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  1. I was thinking about this (Neal) Baelfire thing... Why wouldn't August (Pinnochio) want him to go back to Storybrooke too?
  2. Quite a few people think he is. Google it. (I had no clue until I read your post.) +1
  3. I caught the last 15 minutes or so of RHOA and I was shocked at the comments one of those women made to the models applying for the job. Especially the "now what are YOU doing here?" Or something like that. That was just hardcore verbal abuse - the kind that can crush a person. As for the RH I watch regularly, BH, I enjoyed it. I am liking Brandi alot more, so far. She can be a bitch but she knows it and she doesn't try to put on airs. The others can be just as bitchy but they try to pretend they are not. And maybe it's just me but I think Kyle tries to play up for the cameras too much when she is with Kim. I don't see them ever working out their issues as long as she does that.
  4. Boy they sure jumped the shark last night. How is Frankenstein a ____________ fairytale character? I am so disappointed.
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    The two saddest 'Hoarding: Buried Alive' (TLC) episodes (not sure if Hoarding and H: BA are considered the same as far as this board goes) to me were the Elvis impersonator and Janet and Herv - the couple who lost an infant son many years ago... He actually had his mistress helping them with the clean-up for a portion of the show. I feel so sorry for these people and find it fascinating to discover what triggered their hoarding (I feel the same way about "Intervention".) They inspire me to keep our home clean and organized.
  6. Loving this season's Grey's so far. Cried w/ the first two episodes. And I was shocked about Arizona... Someone needs to give that girl her post plane crash medical record to read!
  7. Now I am seeing how this story can be dragged out for seasons and seasons and seasons... The actor who plays Mr. Gold is my favorite, and I am not usually charmed by villains. I love the actress who portrays Belle. I want to see more of the writer (Pinnochio - ?) and Jefferson (the mad hatter). I like all of the actors and actresses. But it took a little time for me to adjust to Mulan being in the story...
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