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    • I can't stand Hauser. I hated him the day he appeared, and my opinion hasn't changed. They were never really able to recast Greg properly. Brian Kerwin only lasted 6 months, and Howard McGillin didn't last much longer. Wings Hauser just has the face of a ferrett and such a ham-fisted scenery chewing acting style that made me cringe every time he was on. 
    • Folks with that level of arrogance to try to usurp the work of others the way Laemmle has tend to possess far less talent than they do mouth. 
    • True.  But, you know, even if Nina Laemmle had set out to graft an entire new soap onto DAYS, she still needed to make the new characters and their predicaments interesting to the audience.  So far, from what I am reading, she's failing.  Miserably.
    • I honestly do feel bad for Clifton, because in the end he’s just doing his job, but he’s definitely aware how much people hate Liam.   Thudley really needs to step down, and it’s pathetic to say that since it will never happen, but he truly has proven way too many times how incompetent he really is in running this show...If only there was somebody high above him who could pull the plug on his writing. 
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