cane and it will be a Christmas miracle!


    I feel like we were supposed to feel something with those Shauna and Devon scenes but there was no connection there. He was never shown to be close to her other when they needed someone to weep with him over Hilary's death. And as for her connection with Hilary she spent more time speaking about her in death than we ever saw her with her onscreen. 

  5. On 11/20/2018 at 11:36 PM, xtr said:

    According to soaps.com day ahead recap on tomorrow's episode Devon tells Nate that he sent Shauna to Colorado to visit her parents. I wouldn't be surprised if in a little while, Devon mentions that Shauna decides to stay with them in Colorado. It feels like they are chipping away at the Winters family/people connected with them. Not too long ago there was that episode where Cane thought about moving with the twins to be closer to Lily, but Devon talked him out of it. I could see them getting rid of Shauna, especially now that Ana will be coming. 


    Also on tomorrow's episode Nick gets another new set, a new home that Phyllis agrees to move in with him. Also, Victoria asks Billy to spend time with her and the kids and Jack asks Kerry over to Thanksgiving Dinner at the Abbott mansion. 

    Shauna was a horrible addition who nothing was done with and she had no business living with Devon anyway. Glad she's gone. Now if only the twins were gone too.

  6. On 11/9/2018 at 9:22 PM, dio said:

    they literally need him to stick around. It's dumb af that Kyle is literally the only guy on the canvas in his age group. If he's a good enough actor, they should just keep the recast. The other guy didn't really bring much to the role, lbr. And while they're at it they should officially recast Noah and bring him back as well. It's lame that Kyle's "rivals" are all women and old men. lol 

    I like Robert Adamson as Noah and was excited to see him back briefly. 

  7. 4 hours ago, KMan101 said:


    Shows really struggle with this group for some reason. They're afraid to ever really do anything with them. A lot of times they just want a teen and figure that viewers will automatically care because it's an off-spring of a popular character, but you have to actually, you know, develop the character ... give them an identity, a purpose, goals ... no one seems to care about developing a character anymore. It's just a warm, botoxed body to fill a spot in the plot (or a recycled soap "vet" that becomes the new pet)

    You explained it exactly and that's why the teens and 20 somes are usually boring as hell on soaps. We're expected to only care because they are the children of such and such.

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