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  1. Were we supposed to feel sorry for her when Kyle told her where to go?
  2. For months she was trying to bag Billy just to say she could. Now she got what she wanted and they want to flip the script like we weren't watching her plot all summer long.
  3. I can't stand Summer the victim. And Kyle is only likable around Lola and Mariah. I'm confused as to why this show is obsessed with forcing Kummer together when every version flopped.
  4. Been a minute since I watched DAYS. It's on in the breakroom at work today. What the f**k is this embarrassing bs onscreen?

    1. dragonflies


      OMFG, it's a one time Halloween episode, geesh chill

    2. frequentsoapfan


      Why couldn't they just have a normal Halloween episode with people dressing up and going to parties and taking their kids out?

    3. Taoboi


      Because that is not how Ron Carlivati works. ;) 

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  5. Yeah per his interviews he was definitely that special snowflake frat guy and his "bromance" with his friend who works at GH is side eye worthy.
  6. Braden doesnt stick up for his costars out of the goodness of his heart. He only mentions them when he feels slighted onscreen and wants to rally additional support.
  7. Caught a glimpse of GH recently and why the hell are CD and LA still on this show? Both are terrible!
  8. I'm sick of the social media tantrums too EB throws a tantrum every time the young people get more airtime then him.
  9. Love how yall are still using the September thread at the end of October
  10. Because they give them nothing to do while giving the older characters the drama Yeah outside of his scenes with Dina Kyle is not good in the scenes with the Abbotts. And the writing for Kyle in those scenes is horrible. Were we supposed to buy the sudden regret of aiding Billy's gambling addiction after a month of hearing him state he didn't care all the way up to a day or two prior? Mal been flip flopping heavily to wrap up this Billy mess and then acting like we're supposed to forget what we just watched. I will say I didn't see Dina's secret all all coming and for once it was actually a twist. Didn't make sense but it wasn't something I saw predicted.
  11. Mealor does a decent job. Except the other day when Kyle was whining. The acting there was bad. He's improved from a few months ago. Definitely over praised though. He works better opposite Sasha Calle than Hunter King.
  12. I hope no pregnancy story comes out of this. Pregnancy is the go too soap story and all those storylines are horrible. This storyline was a flop. No need to extend it another 9 months when no one enjoyed it and we already know how it would end. And it's 2018. Young women use birth control.
  13. Can't stand when people use the term Soap 101

    1. DRW50


      People are using that? Why? 

      Now that I think of it I have myself, a few times, but I try to cut back.

    2. DramatistDreamer


      When I was in graduate school, there was a course in writing for the soaps and even then, it was never called Soap 101.:lol:  It was called Writing for the Soap Opera.

    3. frequentsoapfan


      Basically they use it to excuse predictable cliche writing

  14. Today's Canada was terrible. So tired of unlikable Billy and Summer. Why is Summer treated like a victim? I'm read for the next Billy recast as JT continues to be awful in the role
  15. Tired of the Murder Gsng. Time for Rey to figure out Blue's Clues and lock them up.
  16. Why did they burn down the nightclub to have the younger crowd hang at the coffee shop all hours of the day?
  17. I didn't like Kyle's "What About Meeee! Whining today. I understand why he feels the way he feels but Ashley had nothing to do with that and neither did making Jack think John wasn't his father. All those issues lie with Jack. He can go give Jack the same type of tongue lashing he gave Nikki(years too late imo) over killing his mom.
  18. I though the chair throwing scene was so fake looking the first time. This time Jack was struggling to lift it.
  19. They didn't put this type of effort into with that first Latino family they tried to create a few years back. The brother and sister comb who Abby and Noah dated. They dropped their story before it even got started. The writers still have time to turn around Nate as his introduction was a mess. Hopefully when he returns to screen soon he's done walking around town giving out advice and being in everyone's business.
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