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  1. I think it is STUPID for the ladies not to call the police about JT. Stupid Phyllis. Stupid writing. Also, I am wondering if JT had a heart attack. Not so sure he died from Nikki hitting him with the fire tool.
  2. Yeah. I posted in the spoiler thread the reasons I think this SL is ridiculous. Yes that was OTT. I was thinking of more recent catty conversations between the female characters and agreeing with Chris B.
  3. I disagree. Hillary and..... Sharon, now that I think about it, have had snarky scenes with others where they did not seem junior high-ish. Even Eileen Davidson's Ashley in snarky scenes with Victoria has seemed junior high, as well as Victoria with Abby and Jill and Nikki. Don't know if it's the writing or the actresses or both. There are aspects of MY's Y&R that come off as very amateurish daytime TV.
  4. Well.....part of it would be great if Victor actually died because of JT.
  5. What I don't like about this SL is that parts seem contrived for this incident, even with Paul and Christine/Victor (starting after the sex ring) and Victoria/JT (seemingly connecting Victoria's irrational behavior which started with Abby around the time of the head injury/toxic face mask - - leading to her being "vulnerable to abuse"). It's crazy. I am not familiar with the Prime Time show you guys are referencing. But it's just not been cohesive IMO.
  6. I agree! Seems the only catty female moments they do well are re: Hillary. With the others, it's like junior high.
  7. Yes, well, as soaps go, this is pretty convoluted. And so I am going to stop watching GH. (I tried...)
  8. While I never watched GH until lately, I can understand and respect the Genie Frances love. However, I also remember how terrrible Genevive was on Y&R and how no matter what the writers did, it did not WORK. Would that be different without Colin in the SL? Maybe. Definitely did not work WITH him. It was like waiting for Daisy to be written off. Takes a special kind of hackery to not be able to write for a legend, I suppose... Not sure how I feel about Nikki and Arturo... Hate it that they put the kibosh on Ashley and Ravi.
  9. IIRC, this started when they sorased the twins. It's awful.
  10. Lane is not appealing to me at all but I sure do wish the hairdressers would STOP trying to make CK look so frumpy.
  11. I followed Steve Burton to GH from Y&R. I have never watched it before his return. I have a few questions about today's show if someone wouldn't mind indulging me. Was Anna really pregnant by Faison? If so, and if the grown child is Peter/Henrick, why in the world would she let Faison raise him? If it is not Peter/Henrick, who is it? Does the audience know? Thanks in advance.
  12. The writing for yesterday's show was awful. The show was pretty good week last week.
  13. I hope MY has has been replaced and the stories lately that are credited with the new HW are those that I have enjoyed. I have always had faith in Sara Bibel and remain so glad that she is there.
  14. Maybe. I was thinking Jack/Marco/Phyllis when he said it.
  15. Yesterday's episode was visually appealing. I hated the most recent dialogue between Ashley and Ravi. Sorry MY, Ashley would not have done that or said that to Ravi. There is so much continuity that is missing as well as skipped beats. It seems that every other day the show is somewhat good, and the other days it's just bad because of these things. Hilary reminded me of a feisty black female character yesterday, but I can't recall the name... I'm also disappointed that MY also seems to be intent on Victor never being allowed to learn or grow. His comment about not sharing the same bed with Nikki after what she did was nausea inducing, all things considered. Please don't insult your audience MY. I don't know anyone who watches a show to be repeatedly angered and nauseated.
  16. Given everything that has happened, I don't see the snarkiness of the characters as being contrived, except for Paul and Christine thinking Victor could have been involved in the sex ring, even as much as I loathe him and all that he does. I think Victoria has gradually changed since her fall and at times she is more emotional than logical. And I don't understand Jack involving Jabot with the Hilary Hour. Unless he thinks he is eventually going to mold her and her show into something that can last long term. Seems very risky at this point. But to put the kibosh on Ashley's deal didn't make sense to me. Ashley brought up a lot of good points in the meeting which obviously stung, for him to say what he did to her about John. I am sad that she's made Ravi feel unimportant (uncomfortable to watch given current events about workplace behavior) but perhaps Phyllis' advice will make her open her eyes if there is really something there. My wish for Y&R right now is for continuity and, as always - to knock Victor off his pedestal. I wonder if they went through with it, given pics she posted of them on Twitter.
  17. Just watched the Nov. 30 episode. It was pretty good. Still not a fan of Cane and I just rolled my eyes at his angst about poor baby Sam. Still not a fan of Lily but I enjoyed her conversation with Charlie about Hilary. I love it when there is smart and wise dialogue coming from Y&R's women. I cringe at the speculation that they are thinking of making Sharon cray cray again. The hair and wardrobe department definitely need to get together for color coordination for Camryn Grimes and her clothing color wheel. Does anyone know if Amelia and Thad are still married? I am looking forward to seeing JT again especially if it means he will be taking Reed away from GC.
  18. No, there was a scene where the FBI came into Victor's office and presented the order for the assets to be frozen. It was just after Jack agreed to match his reward offer. And Dina did draw the clock during the last part of her session. Jack snatched the paper away when he saw what she was drawing. MY needs to sit down with Sara Bibel and watch all of his episodes with her so she can show him everything that he is doing wrong. Which is a lot. Continuity issues, dumbing down characters, missing beats, etc.
  19. She told him that she was on the pill. I hope they do not do a WTD with the leader of a sex ring...
  20. Yesterday's show was horrible. Writing and acting. But I imagine it's HARD to act out that kind of writing. For example, Sharon, Nikki, Ashley, Abby. Completely dumbed down in one episode. So many beats were missed during the episode of the sex ring reveal. I am just at a total loss for more words.
  21. "Sussman's No. 2 on The Young and the Restless writing staff" (Sara Bibel) - DC I like the SLs SORASING them brought about but they look so odd with CK. It looks like TPTB have been trying to make her (CK) look frumpy, I guess for their scenes together, and it just does not work. For me anyhow. They look too old for CK. I can also see that all three of them are trying to make it work. Bad casting IMO.
  22. *Sigh* Damn. I hate this. I have been enjoying a Y&R without Kevin and watching Lily and Cane being knocked off their pedestals. No Victor (though I know that's temporary). The SORASED twins are ridiciulous.But whatever. I hope Sara Bibel stays. This sucks.
  23. I'm still enjoying SS Y&R. I was so glad that Jack's plans for Fenmore's didn't include a hostile takeover. I was really surprised when Gloria called him. It was soapy and infused a little bit of spark into the story. There is soooooo much ICK factor whenever Neil and HIllary have a scene together. Hard for me to watch the Devon SL scenes because of it. I continue to notice and love how the show is focusing on the hearts and motivations of the characters. I read the MF Amelia Heinle interview and noticed she mentioned it too. I read a comment that I have to ask a question about. It was about millionaire Victoria mentioning that she wouldn't be able to find an after hours handyman and compared AH to Heather Tom, as if Tom would not have had to say the same thing if she was in the role? I don't think it was about money. I think it was about after hours service in the winter in Wisconsin. I don't think we can blame the actors and actresses for the lines they have to deliver. I've noticed that her hair has been styled better. The Y&R hair department is finally doing their job.
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