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  1. I like Robert Adamson as Noah and was excited to see him back briefly.
  2. You explained it exactly and that's why the teens and 20 somes are usually boring as hell on soaps. We're expected to only care because they are the children of such and such.
  3. RIP Kim Porter!

    1. DramatistDreamer


      :(  I truly feel sorry for those kids.  It's never a good time of year to lose a loved one but this time of year is particularly brutal. R.I.P.

    2. frequentsoapfan


      Yes I immediately thought of her kids. And truly fitting one of her last IG posts was a beautiful picture of her family. 

    3. Soaplovers


      I recall when she was on the telenovela Wicked Wicked Games.. and the show filmed out of order.. so in some scenes, she looked pregnant and in other scenes she didn't.. until the show had no choice but to write her pregnancy in as the show neared its conclusion.  

  4. Sam is a Brenda bot. And they made her a PI even though her criminal background would never allow for it and we're supposed to pretend she does such an amazing job when her main job seems to be sitting on the couch with Jason. And then Kelly is such a low energy non actress.
  5. I cant stand SOC. I had to leave that board years ago. It's the reason I ended up finding here. Too many biased mods over there too who truly believe all the actors are reading their boards.
  6. I can't stand when soaps have women acting bitchy for no reason. Doesnt even go with the faux women empowerment theme they're pushing.
  7. We know Phyllis hates Kyle and has hated him since he was a kid(her own admission) but now since she's CEO she's going out of her way to bitch at him daily. Tired of it already.
  8. Kerry is supposed to be for Nate. She does have some chem with Jack though.
  9. She was recently in the Broadway production of Once on this Island.
  10. Phyllis is no beacon of female empowerment. This is the same bitch who ran a blog that she used to tear apart the women in town.
  11. I don't want to see musicians trying to make it on a soap unless its a soap about the music business. They're so limited on what they can do with the character anyway. And it never feels authentic having these supposed big stars waltz around town like it's nothing.
  12. I'm talking about the LEADING lady. She's from the Canadian drama Heartland. If it was Hallmark the lead would be some former sitcom star.
  13. Kerry was snippy for no damn reason like the Abbotts aren't still key players in the company. And the pro Phyllis ish is annoying Saw this on Twitter
  14. Paloma #2 was miscast and JER seemed to losing interest in many characters when they moved over to Direct TV.
  15. They had a casting call for an AA female singer not too long ago. So I guess they're sill having Devon involved in the music industry
  16. I really can't stand this family and the non actors it consists of
  17. For half a minute when she came back to give Phyllis hell. That quickly CV kly went down hill. She was never my fave but I didnt mind her in previous years. Now I loathe her.
  18. Seriously! Summer and Kyle don't even have bantering chemistry. HHK doesn't seem very interested in this round of Y&R and she's busy with her main gig anyway. Summer went from interesting to just annoying as soon as she started pursuing Billy. And there was no real fallout from that hookup.
  19. Why does Mal continue to force Summer and Kyle together? After the last round with the other actor flopped they should've finally let this go. But instead I have to watch these two be forced together while Summer acts like a raging bitch and they don't even have a spark.
  20. Int sure where its airing yet. I dont think is Hallmsrk though. The lead isnt a former US sitcom star lol
  21. New installment to her ongoing Christmas movie series. I wonder if KSJ will reappear in this one
  22. Jess Walton in an upcoming Christmas movie produced by Harlequin alongside Patrick Duffy https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8041006/?ref_=ttmi_tt
  23. I can;t tolerate Redzilla or her daughter enough to watch a two episode arc featuring them. Bad enough they're on all the time.
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