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  1. How random for Tina to get a doll. It looks like Todd had one as well.
  2. I agree about the Lisa/Lucinda feud. Eileen Fulton often stated she enjoyed Lisa's wicked side best, and I feel that shows in her work. The way Lisa went after Lucinda, and her later ruthlessness in trying to ruin John, were some of the last great moments given to the character. I got tired of Lisa being an agony aunt for Oakdale's younger set. I recall Lisa and Lucinda being friendly in the late 90's. I don't know if it was a mutual dislike of Molly, but I recall them working together to stop her from disrupting Lily's wedding or something.
  3. I don't know if this is of interest to anyone, but I found this recording. Eileen Fulton singing Help Me Make It Through the Night. It's quite something. Ms. Fulton's recordings are hard to find on Youtube.
  4. I agree about Thom Bierdz. I felt for Philip in those scenes. I wonder if it was Dickson's choice or she was directed to have Jill seem so smug in those scenes. Except for a brief moment, it was as if Jill didn't care about the emotional trauma Philip would face.
  5. Thank you all for the info on Katherine and Victor. I got my info from Wikipedia, which is frequently questionable. Jack is incredibly annoying, IMO. I find him slightly more irritating than Victor due to the fact Victor is at least self made. Jack's just inherited everything and has a sense of entitlement.
  6. I have a question that may seem dumb or silly. I was curious if Katherine was supposed to be as wealthy as Victor? I know the character originally came to GC to run Chancellor for her, which suggests to me that his company was formed after Chancellor already existed. Jack once said Chancellor was the one company that could take on Newman; however, I always had the feeling Victor was supposed to be the richest character on the show.
  7. When has Victor been intimidated by Traci? I haven't paid much attention to the show since she gave him her daughter's heart and told him not to waste it (which he did). I enjoy the character of Traci, but it would be nice to see her get fed up with Jack and Victor now and then. Their feud is pathetic at this point.
  8. I apologize if these have been posted, but here are some 1980, 1981 and 1982 episodes.
  9. Josh being Mark's son would have been excellent. The un-abortion story is one of the worst in soap history IMHO. I actually cannot remember Erica having a decent storyline during the show's last decade. The Bianca rape story had great potential, and I feel Susan Lucci displayed some of her best work during certain scenes, but AMC ultimately derailed it by having things drag on and the atrocious AMC/OLTL crossovers that wouldn't end. On a side note, I'm still annoyed those crossovers never resulted in a proper scene between Erica and OLTL's Dorian.
  10. I wish AMC had kept Mark and given Erica more family outside her children. Mona passing left a huge void, and I never felt Opal or Myrtle were enough. Erica's relationship with Mark was something I enjoyed, especially when his drug problem was out of control. I also enjoyed her concern for Mona's health around 1992. It was those moments that gave Erica something beyond the typical romance storylines AMC seemed to love throwing at the character. I personally felt Erica's pursuit of men were among her most dull storylines after a point. Her career ambitions, relatives, drug problems, and mental issues were far more interesting to me.
  11. I would accept Carrie Genzel if Robin Christopher did not return. She was perfectly fine as Skye, but Robin will always be my favorite. Regarding Skye's likability, I agree. However, Adam abducted Erica, tried to drive Dixie into a madhouse after using her for a baby, and cost Gloria a child, so I don't personally view Skye as irredeemable. I know very few people seem to have enjoyed the character on any soap, but I saw her as a lonely and emotionally damaged woman.
  12. I know she is not necessarily a fan favorite, but I would welcome the return of Skye Chandler Quartermaine if AMC were revived. I believe Robin Christopher now lives a quiet life in Pennsylvania, but I enjoyed her portrayal of Skye and would welcome the character. I never took to JR or Colby in comparison to Skye or even Hayley (and we all know Kelly Ripa is not an option unless they maybe got her for a DC tribute episode).
  13. I apologize if this was posted, but here is a cute clip of Nikki dancing with a character called Mark in 1988. The only Mark I recall on Y&R was Marc Mergeron. It's interesting to see Nikki have fun and be so lively. I feel being with Victor and around Katherine often made Nikki seem older than the character would have been at that time.
  14. Thank you so much. Katherine's endless obsession and insane way of viewing her history with Jill was something I wish Y&R had explored during the later years. I don't know if the writers could not be bothered to pay attention to show history, but the active attempt to change the narrative to Katherine being the eternal victim was absurd. The fact she was so vicious and hateful to Jill was part of what made her character interesting and complex.
  15. When did Katherine and Victor become friends? I know he came to GC to run Chancellor, but early 80's episodes seem to show they both cared about Nikki, but they were not that fond of each other.
  16. I have no idea why classic ATWT from the '70s and '80s is so rare. Y&R fans have to go the extra step of making their uploads private since Sony or CBS has public uploads removed quickly. ATWT doesn't have that issue since it's off the air, so the lack of uploads is surprising.
  17. You are the best! I was wondering where, or if, he'd continue to upload.
  18. It's a shame. Youtube is packed with old All My Children episodes from the 80's, 90s and 00s, but little Y&R. I know Y&R gets reported, so maybe they just don't want to bother making private playlists.
  19. I felt like Erica never came out on top with Greenlee. Greenlee outed her daughter, started Fusion in a direct effort to ruin Erica, almost killed Erica-though it was technically David's doing to take it so far-by having her plane messed with, almost killed Erica's grandson, then caused Kendall to prematurely give birth due to stress or whatever. Thanks to the atrocious decision to make her Jack's daughter, she was always forgiven and portrayed as a victim, yet Erica was evil whenever she did anything. I really felt the Montgomery brothers were the undoing of the Erica Kane character. She went from a totally self-absorbed career-driven diva to a sometimes amusing, yet ultimately boring wife and mother.
  20. I could be completely off on this, but I don't think OLTL's Dorian interacted much with Cord's crazy mother Maria.
  21. I wish there was more Youtube videos of the plot to kill Lisa that occurred between 88-89 after Earl went missing. I think the episode just before James henchman tried is uploaded, but not the actual part where they try. I am so mystified that so much "new" All My Children content is steadily uploaded from the 80's and 90's, but so little ATWT. Was AMC the most popular soap during those years?
  22. I'm probably mistaken, but wasn't it part of Nick's plot to destroy Newman? I recall Nikki making a fuss that Victor had always been so fair to women at his company. Anyways I have no doubt Y&R is a hellish environment for actresses. The misogyny has always been there, but never more apparent. Has the show ever really had a powerful female shown running a business without the aide or oversight of men? Katherine used to have male CEOs run her business more often than not and Lauren's now controlled by Jabot. Those are literally the only two I can think of who actually had companies they owned independent of male characters.
  23. Does anyone recall Zsa Zsa Gabor's very brief guest stint on the show in 1981? I read she was on for about ten episodes and played the sister of Miranda Marlowe. The only picture from her stint I've seen is one with her and Anthony Herrera, so I'm assuming they shared scenes. I'm curious what her character actually did.
  24. That's what drives me crazy about the latter rewrite Y&R did in regards to the Kay/Jill feud. In the 2000s every character seemed to behave as if Katherine was a kind old woman that Jill had relentlessly been cruel to for decades and it was quite the opposite. Both women were venomous, but Katherine tended to quite often obsess bitterly over Jill and interfere in her personal life for no apparent reason.
  25. This actually drives me nuts about soaps. Any company that went up and down and switched CEO's as often as ELQ, Jabot and Newman would be seen as highly unstable and end in disaster. Major corporations do not go through various CEO's every couple months and hostile takeovers every year. I'll add the absurdity of a rich character being somehow dumb enough to tie ALL their assets together and going broke because of that ((AMC's Adam and Palmer)) The bizarre way the legal system and lawyers somehow fail to properly address past indiscretions of certain characters ((Every soap, but I'm specifically thinking of how Victor Newman's various sins never seem to come up during legal battles or how Erica Kane lost custody of her kid to a father who once got the child kidnapped and another time almost killed her by given her aspirin. Any decent RL lawyer would bring these things up))
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