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  1. That's the thing with soaps. Women who actually go to work and have drive are considered boring and the writers don't know how to write for them unless they're raging bitches. But we're supposed to admire the schemer they have wiping down counters just to say she has a job. Summer is working as an intern yet she's in the mix of everything in the workplace as a plotpoint to be close to Billy and Kyle.
  2. People say they're too stereotypical by mentioning food but Lola owns a food truck and I live around latinos and we talk food all the time. And I guess folks have never heard of Cuban tamales but Cubans do have their own version. For once it feels like the writers actually did some minor research.
  3. I actually think Kyle and Lola have nice chemistry. And she's the most likable one in her family. But Mal is determined to pair him with Summer even though every version of that pair has been a flop with no chemistry.
  4. I don't care if TEB prefers this wardrobe I'm tired of Lauren looking like a Madame in the workplace. And they have Summer parading around the office dressed like an escort.
  5. It's bene 2 years. But Angell has been working steadily away from Y&R
  6. And apparently her only other option is her ex stepbrother who's mother at one time was married to her grandfather and also was hooking up with her father and who's father was also formerly her step grandfather. And people say soaps dont need unrelated newbies.
  7. Well the new character for Nate with be working in the lab. But they've been determined to keep Devon in this musical business crap for years.
  8. I'm and on and off watcher so I caught the tail end of what was apparently a very brief arc with another AA singer character.
  9. Well they just had Simone earlier this year and that went nowhere.
  10. It's not even just Y&R either. I saw it on GH and it was played like normal there too.
  11. https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/yr-casting-new-role-8/ Y&R is seeking an actress to play a new African-American character named Mandy. Mandy, a talented songwriter in her early 20s, is described as someone “starting to discover her unique voice and place in the world.” Y&R is currently auditioning for the role, is set to start taping October 19
  12. Well Billy is the only older dude bedding a younger woman. Before that it was older women bedding younger men.I don't know why the young people cant date people their age like in real life. I just hope he doesn't have Phyllis seduce Kyle. It's bad enough they keep pairing him with his on and off step sister Summer. Phyllis was around him when he was a little kid.
  13. I was happy to see Noah back. Can we trade Summer for him?
  14. As usual Big Red's entitlement knows no bounds. She had no business even being at the wedding with Billy yet she's there bashing Sharon over being late and calling her names. Calling Kyle a jerk even when he was a child. He was only a "jerk" to her after she wrote that nasty article about his mother which helped further strain Jack's relationship with his son. But he should keep her cheating a secret.
  15. Very fitting. Though he was too young for the role of Sam. Never bought him as old enough to have raised Hank or Noah.
  16. Caught the early CND episode and temp Summer reminds me of someone Passions would've cast. Why is her makeup so crappy and why is her hair so wiggish? Why did they hire this non actress for riled up emotions? Laughably bad.
  17. He's holding his own? Everything I've seen him in his acting was terrible!
  18. This show is really lacking in the women under 40 department but the always bring back the worst actresses.
  19. Why did Kristina drop out of college to be a bartender? And why did that claim that was her only job opportunity like there aren't better paying jobs for people with no degree and little experience than working in a bar that barely gets customers? 7 years in college and still no undergrad degree yet she drops out yet again in the beginning of the semester.
  20. She's post multiple pics and continued to talk about being pregnant well after that pic of the friend's newborn.
  21. Summer has never had any chemistry with any of the 4 Kyle's and theyve always been too close for comfort with both sets of their parents having been involved. They can just send Summer away again and move Kyle on to Lola.
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