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  1. I could be completely off on this, but I don't think OLTL's Dorian interacted much with Cord's crazy mother Maria.
  2. Dax7000

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I wish there was more Youtube videos of the plot to kill Lisa that occurred between 88-89 after Earl went missing. I think the episode just before James henchman tried is uploaded, but not the actual part where they try. I am so mystified that so much "new" All My Children content is steadily uploaded from the 80's and 90's, but so little ATWT. Was AMC the most popular soap during those years?
  3. Dax7000

    BTS harassment at Y&R

    I'm probably mistaken, but wasn't it part of Nick's plot to destroy Newman? I recall Nikki making a fuss that Victor had always been so fair to women at his company. Anyways I have no doubt Y&R is a hellish environment for actresses. The misogyny has always been there, but never more apparent. Has the show ever really had a powerful female shown running a business without the aide or oversight of men? Katherine used to have male CEOs run her business more often than not and Lauren's now controlled by Jabot. Those are literally the only two I can think of who actually had companies they owned independent of male characters.
  4. Dax7000

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Does anyone recall Zsa Zsa Gabor's very brief guest stint on the show in 1981? I read she was on for about ten episodes and played the sister of Miranda Marlowe. The only picture from her stint I've seen is one with her and Anthony Herrera, so I'm assuming they shared scenes. I'm curious what her character actually did.
  5. Dax7000

    Y&R: Old Articles

    That's what drives me crazy about the latter rewrite Y&R did in regards to the Kay/Jill feud. In the 2000s every character seemed to behave as if Katherine was a kind old woman that Jill had relentlessly been cruel to for decades and it was quite the opposite. Both women were venomous, but Katherine tended to quite often obsess bitterly over Jill and interfere in her personal life for no apparent reason.
  6. Dax7000

    Not in My Town - Soapy Ethics

    This actually drives me nuts about soaps. Any company that went up and down and switched CEO's as often as ELQ, Jabot and Newman would be seen as highly unstable and end in disaster. Major corporations do not go through various CEO's every couple months and hostile takeovers every year. I'll add the absurdity of a rich character being somehow dumb enough to tie ALL their assets together and going broke because of that ((AMC's Adam and Palmer)) The bizarre way the legal system and lawyers somehow fail to properly address past indiscretions of certain characters ((Every soap, but I'm specifically thinking of how Victor Newman's various sins never seem to come up during legal battles or how Erica Kane lost custody of her kid to a father who once got the child kidnapped and another time almost killed her by given her aspirin. Any decent RL lawyer would bring these things up))
  7. Dax7000

    Y&R: Old Articles

    Aww. I wish I had not missed the 1998 episode.
  8. Dax7000

    Y&R: Old Articles

    Thank you so so much for telling us. I was literally just wishing someone would upload classic Y&R haha! This is perfect.
  9. Dax7000

    Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    THANK YOU. It's sheer insanity that they continue to support that madman. It's only a matter of time before Nikki and Victoria get upset and whine that they all must take a stand against him. This is one of their yearly plots. Next will be Nikki boozing it up and Victor going missing, presumed dead.
  10. Dax7000

    Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    Nikki is really annoying with her endless poor Victor drivel. Nick has been pushed to this behavior by a relentless tyrant of a father. I'm not really a fan of the character, but I find it realistic he'd continue to be sick and tired of Victor's insane need for control. The story would only be better if he also cut ties with Victor's biggest enabler- Nikki. I don't get why TPTB continue to shove Cane and Lily front and center, but let MM leave. I didn't care about Hilary that much, but a lot of it was due to her being tied in with such insufferably boring characters. I'd rather have seen her try and manipulate her way through the Newman family somehow.
  11. AMC briefly had a storyline where Greenlee left Enchantment Cosmetics to work at Revlon. The Revlon deal ended and they changed the company's name to Giavanna or something dumb. I also remember OLTL, under Valentini, had a deal with Campbell's or something for the Go Red Heart Health events. Both OLTL and AMC did. I can't remember which show it was, but the characters made a big show of stuffing goodie bags with V8.
  12. Dax7000

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    I thought Cord and the Buchanans purchased the company to stop Dorian's book? Or was he just the one who made the deal for Viki to buy it? I thought Dorian was tossed out of Llanfair after her marriage to Herb allowed Viki to gain control of the estate per a condition in Victor's will? I'm not debating, but just asking since I've only seen chunks of the 80's stories, but not the whole thing. I don't know if one of Victor's will gave Dorian back Llanfair.
  13. Dax7000

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    How did Dorian get so rich? The radio guy in this video says she has a billion dollars. I know she got some type of money from Victor's estate, but I also recall her going broke in the mid to late 80's briefly and then she had the Intruder, but the character's wealth still never quite made sense to me after the endless revisions to Victor's will. Todd only got $27 million. Speaking of that, how rich was Viki supposed to be? I always found Viki and Dorian's wealth to be kind of vague and confusing. I think Asa was richer than either of them and at times I got the feeling Todd was also.
  14. Dax7000

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    When did Lisa buy the Lakeview? I don't recall her owning it prior to 2001.
  15. Dax7000

    Y&R June 2018 Discussion Thread

    Maybe they could recast or say he wants Jill to have anything he's entitled to regarding the Chancellor fortune. The character seems to be written as rejecting wealth or whatever. It would be nice if Nina returned to demand Chance's stake be protected. Neither do I. The show has been inconsistent with how Chancellor was even formed. I could swear at least once, way in the past, they mentioned it was originally Reynolds Industries. If Jack and Kyle bully their way into that, or especially the house, it will just be more disregard for backstory. I think he might try and argue it was never Katherine's to give since Philip didn't know he existed or some thin excuse like that. I sadly have no faith in the writing team to follow logic or established history.