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  1. Exactly! That actor still cant act worth a damn. All his recent performances were vacant.
  2. Nikki is so damn annoying and she and Victor are so toxic I feel nothing whenever they do flashbacks.
  3. Mishael Morgan (Y&R) was in Hometown Holiday. A Harlequin Christmas movie which aired on UP TV last night and is also on dvd at Walmart.
  4. His casting has been terrible for years. Can't recall the last newcomer who really endeared me right away. I don't know where he keeps finding these bland one note newbies.
  5. GH's casting is horrible. It's hard to come up with a list of actors I would actually keep without it consisting of less than 5 people.
  6. I'm glad they dumped Shauna as she was terrible too. Time to dump Tessa, Mattie, and Charlie next. I think they did a better job casting Lola and Ana. And Kyle has grown on me.
  7. The actress who plays Mattie needs to be dumped too. She cant act worth a damn. Neither can the Charlie actor.
  8. I'm so tired of him and EB and their entitlement and Twitter antics.
  9. I only caught the last 5 minutes. They really have Jack with this young woman.
  10. But why does the minority have to be from the wrong side of the tracks? Why can't she just be normal?
  11. Jess Walton will be appearing in this movie on Sunday on UP TV
  12. I'm sure within a few months Ana will be stuck with Fen who is already such a jerk he's making Kyle look good.
  13. Dude laying Fenn looks generic as hell. Sa dif that's what you tuned in for.
  14. So Summer and Shauna both gone? Throw in Charlie, Mattie, Tessa, and Cane and it will be a Christmas miracle! I feel like we were supposed to feel something with those Shauna and Devon scenes but there was no connection there. He was never shown to be close to her other when they needed someone to weep with him over Hilary's death. And as for her connection with Hilary she spent more time speaking about her in death than we ever saw her with her onscreen.
  15. Nate, Shauna, Mattie, Charlie, Cane. Why is the casting on that side of canvas so damn terrible?
  16. Oh Anna will be singing soon. The actress just came off a Broadway gig
  17. Why is Shauna back? She's pointless and that actress still can't act. I can't believe both she and Tessa are both still around.
  18. Phyllis, Nick, and Summer can all take a nice break offscreen.
  19. I remember Willow. She was so bad. Hopefully she's a better writer than actress.
  20. Cornelius Smith Jr is looking fine in this Lifetime Christmas movie alongside Tatyana Ali
  21. Okay I watched the rest of Monday's Canadian and I think she's scamming him.
  22. Why is Jack wining and dining Kerry? Is ythe plan for Nate to come and pic up the pieces after he dumps her for the inevitable reunion with Big Red?
  23. Shauna was a horrible addition who nothing was done with and she had no business living with Devon anyway. Glad she's gone. Now if only the twins were gone too.
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