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ANOTHER WORLD 227 A new life has begun







A new life has begun

Consultants:  A. Washington-Beeby, ML Cooks, Nick Monarco, and DRW50



Cass, Frankie, Charlie and Maggie walk in.  Frankie escorts Maggie to the couch.

Maggie:  Oh God I feel groggy.

Frankie:  Come on sit down.  I’ll get you some tea.

As Frankie goes to the kitchen, Charlie sits next to Maggie.

Charlie:  Whoever did this must have given you a huge dosage.

Maggie:  Yeah.  I wonder who would be after me.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Cass confers with Frankie.

Frankie:  Cass I don’t know.

Cass:  Don’t know about what?

Frankie:  This whole evening has just been so weird.  Everything.  Maggie’s car doors wouldn’t lock from the inside.  You and Christy.  I can’t believe she…

Cass:  We’ll deal with that okay.

Frankie:  I mean all I need now is to find out what happened at the Corys.  Who knows what went on down there?



Joy secretly watches Marley on her cell phone through the camera installed outside of their house.

Joy:  What is she doing?

Joy watches her cell phone intently as Vicky spies her from a short distance.



Tyrone walks in and finds Marley doing something.

Tyrone:  Hey hey what are you doing?

Marley:  I’m dusting the table.  It started to feel stuffy in here.

Tyrone:  But you’re up…and moving.  And you?  Dusting a table?

Marley:  Suddenly I got this…burst.  I just decided to start cleaning the house.

Tyrone:  Um you know what that means right?

Marley:  That I have extra energy?

Tyrone:  That the baby is ready.

Marley:  Ready for what?

Tyrone:  Come on.  We need to go to the hosp….

Tyrone and Marley look down and see a wet spot on the floor, and Marley grabs her stomach in pain.

Marley:  Oh.  Water’s broken.

Tyrone:  It’s time.  It’s time!  Come on!


Amanda comes downstairs and approaches Allen.

Allen:  I’m sorry about what happened here.

Amanda:  Thank you.  I’m just concerned about my mother.

Allen:  Well Felicia and Paulina are out there with her now.

Amanda:  I’m gonna go check on her.

KC walks up to them.

KC:  So you’re going out with Carl’s daughter in law?

Allen:  Yeah she’s concerned about her mother.

KC:  This is so sad.

Allen:  Yeah.  We need some good news.

Suddenly Allen gets a call on his cell phone from Tyrone with Marley moaning in labor pain.

Allen:  Hey Tyrone what’s up?

Tyrone:  Is Vicky there?

Allen:  Yeah what’s going on?  Oh I can hear.

Tyrone:  Yeah meet us at the hospital.  Marley’s in labor.

Allen:  Whoa!  Whoa!  I’ll tell everyone.

KC:  What happened?

Allen:  I gotta go tell Vicky and Donna.

Donna walks up to them.

Donna:  Tell me what?

Allen:  Tyrone just called.

Donna:  Is it Marley?  Is everything okay?

Allen:  It’s more than okay.  She’s having the baby.

Donna:  Oh!  Oh we’ve gotta go!  I’ll tell the others.

Allen:  I’ll meet you there.





Frankie:  Did Christy tell you she kidnapped Maggie?

Cass:  She had to have known where Maggie was.

Frankie looks over at Maggie, who is sitting with Charlie on the couch.

Frankie:  I dunno Cass.

Cass:  What do you mean you don’t know?  Christy clearly isn’t the changed person you thought she was.

Frankie:  Maggie was kidnapped before and she wasn’t exactly cooperative in being rescued.  How do you know she didn’t do it again?

Cass:  Are you serious?  Why would she even do that this time?

Frankie:  I don’t know.  That’s a question we’d have to ask her.

Cass:  I can’t believe you’re even bringing this up.

Frankie:  I’m not saying that’s what Maggie did, but you have to consider the possibility.

Cass:  That’s ridiculous.  Christy needed leverage to get what she wanted, and Maggie was it.

Frankie takes the tea tray over to Maggie and gently places it on the coffee table.

Frankie:  This should help you feel better.

Maggie:  Thank you Frankie.

Frankie:  So you don’t remember anything about the kidnapping?

Maggie:  I remember leaving here, getting in my car, then waking up in the hospital.  That’s all.

Charlie:  Nothing at all you can recall?

Maggie:  No Charlie I can’t.

Frankie:  Any distinct scents or smells or…

Maggie:  Why do I get the feeling you’re trying to say something else?

Frankie:  I’m just asking…

Cass:  She thinks you staged it.

Frankie:  Cass!

Cass:  She thinks you did the same thing you did before.

Maggie:  Really?  You mean when my mom hired Rafael to kidnap me?

Frankie:  Maggie I’m just…

Maggie:  You got it wrong.  I’m not that person anymore!  Wow you’re amazing!

Maggie gets up and goes to her room in the back.

Frankie:  Maggie?

Cass:  Look what you’ve done.

Frankie:  I didn’t do anything wrong.

Cass:  She just went through a terrible ordeal and you bring up the past!  I’ll go see if she’s okay.

Charlie:  Let him calm down.  You know how dad gets.  

Charlie gets a phone call on her cell phone.

Charlie:  Hey babe.  Where are you?  Well the hospital’s not gonna go outta business anytime soon.  Is everything okay?  Wow okay.  That’s great news!  I’ll be right there.

Frankie:  Was that Kirkland?

Charlie:  Yeah.  Marley’s in labor.



Michael, Donna, Vicky, Bridget, Michele, Steven, Joy, Kirkland, Allen and KC are in the waiting area.  Steven is in a corner with Joy.

Steven:  Are you okay?

Joy:  I’m fine.

Steven:  I wasn’t sure.  My mom can be a handful.

Joy:  She doesn’t intimidate me.

Steven:  Good, because I told her how I felt about you.

Joy:  You did?

Steven:  Of course I did.  It’s time she accepted you.

Joy:  I..had no idea that Donna was your grandmother.  This really is a small town.

Steven:  Yeah.  That’s grandma.


In another corner, Vicky is with Michele.

Vicky:  Are you gonna be okay honey?

Michele:  I’m good mom.  

Vicky:  You and Bridget fighting.  I know she started it.  She started this whole thing.

Michele:  I don’t wanna think about that.  I don’t wanna think about you and dad getting a divorce.  

Vicky straddles Michele’s hair.

Vicky:  You’re right.  Your Aunt Marley is having a baby.  Something good’s gonna come out of tonight.




Kirkland:  I just called my wife.  She’s on her way.  Kid what’s up with you and Michele?

Bridget:  I don’t wanna talk about that.

KC:  You guys are sisters though.  Why would you be fighting?

Bridget:  Look it’s a long story and I really don’t feel like getting into it.

Bridget walks away.

Allen:  Let’s just respect her wishes okay.  A lot has happened tonight.

KC:  I feel so bad for Rachel, Cory, Elizabeth.  They lost Carl.

Allen:  It’s the cycle of life you know.  Some things just aren’t fair.

Kirkland:  One life ends, another one begins.


Vicky approaches Steven and Joy.

Vicky:  Steven you have really lost your mind haven’t you?

Steven:  Mom.

Vicky:  No she shouldn’t be here.  Tyrone and Marley might not even be having a baby because of her.

Steven:  I’m not gonna allow you to talk about her like that.  

Vicky:  I saw you looking at your cell phone earlier at the Corys.  Whatever it was it seemed quite interesting...

Joy:  You know what Steven.  Your mom’s right.  Maybe I should go.

Steven:  Joy don’t leave.  I want you here with me.

Joy:  It’s okay.  I don’t mean to cause any trouble.  I’ll text you when I get home.

Steven:  Okay.

Joy walks out of the waiting area and Steven turns to Vicky.

Steven:  What the hell is wrong with you?

Vicky:  I can’t believe you’re getting involved with her.  She’s going to hurt you.

Steven:  The only person hurting me is you.

Vicky:  I am your mother, and I’m not gonna sit here and watch her tear your life like she did Marley and Tyrone.

Steven:  I’m gonna call grandma Rachel and see how she’s doing.


In another corner, Donna is with Michael.

Donna:  You know Michael...this is bittersweet.  Marley’s giving birth, and she’s got her family here.  Nobody waiting to separate her from her child like my father did to me.

Michael:  We can’t dwell on the past now.  Marley knows that we’re all here for her.  We’re gonna make sure that our grandson is protected.

Donna:  Do you think Reginald is gonna try to pull something?

Michael:  Wouldn’t put it past him.  He tried to kidnap Bridget.  I’ve got people watching.  Nothing’s gonna happen to Marley or the baby.

John walks up to them in scrubs, a hairpiece and a mask.

Donna:  John where’s Marley?

John:  Follow me.  I’m headed there now.

They all follow John.  John goes into the delivery room to join Brianna Jameson and the other nurses.  


Tyrone, also in scrubs, clenches Marley’s hand tightly as she is in intense pain.

John:  He’s coming.

Marley:  Duh! Ahhhhhh!  This hurts!

Brianna:  Remember your Lamaze classes.  Short breaths okay.  

Brianna coaches Marley through the short breaths as John looks for the baby.

Tyrone:  John what is it?

John:  I see the head!  He’s coming!  I’m gonna need a push.


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Marley:  Oh I…I’m tired.

Brianna:  You can do it.  Push..1, 2, 3….

Marley gives one big push and hears crying.  

Marley’s pain turns to her and Tyrone’s joy as Roman Michael Montgomery is born.  John gives Marley her and Tyrone’s baby as they look on with joy.  The rest of the Love/Hudsons look in on them with happiness.

Allen:  Look at my brother...cheesin ear to ear.

Vicky:  Welcome to the family Roman.

Donna:  This is truly a miracle.

Michael:  Our new grandson.


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A very strong chapter to close out your time at SON on. I'm so happy for Marley. If only it could last.


Frankie is annoying me though.

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