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  1. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    Don't I wish? Victor disgusts me. I honestly believe the show could stand to lose him. I know he's a vet, blah blah, but now is the time to take risks. Either kill him or reduce his role heavily.
  2. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    Nikki kills AGAIN? No, that was not self defense. I get why she did it, but damn. JT's own horrible behavior aside, did he lie about how vile Victor is?
  3. AMC Tribute Thread

    I felt Adam accepted the real Erica more than any other husband- even the nasty, ruthless side- provided he was in control of things. Unlike other husbands, he would have been happy to let her manipulate others, help her with petty schemes, etc. The problem was she never loved him and he was insane in certain ways. Jack drove me nuts. He was extremely preachy and arrogant. It drove me crazy in later years how he'd hold Erica to one standard, then ignore the truly heinous things down by Greenlee ((I hated them making her his daughter. HATED it)). I know they were accidents, but almost killing one of Erica's grandkids and later almost killing Erica herself? Even if she didn't mean to, those things happened because she was trying to kidnap the child and trying to frame Erica for a crime. I kinda blame AMC's horrible, horrible writing in later years. Even the ending- him walking out cause Erica wants to make a film instead of marry him for the 500th time- was dumb. He couldn't just go with her to Hollywood and wait? I liked Erica's friendship with Opal, but sometimes felt it was nearly one sided. Palmer commented on it in an early 90's episode when Opal was pregnant. Incidentally, I think Palmer might have been Erica's only true male friend. There's a really nice scene at the beginning of this 1987 episode with them. I like it cause Erica was actually shown trying to be a good friend to him Watching old episodes, I noticed something that leaves me confused. Brooke was Phoebe's niece and, if I recall, had a trust fund that Phoebe controlled when Brooke first arrived. Where did that trust fund go? If Phoebe was old money, surely Brooke should have been rich herself? I know she wasn't portrayed as poor, but I've seen episodes basically implying her character's not all that rich. I wonder if she had rejected her family's wealth? I really liked Brooke, but I felt the writers could have given her some type of personality flaw instead of trying to make her so sensible damn near all the time.
  4. AMC Tribute Thread

    I largely disliked the Travis years with Erica. While I agree it added some nice growth to her character, I found Travis to be largely self absorbed, temperamental, self righteous , hypocritical and generally irritating. I didn't think of Jackson as much better. The fact that Travis- a man literally responsible for getting Bianca kidnapped, then later responsible for her going to the hospital due to his ignorance regarding kids and medication- was somehow able to wrangle full custody was one of AMC's most absurd stories. I felt they really tried to basically ruin Travis with the Barbara baby story. He had a good reason, but his intolerance of Erica's daring to be upset was ridiculous. Add to that the way he used Bianca as an excuse to make Erica let him back in the house, then threatened to walk out on them at Christmas if Erica didn't try to forgive him...ugh. The character was disgusting by that point. I felt AMC never did the best job of balancing the ambitious Erica that ended in the mid 80's with the late 80's wife and mother Erica. The Montgomery brothers dulled her in my opinion, and I especially disliked how they, along with Barbara, would out vote Erica and talk down to her during Enchantment business. Erica's career ambitions were often my favorite part about her, so I missed that. She was just kinda a sometimes hilarious man chaser without that.
  5. Y&R: Old Articles

    1987 episode. Not sure if it was uploaded on another channel. This channel has great classics from other soaps as well
  6. Y&R: Old Articles

    Such wonderful uploads. The 1985 episode was so interesting, especially compared to later Y&R where they always tried to portray Katherine as some saintly victim of Jill's. It really sucks the later writers took Katherine's edge away and made her little more than a Victor Newman cheerleader. Classic Y&R is a treat to watch. There's a lot of classic AMC and ATWT, but Y&R takes more effort, so I am grateful. I'm curious about Liz not having much money. Wasn't she the widow of the wealthy Stuart Brooks?
  7. Y&R: Old Articles

    Thank you so much for these great videos. Such a treat!
  8. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    Y&R has always had some bizarre issue with females in positions of power. Katherine technically was a boss, but she frequently hired men to run Chancellor for her. I was quite annoyed when Lauren became subservient to Jack. Jill, who really should be shown as a ruthless and powerful businesswoman, basically does nothing.
  9. Y&R: Old Articles

    It WAS stupid given that Victor now has an Abbott heart, yet still goes after Jack every chance he gets. Traci literally told him not to waste her daughter's heart and we see how that went. In terms of it being the worst, I disagree. Victor's had quite a few horrible storylines, all of which have made him look downright evil, in the last few years. The one where he tried to convince Sharon she was seeing her dead child stands out. Yes, it did lead to her meeting MarIah, but to use someone's, especially a woman who has struggled with mental illness, dead daughter to cause them to break down? That's kind of sadistic imo.
  10. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    I saw something where Eric Braeden said Julia's return is part of his story, but I don't know if that's actually just referring to her brief appearance today. I'm finding it very odd and annoying that they showed no flashbacks during Julia's appearance. Not one. She, Nikki and Ashley literally all referenced the 1984 wedding, but they couldn't bother showing any clip? Sony or CBS won't let anything get uploaded without a hassle, so why are they not at least using their archives?
  11. Y&R: Old Articles

    I don't know if anyone has posted this link, but someone uploaded several Victor and Nikki scenes to Google Drive https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B5mFy--WwGtzeVpsQjVQSWYyRlk
  12. Y&R: Old Articles

    Wonderful. Thank you so much to everyone involved in getting these tapes up for us all to see. I loved seeing Nikki before she was the Genoa City snob she currently is. It's also great seeing Katherine, one of my favorite characters. How did Katherine and Nikki become friends exactly? The few early 80's episodes out there show them already being pretty friendly as early as 82. Was it the Bancroft marriage that put Nikki in Katherine's orbit?
  13. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    I agree. There's a clip in one of the 80's compilations where he basically said Katherine drank for attention. He was not fond of her friendship with Nikki at the time. Even in the late 90's, when Brock was missing, he called her "a nice lady". That's kind of distant sounding for a supposed close friend, so it was really annoying how she became the Victor Newman Fan Club president towards the end. So many things on Y&R didn't make sense in later years. I never really liked how they suddenly started having everyone behave as if Katherine was a saint and Jill had always been so vicious and cruel. Jill wasn't very nice, especially once the show decided to go the Alexis Carrington route with her, but one of the great things about the feud had been that neither woman was an angel. They were both flawed, damaged, and complex. Katherine's obsession had largely helped turn her into the manipulative woman she became. Katherine was a drunk who rarely took responsibility for her own misdeeds. This was beautifully portrayed through at least the mid 90's. Characters like Rex and John would call Katherine out for being obsessed and petty. I remember Jill saying to Jack during the battle for Chancellor mansion, something like, "I was trying to get my dreams back". It was the scene after she crashed Katherine's party and the whole town attacked her for being so nasty to Katherine. I will say I did enjoy some of the later stuff, such as when Katherine admitted she never loved Phillip as much as she hated Jill for taking him. That was good. Moments like that were enjoyable to me.
  14. Y&R 45th Anniversary Spoilers

    I am excited for Julia, Lorie and Leslie. Don't care about Raul and Brittany tbh. I would rather have someone like Leanne Love make an appearance. I think she would have fit GC Buzz well when it started. I do hope Lorie and Leslie mention what's going on with their other sisters. I also would have loved Nikki's sister to make an appearance, but oh well. I guess we should be grateful for Julia, Lorie and Leslie.
  15. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    They ruined Katherine in the last years of Jeanne's life. It's even weirder since her friendship with Victor was always somewhat..odd to me. I saw that they were close, but it just always seemed somewhat guarded compared to her friendship with Nikki and such. That could be a male/female dynamic vs female/female thing. I don't know. I was really appalled when she turned on Tucker for underhanded business tactics, going as far as to criticize him for using Victor's personal family drama against him. I recall a scene where Ashley basically told Katherine off for doing so. It was delightful. Katherine would always bring up her long friendship with John whenever it suited her agenda, but she never had the backs of his kids the way she did Victor. I think the things you mentioned as specifically why I have issues with him. He has the literal heart of an Abbott, but still goes after Jack all the time. I don't know. I preferred the mid to late 80's and 90's Victor. He was ruthless, but stopped short of seeming evil.