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  1. Y&R: Old Articles

    Joshua Morrow doesn't bother me per se. If Nick was written in a way that was particularly interesting, then I might want a better actor, but as is, the character himself is somewhat boring to me. I don't know if that's because they write to Morrow's "strengths" as an actor, or they have no ideas, but Nick's stories are dull. It's always- fall in love, have a conflict with likely involving Sharon and/or Victor, break up, get with Sharon, feud with Victor, forgive Victor temporarily. In my opinion, any character in Victor's family is nearly dulled down to allow Victor to be the "most interesting". Except Adam. But, as a whole, I agree with DRW50. Y&R, for me, always had more interesting female characters. Katherine and Jill's feud was entertaining for so long, never becoming dull like Victor vs. Jack imo, because the show put effort into creating complex characters. Both had flaws, both "lost" at different times in their feud. Entertaining. Whereas, for me, Victor and Jack is a huge egomaniac with a God complex vs. a more tolerable spoiled heir egomaniac. Also ruined by Victor always having to win in the last decade or so. Characters like Kay, Jill, Sheila, Drucilla, even Nina-who I wasn't nuts about, but Tricia Cast is a fantastic actress- carried the show. Of course, the Brooks sisters, but that was before my time, sadly. Now we have weak Lily, dull Victoria- much better when Heather Tom played her-, boring Mariah, boring Chelsea, hot, but boring Cane, Billy and Phyllis, who were once entertaining, but are now badly and boringly written. Even once interesting characters like Michael and Lauren have been long dulled down.
  2. Y&R: Old Articles

    I find that odd as well. In general, even with everyone having to use unlisted playlists, I find it weird to that Y&R is nearly impossible to find. Y&R was growing in popularity during the 80's, at least the late years, which means the others were decreasing since Y&R went to number one in, I believe, 1990. Yet so little Y&R, except for your great uploads.
  3. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    Watching Nikki attempt to intimidate Dina was laughable. Nikki is one of the show's least intimidating characters, especially without Victor by her side to do the actual dirty work. I wish their breakup would last forever. Jack's an idiot to pursue anything with her. Dina's a horrible mom, and a hypocrite, but she's right to warn Jack off Nikki. It's inevitable she'll get back with Victor. No matter how psychopathic he is, she finds some excuse to forgive him.
  4. Y&R: Old Articles

    Thank you so much for the new uploads! I'm sick in bed a few more weeks, so these are a treat.
  5. AMC Tribute Thread

    I didn't like Erica with either Montgomery. For me, that's when the character started to become somewhat dull. I was never a fan of Bianca and thought Erica would have been more interesting with a son. Being so feminine, that dynamic might have been more unique than the early days of her dressing spoiled brat Bianca up. Beyond that, Travis was my least favorite Kane husband due to his holier than thou hypocrisy. He got Bianca kidnapped, he lied, cheated and produced a child, then used Bianca- first to get back with Erica, then to punish her- yet Erica was the horrible parent? Jack was also holier than thou and hypocritical quite often. I never understood why they said Jack was the only man who never tried to change Erica. It's BS. Adam never tried to change her. Control her, stay one step ahead of her, but not change her actual personality.
  6. B&B Recasting Major Role

    The hell? I see no reason for a recast, unless they can get a primetime has been in hopes of attracting viewers. Or unless they're going to get a younger Thorne, as when DOOL recast Nicolas Alamain with the far too young Cody Longo.
  7. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    I noticed the Bell trademarks- Brooke being a chemist, Stephanie and Brooke being a, in my opinion, poor man's Katherine and Jill. The Bill Spencer as Victor thing is something I mentioned. The issue for me is it's all awful. Bill's too cartoonish to be Victor in my opinion, though Victor's now a parody of a once interesting character. Brad Bell has no idea how to create great characters like his father did. Brooke's family, the Logans, were like B&B's version of the Fosters, though with one brother and several sisters.
  8. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    That would have been great! Such a shame they ignored the show's history.
  9. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    I agree. They also could have said he was the son of the long dead Silver Kane and hated Erica for some reason.
  10. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    I thought KKL was excellent during the rape story, but they REFUSE to give her good material. As you mentioned, they have long downplayed Brooke's being a businesswoman, not to mention ignore her chemist background. I would like to see that element of her persona again. What does she actually do at Forrester now? They have her looking over documents and such, but her actual job is unspecified. Is she in charge of the lab? Head of development? Brooke's Bedroom still going? I personally felt the Deacon affair was when they took the character too far. The whoring around with Forresters could be forgiven since the Forrester men were willing participants, not the victims Stephanie portrayed them as. But Deacon and Brooke was vile due to the Bridget betrayal.
  11. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    I have long felt like Brooke and Bill was B&B's attempt at Victor and Nikki. Thorsten Kaye is terrible and has no chemistry with KKL, so I actually didn't loathe Brill. However, the show is terrible and would need to do a major overhaul to keep me watching. I dislike almost the entire younger set, and sorry, but I don't care about the Spectras. Maybe if they hadn't killed off Macy and Darla. I do like Patrika Darbo. I must say, stupid "betrayal" whining aside, I did enjoy seeing KKL yell at Bill. It's so unusual to hear her voice outside of the normal breathy or whining tones she uses. It actually makes me think that maybe she'd pull off a quality performance if the show ever gave her good material. Even mediocre actresses, like MTS and Susan Lucci, had moments, so she might be one of those.
  12. Mark LaMura passes away

    How sad. I always felt AMC made a mistake by getting rid of Mark. He was one of the characters that balanced Erica and could bring out her less selfish side, but not in an annoying way like her kids. Good actor as well.
  13. Y&R: Old Articles

    I recall Eileen Fulton referring to Jeanne as a friend in her As My World Still Turns book. I can't recall if Jeanne attended her early 90's Cinegrill performance in LA, or just sent flowers, but I remember Eileen mentioning her, and I think Darlene Conley, as friends. Sadly, I'm not shocked by the issues with Ed Scott and MTS. Katherine was basically nothing except a busybody, so Jeanne's annoyance made sense. MTS has always struck me as somewhat full of herself. I'm wondering if Ed Scott's issues with Jeanne were because he thought his precious wife should be regarded as the show's grand dame? Does anyone know how Ed Scott and MTS got along with Lauralee Bell during this time?
  14. Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles

    Does anybody have any unlisted B&B playlists on youtube? I know Y&R has a couple someone linked in that thread.
  15. Soap Opera Pet Peeves

    This was inspired by the "Most Ridiculous" thread, and my generally annoying nit picking, but I was curious which things consistently annoy you on soaps. I find it annoying that no matter how rich the character is, literally anyone can just come to their door, or break in their house. It's especially eye roll worthy in cases where the show has referenced the estate having a gate numerous times. I found it stupid how OLTL's Mitch could pop on Viki's property all the time. Same with AMC's Chandler mansion and Y&R's Chancellor mansion. It's the same on all soaps. I doubt it's that easy to walk on the property of real life billionaires, much less get past the front door.