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  1. I have watched these episodes today. I think 1985 is a year full of adventures. Maybe the stories are not great but they are very fun to watch.
  2. I cannot find the episode because most episodes were removed from Youtube, but I remember a remarkable episode between Eden and Kelly. It is when Kelly discovers Eden is alive (after Utah) and in a wheelchair. Those moments are amazing IMO and Marcy and Robin have a great chemistry as sisters.
  3. I think 1986 was a great year of the show.
  4. They also worked together on SB in the same year. Newman was a recast of Jospeh Bottoms. But I don't now if Robin and Robert shared any scene on SB
  5. What a disaster!!!! Youtube is closing all Santa Barbara channels with full episodes. And I was watching the show everyday.
  6. Just watched these episodes. I think this era of the show is great, except for the recast of Santana. I wish Ava Lazar made these important scenes where Santana discovered Channing had a romance with another man.
  7. Just rewatched this. What do you think of this scene? fans of Eden and cruz seems to love it, but I watch it now and I find it very creepy. I don’t like it at all.
  8. 2 excellent episodes. But I still think Mary died too soon. Mason and Mary made a great couple, even if I sometimes cannot stand her attitude.
  9. Mary end is near. I'm not against her death but I think she could have been in the show at least one more year. Watching these episodes her death feels so sudden. And I also love Pearl and Kelly in the clinic. Their acting is so good. I wish they didn't erase their story once Robin Wright returned for Princess Bride. I am not saying they should be a couple but they should have bigger scenes as friends. And I also love the chemistry between Keith and Eden. Their scenes are exciting. I love this season of the show. Here Santa Barbara feels like an ensemble show with multiples leading roles. I forget it. Jane is so annoying. I don't understand why she lasted so long in the show.
  10. I am watching episodes from 1987 on youtube and I was wondering when did the Dobsons leave the show. I've read it's this year, but, what are the last episodes or month they are involved on the show?
  11. I'm more or less following this and she hasn't. Probably she will hate her second TV series in a few years.
  12. Wow! These scenes are perfect. Marcy and Robin are great. When I see this, I remember why I hate so much the relationship between Eden and Kelly’s version made by Carrington Garland. See the difference It looks like a different show written by other writes. I have not anything against Carrington but her version of Kelly was just other character not Kelly. The same with Terry Lester as Mason. Nothing to do with the original role.
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