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  1. I'm all for Lily getting hers but Devon going this strong over some woman he's only known for a few years who actually hurt his family at one point over his sister makes zero sense. And I'm tired of him yelling at everyone. This story doesn't work when he has no one on his side and he's elevated Hilary to sainthood.
  2. I agree. I also dont like the way the actress says her lines.
  3. Ashley is not an Abbott by birth and neither is Jack now. They're Chancellors by birth but weren't really around the Chancellor family.
  4. Devon is really more a Winters. Neither he nor Tucker grew up with the Chancellors.
  5. Kyle is actually more tolerable now that he has clothes on more often and is being written for outside of showcasing his abs. Waiting for the same to happen to Nate.
  6. All three of them were terrible played by terrible actors.
  7. I still see folks coming at HK for no reason on a daily and trying to put sexual harassment on her entirely. And yes Joey King gets alot of work and doesnt need to be on Life and Pieces so its hilarious people are saying Hunter needed to bring her on the show. Joey is a very successful former child actress and has a big following.
  8. Yeah I dont understand how they're gonna explain away Phyllis holding her daughter hostage at sea for days.
  9. I was wondering why Billy and his junkyard dog moved back into the Abbott mansion too. Would've been better for them to go move into the Chancellor mansion.
  10. @DramatistDreamer I also don't like the way soaps feel the need to tie everything up in a neat bow for the most part either the way the majority of characters get their happy ending.
  11. I wouldn't say the writing improves when a soap gets cancelled they just bring back alot of people and fans get nostalgic.
  12. Summer and Kyle have never been a good pairing. I still don't understand why Summer could not have remained an Abbott. She fit better with that family than the Newmans anyway.
  13. Yes they will send the latina under the bus in a minute for their white heroine. And they rarely cast actors who are half latino to play their offspring. And you have Maurice Benard as the only latino lead in Daytime which they used to proudly boast about during Hispanic heritage month while every one of Sonny's kids in Anglo.
  14. And when they aren't casting non latinos as members of the latino people they're having them exclusively date and have children with non latinos to them have waspy children.
  15. I wish I could give a crap about Lily, Cane or their kids but I just don't. All the actors are terrible and the characters grate.
  16. And then when people are finally gone he brings them back to pretend people were clamoring for them.
  17. The only one who was an actual loss was Mishael. I'm also waiting for the hiring of black women who aren't mixed. Every time they cast for a new black women on CBS they hire a mixed actress.
  18. Shell be back to fulltime in about a year and back to blaming her racial ambiguity for her lack of roles booked.
  19. There's alot of folks that need to go. Like the entire 20s and teens cast.
  20. No job is going to let you continue to publically bash the company
  21. Relationship grow and did on soaps all the time and shes not strictly into women only.
  22. When Phyllis tried to est Kyle's face off to break him and Summer up.
  23. So are we using hair model now to just describe folks who cant act? Some of the people listed were never models.
  24. He moved on to Hallmark movies where most of the leading men are wooden look alikes.
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