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    • I wouldn't be surprised if they shut down again due to the virus.  There may be more classics on the horizon (though only some are truly classics to me).
    • May 7 1980 cast List Lorie Monique Lance Michael Victor Julia Vanessa Stuart Liz Waiter #1 Waiter # 2 3 Musicians Edith Baby Brooks Brock   This is when John McCook returned briefly.  
    • I was watching a GH '95 episode with a fascinating therapy session with Bobbie and Tony Jones (spearheaded by Kevin Collins), and this led me down the rabbit hole of comparing and contrasting - I remember the therapy sessions Viki had with Susannah Hanen pretty well in '95, but most of what I recall or have reviewed of them are super dramatic, with the alters popping out and big reveals and so on. Those scenes were excellent, but I was curious about more quiet, thoughtful stuff. This led me to one of the more polarizing elements of Claire Labine's run on OLTL - Maude Hayes, the sex therapist played by the legendary Helen Gallagher. I knew these scenes existed but I don't think I've ever seen them. I'm not going to say all Labine's OLTL stories were genius because they most certainly weren't, but this stuff is fascinating. You would never see scenes like these (or the ones with the Joneses on GH) on modern daytime. And that's really what the daily medium should be for.    
    • Regarding Tuner,   Some casting news: On GZSZ, Cryssanthi Kavazi (Laura Weber) returns from her maternity leave on August 20th, 2020. On AWZ, Birte Glang (Lena Bergmann von Altenburg Öztürk) departs the show on August 11th, 2020. Glang was the third actress in the role. Juliette Greco debuted as Lena in May 2007. In early 2013, she was replaced by Maria Kempken for six months during her maternity leave. Greco returned in September 2013 and departed again in August 2018. Glang took over in January 2019. Despite being on contract, Glang's Lena never really had a major storyline and in hindsight, the recast didn't make much sense. In her early years on the show, Lena had various affairs. She gave birth to her and Maximilian's son Alexander in 2009, which tied Lena to the Steinkamp family (a connection that was hardly used in the show's storylines). Since 2013, she had been married to Marian Öztürk (Sam Eisenstein). In turn, there are two new contract members on AWZ: Lisandra Bardél plays Malu Santos, a mysterious woman that Finn (Christopher Kohn) meets at a spiritual retreat. He soon feels attracted to her, but then it turns out that Malu is his brother Justus's (Matthias Brüggenolte) secret girlfriend. Dominik Flade plays Yannick Ziegler, Ina (Franziska van der Heide) and Lucie's (Julia Wiedmann)a brother. On UU, Alica Hubiak (Jana Huber) departs the show at the end of August when her character eventually dies of her terminal illness. Hubiak only joined the cast this past April. She quickly became a fan favorite, but the character's demise had been planned for months. There's also an unexpected return as Sarah Bogen reprises her role as Lili Mattern after being off the show for 8 years. Bogen debuted on the show in November 2001 when she was only 12 years old, and for years, she was the youngest contract cast member on any soap. In 2012, following the murder of Lili's adoptive mother Rebecca (Imke Brügger), Bogen was released from her contract. She departed the show in October 2012 and Lili moved to Namibia to live with her step sister Romy. Now Lili returns to Cologne to support her step father Rufus whose youngest daughter Lotta has apparently been kidnapped
    • I liked it, and enjoyed the climax to the story at the "ranch".  One similar story I didn't like as well though was the Tyrone Jackson / Mr. Anthony story, where Tyrone was posing as a white guy by using make-up to infiltrate the syndicate.  Really?...  That story kind of "jumped the shark" I felt.


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