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  1. Mark LaMura passes away

    How sad. I always felt AMC made a mistake by getting rid of Mark. He was one of the characters that balanced Erica and could bring out her less selfish side, but not in an annoying way like her kids. Good actor as well.
  2. Y&R: Old Articles

    I recall Eileen Fulton referring to Jeanne as a friend in her As My World Still Turns book. I can't recall if Jeanne attended her early 90's Cinegrill performance in LA, or just sent flowers, but I remember Eileen mentioning her, and I think Darlene Conley, as friends. Sadly, I'm not shocked by the issues with Ed Scott and MTS. Katherine was basically nothing except a busybody, so Jeanne's annoyance made sense. MTS has always struck me as somewhat full of herself. I'm wondering if Ed Scott's issues with Jeanne were because he thought his precious wife should be regarded as the show's grand dame? Does anyone know how Ed Scott and MTS got along with Lauralee Bell during this time?
  3. Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles

    Does anybody have any unlisted B&B playlists on youtube? I know Y&R has a couple someone linked in that thread.
  4. Soap Opera Pet Peeves

    This was inspired by the "Most Ridiculous" thread, and my generally annoying nit picking, but I was curious which things consistently annoy you on soaps. I find it annoying that no matter how rich the character is, literally anyone can just come to their door, or break in their house. It's especially eye roll worthy in cases where the show has referenced the estate having a gate numerous times. I found it stupid how OLTL's Mitch could pop on Viki's property all the time. Same with AMC's Chandler mansion and Y&R's Chancellor mansion. It's the same on all soaps. I doubt it's that easy to walk on the property of real life billionaires, much less get past the front door.
  5. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    I actually agree. Several "minor" unrealistic things about soaps annoy me, as well as the go to lazy plots- faked death, twins, secret kids. I understand they have hundreds of episodes to write per year, but the endless over the top, and predictable, plots are what has killed the genre imo. If you look at the silly Housewives shows and their success, they basically have the same dramas that soaps do- alcoholism, social climbing, feuds, infidelity- which means those types of plots still get interest.
  6. I think they all are, particularly DOOL and GH. I think Y&R will be canceled before B&B due to the latter's international popularity. It's also undoubtedly cheaper to produce- smaller cast, half hour show. They still do occasional location shoots, so it must be making some level of profit. I honestly will be glad to see Y&R go. It's long past it's glory and a cancellation would hopefully mean people can finally start uploading the old episodes to Youtube.
  7. I feel like Y&R's Katherine and Nikki would be one. ATWT's Barbara and Lisa. They had falling outs, which is realistic, but they had a great friendship. I remember when Barbara and John saved Lisa from Martin Chedwyn. I guess Kim and Lisa as well, though I never liked Kim much. On the flip side, I felt Erica's friendships on AMC were awful. I get she was a selfish character, but it seemed like she was never really there for Myrtle or Opal when they needed someone. If she was, it seemed like it was in passing.
  8. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    OLTL- Eterna. Buchanan City. Honorable mention: The endless reappearance of Mitch Laurence in the last several years of the show. It was getting as bad Y&R and B&B with Sheila. AMC- The god awful re-write of Erica's legendary abortion. I thought Colin Egglesfield was good looking, but the whole story was terrible. AMC's writing was simply the worst in the final years. I would rather they have discovered she had a son, not a daughter, with that Richard Fields rape. GH- The alien story. Anything to do with Helena Cassadine, though I love Constance Towers. B&B- Anything to do with Sheila. The Bill having Ridge dumped out of a helicopter thing. ATWT- The spa. I hadn't watched much before that, and it didn't inspire me to keep watching. Days- Pretty much all the supernatural things they've done over the years. I don't even look at it like other soaps. It's a "genre" soap to me. There are tons of stories that annoy me, but I perhaps shall make a separate thread for that, or find one to post in. These were just the ones that stuck out as most ridiculous.
  9. Y&R: Old Articles

    Mine too! A couple people were nice enough to put their unlisted playlists on here, so I keep hoping they'll be more unlisted videos.
  10. Y&R: Old Articles

    How I wish Sony and CBS weren't so obsessive about old episodes. I could see it if they intended to upload them on a for profit site, but I don't think they do. I wish Youtube had Y&R, especially from 1995 to the early 2000's. There's also sadly no clips of the Victor/Jill fling in the early 90's. Still, I'm grateful to the brave souls who do upload clips.
  11. Y&R: April 2017 Discussion Thread

    Technically, and I could be mistaken, but I believe Chancellor was started by Katherine's first husband Gary, and was originally called Reynolds Industries. I THINK, could be way off,that early in Y&R, that Brock was annoyed Kay changed the name to Chancellor. Soapcentral states that in their Katherine bio, but I don't know how accurate it is.
  12. Y&R: April 2017 Discussion Thread

    I can't believe anyone, Jack, Victoria, etc. is actually even slightly convinced Nikki's changing her minds about Victor. The woman literally turns on him at least once a year. She's like a mental patient who has brief moments when the clouds part and she can see reality. It always ends up with her back with him.
  13. B&B - April 2017 Discussion Thread

    I'm sick of Katie's holier than thou attitude. She's the same tramp who screwed her niece's husband. Katie's fake concern for Eric is nauseating. She's as self serving as everyone else in her circle.
  14. B&B - April 2017 Discussion Thread

    I'm over Brooke and her non stop need for a man at all times. The rest of the Forresters are trying to fix the Spectra issue, but she's all about her personal life. Not trying to focus on her job, whatever it is. Worse yet, Steffy being pushed as Forrester matriarch. I know it's not official, but I can see them, as most can, blatantly trying to cash in on the wonderful Sally/Stephanie dynamic of yesteryear. Trying to recreate it with their namesakes. Problem for me is, while new Sally is tolerable, Steffy isn't. She's spoiled and arrogant. Susan Flannery was a strong actress and could add layers. Steffy..not so much. I don't see why anyone would seek her character's approval and friendship like new Sally apparently wants. Moreover, this will never be addressed, but can the borderline incestous Forrester family REALLY look down on anyone? By rights they should be the Kardashians of the fashion world. Successful, but looked down upon.
  15. Port Charles/GH question

    Ohh, thank you. I didn't see the last Caleb part on GH. I just started watching old PC clips today.