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DAYS #91: Roman's condition worsens + Sonny & Adrienne have a huge fight over Will



Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson

The doors to the elevator at University Hospital open, to find the Kiriakis clan step out, by and large upset and a bit panicked, as Maggie in particular moves briskly to the nurses' station to ask Maxine about Victor.

MAGGIE: Maxine! Where's Victor's room?

Maxine quickly points down the hall to guide Maggie, as she turns herself toward the room.

MAXINE: Just over here, Maggie. But you can't go in yet, they're operating!

Maggie runs before Maxine's even finished her sentence toward the door, stopping just outside, upset that she can't go in to see her ailing husband.

Alex, Sonny and Will hang back, as Justin and Adrienne step forward, the shock still plain on their faces.

Daniel steps out from the room VIctor's in and immediately sees his mother's worried face. He sighs, giving a half-hearted smile, as Maggie rushes over to him.

MAGGIE: Daniel! How is he?

Daniel holds up one hand, a half-hearted attempt to calm Maggie down, as the others move over closer to him to hear what he has to say.

DANIEL: He's stable. Victor had a heart attack.

Maggie clenches, upset by the news, she grabs Adrienne's hand for support.

ALEX: How bad was it?
DANIEL: (sigh) It wasn't minor. But...I wouldn't worry too much, he's getting prepped for surgery now.
WILL: Is he gonna be okay?
DANIEL: Victor's in...remarkably good health for his age. I think the bulk of the problem has been the stress he's been under lately. We may have underestimated how much pressure he's been under the past few months.

Maggie looks at her son, the feelings of guilt rushing over her as she recalls her snapping at him, knowing the pain he's been through.

JUSTIN: Alright, Daniel, just...keep us updated.
DANIEL: For sure.

Daniel stops to give Maggie a hug, before stepping away to prep for surgery. 

DANIEL: Alright, I gotta go prep for surgery, I'll let you know as soon as I know anything. I love you.
MAGGIE: I love you too. Thank you.

Daniel walks off at a determined pace, as Maggie starts to crumble. Sonny takes her other hand and pulls her towards him, putting her in a tight embrace.

MAGGIE: It's all my fault.
ADRIENNE: No, sweetie! Absolutely not! You were upset, and we've all been under a lot of pressure. You can't blame yourself for this.

Maggie begins to sob as she holds onto Sonny, Adrienne provides comfort, gently stroking Maggie's back, as the family circles Maggie for support.


Kim walks through Horton Town Square, quickly scurrying to get to her car as she's walking alone at night, when she spots a familiar face.

KIM: Roman! Hey!

Roman looks confused, before turning to face his sister. He looks at her with a look of a total stranger.

ROMAN: I...Hello...

Kim looks at her brother, a concerned look on her face and she leans over to touch his shoulder.

KIM: I...Roman, it's...it's me...Kimmy!

Roman stares at Kim, totally bewildered by her. Kim looks back, a smile on her face, but with an increasing tension and panic in her face.


Jennifer smiles as she and Liam sit at a late evening dinner at Chez Rouge. Liam pours Jennifer a glass of champagne, never taking his eyes off her.

JENNIFER: You know, you have this really sexy look in your eyes right now.
LIAM: Oh yeah? Well if that's a come-on, we haven't had our food yet.

Jennifer feigns offense, as Liam laughs.

JENNIFER: Well, I never! Putting off romance for food? I don't know about you, Mister!
LIAM: Ohh, I've always got time for romance.

Liam leans over the table and gently kisses Jennifer on the lips, before sitting back down in his seat.

LIAM: But I've also learned, that good things come to those who wait.
JENNIFER: Isn't that the truth.

Jenn raises her glass, as Liam does the same. They toast, once again never taking their eyes off each other.


A woman in black pumps walks quickly into the terminal of Salem International Airport. She walks over toward the exit, but stops just beforehand. Pulling her phone out, she taps the screen on her phone to get an Uber from the airport to the Horton House.

It's Abigail.


Nicole lies in bed, Eric's arms around her, as she sleeps soundly, deep in a dream:


Nicole stands before the justice of the peace, beaming as she looks at Eric. Flowers in her hand, she's about to become Mrs. Eric Brady.

JUSTICE OF PEACE: We are gathered here to today to join Nicole Walker, and Eric Brady in marriage.

Daniel and Chloe stand on either side of Nicole and Eric, smiling, happy for their friends' big day.
Nicole can't help herself and blurts out to Eric in joy.

NICOLE: I can't believe it's finally happening for us. I love you so much.

Eric, far cooler and reserved, smile back, responding warmly but casually.

ERIC: Me too, Nicole.

The justice of the peace continues:

JUSTICE OF PEACE: If anyone can show just cause why these two should not be joined in marriage, may they speak now, or forever hold their--

Everyone jumps as Sami's voice cuts the happy mood in the room, jolting everyone out of the moment. Sami and Marlena storm into the room, Sami and Marlena shooting daggers from their eyes at Nicole. Nicole turns around in horror as Sami walks over to her.

ERIC: Sami...Mom, what are you doing here?
SAMI: We're here to stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life, Eric.

Eric looks at his sister, annoyed at her constant interference.

ERIC: Sami...
MARLENA: No! Eric, she's right. Nicole has gone way too far this time.

Nicole rolls her eyes, irritated at the interruption, and trying to remove them from the room.

NICOLE: Oh whatever, you know what, you two have done more damage to our happiness than I ever could have.
SAMI: Oh that's REALLY rich, Nicole.

Eric, upset by what's happening, cuts in between Nicole and Sami, who are now right up in each other's faces.

ERIC: Wait wait wait wait wait, STOP! What is the meaning of this.
MARLENA: Eric. Nicole lied to you. She DID get the evidence proving that Kristen hired Dr. Chyka to drug you in that hotel room. 
ERIC: What?!
NICOLE: No! I wouldn't do that! If I knew what happened to that evidence, don't you think I would have turned it over?

Sami looks at Nicole, an angered, mistrustful look on her face.

SAMI: I don't know, would you?
NICOLE: You know, if I did do all this, where IS the proof, where did you get it?
NICK: I think I have the answer to that question.

Nick saunters into the room, a smug, self-satisfied look on his face, as Nicole begins to hyperventilate. Nick walks over to Eric, and casually places the folder with all the documentation into Eric's hands. He places a small flash drive on top for him.

NICK: Merry Christmas. Oh, and if you're wondering what the flash drive is, it's proof that she had this folder the whole time and just hid it in her desk so you wouldn't see it. At least, not if I hadn't broken in. (laughs)

Nicole panics, almost unable to breathe, before letting out a bloodcurdling scream, jolting her out of her dream.



Eric, scared stiff, jumps up, shocked at Nicole's freak out. He looks quickly at Nicole, and wraps his arms around her to comfort her.

ERIC: Shhh! Shhh! It's okay. It's okay. I'm here.

Nicole sobs, shaking in fear over her nightmare.

NICOLE: No, no no no no, it can't it can't, no...



Kim looks with a sense of dread at her brother, as Roman looks at her like she's a stranger.

ROMAN: I...I'm sorry. I...
KIM: Roman...come sit here with me. You do remember me, right?

Roman looks down as Kim takes his hand, holding it tightly. His confusion plain on his face as he tries to back off.

ROMAN: I'm sorry, Ma'am. I...

Marlena walks past at that moment, spotting their exchange and immediately springs into action, as Roman looks her way.

MARLENA: Kim! Kim, it's okay. Roman, Roman!

Marlena walks over quickly, as Roman begins to panic, feeling ambushed by Marlena and Kim.

ROMAN: Lady, let go!
MARLENA: Roman! It's okay! It's okay. It's me. It's Doc. Look at me!

As Kim lets go of his hand, she steps back, tears in her eyes. She observes the panic in Roman's eyes as he begins to calm down.

MARLENA: Roman. You recognize me? It's Marlena.

Roman, breathing heavily, nods as he holds Marlena's face in his hand. He gently carresses her cheek as he begins to tear up.

ROMAN: Doc...what is happening to me? Who...wha...
MARLENA: Roman, that woman is your sister. It's okay. Her name is Kimberly Brady. Do you remember a Kimberly Brady?

Roman shakes his head a moment, before cooling down.

ROMAN: That name means something to me, but...
MARLENA: That's her. That's your sister.

Roman squeezes Marlena's hand, nodding in understanding. Marlena looks at Kim and guides Roman to the bench.

MARLENA: Look, let's...let's sit down.

Kim approaches Marlena and Roman as Roman sits on the bench. He puts his hands behind his head and leans down, looking down at the ground.

ROMAN: My God...What's happening to me, Doc?
KIM: No, seriously, Marlena...what's happening to him?
MARLENA: I..uh...I'm going to talk to Kimberly for a moment, okay?

Roman nods, as Marlena takes Kim's arm and steps away from Roman for a sec to talk quietly to Kim.

MARLENA: I think...I don't want to say for certain before we've had a chance to look closer into things but...
KIM: Marlena, I can take it. Just...tell me straight up.

Marlena looks back at Roman, seeing him taking deep breaths on the bench behind them.

MARLENA: Valerie Grant and I are looking into it. We...we think it could be some form of dementia, but...
KIM: Roman as well?
MARLENA: That was my first thought, but...it's progressing too quickly to be anything like Caroline's...and anyway, I don't think this is the same situation as Caroline, anyway.
KIM: Wha...why is this the first I've heard about it?
MARLENA: Well, if I'm being honest, I didn't realize until today it was getting so bad so quickly. Honestly, Kim, I wanted to wait until I had a definitive answer before I said anything, and Roman...well, he didn't want to alarm you all what with Kayla leaving and Bo still missing...

Kim nods, understanding Marlena's point.

KIM: I understand that...but I wish you'd told me something was wrong sooner.
MARLENA: I know...and I'm sorry, just...I had to think about Roman's wishes as well.
KIM: I know. (sigh) Look, I...I think we should speak to someone at the police station about this before Roman ends up hurt. I mean...
MARLENA: I thought about that as well...I think, considering what's happened tonight, we might...maybe consult with Hope and...maybe Abe as well. I know Abe isn't...directly involved with the police right now, but...
KIM: It's still worth a try. I mean, I just...I don't want my brother to end up injured on duty or worse.
MARLENA: I agree. Look, for now, let's just get him home.

Kim nods again, in agreement.

KIM: I agree, I think...uh...I'd rather he not be alone though, maybe he should go with you.
MARLENA: Absolutely.

Kim sighs, a bit relieved, though still horribly concerned for her brother.

KIM: Okay.

Marlena and Kim turn to grab Roman from the bench, only to stop in their tracks upon realizing he's vanished.

MARLENA: Oh my God.
KIM: Oh no, he's gone.


Nicole is held in Eric's arms as she breathes deeply, still deeply shaken by her dream.

ERIC: It's okay...do you...do you want to tell me about it?

Nicole shakes her head as Eric cradles her.

NICOLE: No, it was too awful. I just...just hold me.
ERIC: I'll never let you go. Just know that, okay?

Nicole looks off, desperate to believe that what Eric says is true.


Eric, sensing her tension, kisses her gently on the lips and smiles at her.

ERIC: I love you.
NICOLE: And I love you. More than you'll ever know, Eric.

Eric smiles as Nicole finally smiles again, they kiss again deeply, as Nicole holds onto Eric for dear life.


Jennifer laughs again as Liam finishes a story. She's not drunk, but has had a few glasses on champagne by now.

JENNIFER: You know...I don't have to work tomorrow and...well...JJ's out with Rory...God help him, and my mom went out with some friends for the evening...so...we have the house to ourselves, you know.
LIAM: I'm listening...
JENNIFER: Unless...you...maybe wanted to take me back to your place? I haven't seen it yet and all...

Liam stiffens at the suggestion, shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

LIAM: I...uh...I think we should maybe...maybe your place is a better idea.

Jennifer looks concerned suddenly by Liam's shuffling.

JENNIFER: You...you okay? I...
LIAM: Yeah, no. I'm...I'm fine, I just...my place is a disaster zone still, we're...we're kinda...still renovating the place so...

Jennifer smiles, a bit relieved but still thinking about what Laura told her earlier.

JENNIFER: That's fine...maybe we should just...take it easy tonight, if you're not up to it.

Liam catches on, and changes his tone again, trying to reassure Jenn.

LIAM: No! No, it's fine, I just...(sigh) I just don't want to disappoint you at all. You know?

Jenn smiles, reaching her hand across the table to meet Liam's.

JENNIFER: You could never disappoint me. Trust me.

Liam smiles back, grasping Jenn's hand in his. They both gaze intensely into each other's eyes.


Abby arrives at the Horton house. The lights all out. She turns them on as she walks into the living room.

ABBY: Well...so much for surprising everyone. (sigh)

Abby looks down at the table, and sees Jennifer's files from work. She looks wistfully at them, recalling the circumstances that led to her leaving the hospital.

ABBY: Back to keeping secrets and telling lies. Thank God it'll be easier now. No one will ever know about the baby now.


In the University Hospital lounge, Adrienne stands, holding a cup of coffee in styrofoam cup. Her hands shaking like a leaf as she struggles to raise it up to her lips to take a sip. Her sons, Alex and Sonny sit in the opposite corner of the room, a deep concern for Adrienne plain on their faces.

Sonny sighs, as he slowly gets up, as Adrienne nearly spills her coffee. He puts a hand on her shoulder, causing her to jump momentarily.

SONNY: Mom...are you okay?

Adrienne turns to face her son. She smiles as she takes her son's hand. Alex looks on from the corner, a smile on his face as well.

ADRIENNE: Honestly, I'm terrified. But I'm grateful my boys are here. 
SONNY: Mom, we wouldn't be anywhere else.

Alex gets up from his seat, taking Adrienne's other hand.

ALEX: Sonny's right. We're here for you and for Dad.
ADRIENNE: Thanks, sweetie. Uh...Alex, honey, can...can I talk with your brother alone for a moment?
ALEX: Of course, Adrienne! I..uh...I'm gonna go check on Noelle.

Adrienne gently squeezes Alex's hand as he walks off toward the hallway. As he disappears around the corner, Adrienne turns to Sonny and looks at him intensely.

ADRIENNE: Sonny...look, I don't want to start a fight, but..I--
SONNY: Then don't.
SONNY: No! Seriously, Mom! This is SO not the time to start going in on me about my marrying Will.

Sonny turns away from Adrienne, as Adrienne reaches out, pleading with her son to listen.

ADRIENNE: Sonny, Listen! I didn't want to start a fight. All I'm saying is I want you to be careful. (sigh) Will has never been with another man before, and...

Adrienne pauses, looking out the door to make sure no one hears what she's about to say. Sonny, not watching his mother, interjects, prodding her for an answer.

SONNY: ...And??
ADRIENNE: ...And I saw Will...I saw how he was looking at...

Sonny turns around, exasperated by his mother's stalling.

SONNY: At??? At who, Mom? Spit it out!

Adrienne shouts out her response, shaking in fear and frustration over Sonny's demand for an answer.

ADRIENNE: At Alex! He was giving your brother the eye. The whole evening we've spent in that house, Sonny. I couldn't stand it. You were looking at him with such...love and affection and...it's so honest and...all I could see was the lust in Will's eye for Alex.

Sonny looks at his mother, absolutely stunned at what she's saying. Sonny begins to laugh at his mother's answer, totally in disbelief.

SONNY: You...you have absolutely lost your mind!
ADRIENNE: I'm serious, honey. I'm not making this up. I swear, I saw it with my own eyes.

Sonny backs away from his mother, holding his hands up to stop her from approaching.

SONNY: No! No no no, THIS...this is it, Mom. I know you can't stand the idea of me marrying Will, but to make up something like THIS? You stay away from my home, and away from Will.

Adrienne begins to tear up, petrified of losing her son.

ADRIENNE: Please! No...
SONNY: No, Mom! Enough! If you want to see Arianna, I'll bring her to the house, you can see her then, but I'm not going to allow you to meddle in our lives anymore. I've had it.

Adrienne shouts out as she watches her son walk out of the room. She holds her head in her hands as she cries.



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Another great episode my friend! I love that Sami is haunting Nicole's dreams; however, if I'm being honest I am hoping for her to get a happy ending. I like the Nicole character and on the NBC version she never seems to get a break. I hope Victor and Roman are going to be okay. I love the banter between Liam and Jen. I hope to see much more. And maybe Jen be less of a softy. Another character NBC messes up in my opinion. Welcome home Abby! Will better not make a move on Alex. Poor Sonny if he does. Damn that Will Horton.....SMH!.....lol Again I really enjoyed it as always my friend! 

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Good episode...nice beats played.

Liam doesn't want Jennifer to go to his place.  I wondered when she would start to become a bit suspicious of him.  She seems a little too gaga for him.

Maybe this will be the start.Nicole's dream was a hoot and seemed a bit of foreshadowing.  A good reminder for me of the secret she's keeping.  

Abigail is back, and she is a mother....OOOOH....and she ain't tellin nobody.

The scene with Roman, Marlena and Kim was almost heartbreaking.  Roman not remembering his own sister, and Kim pleading almost trying to will him to remember, then his bewilderment about not remembering.  Very emotional for me.  

And Adrienne is about to spill what she saw without any evidence to Sonny.  So Adrienne.  Of course nobody believes her, causing a rift.  You chose drama there, successfully.

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A great episode. Abby is gonna EJ the shock of his life and it seems apparent she got the abortion.

Adrienne FINALLY told SOnny about Will being a hoe. He wont listen I do think deep knows he knows but just dont wanna deal with it. At least its out in the open now. SO I am glad for that any way.


Ty for reminding me Nicole had the goods on Kristen but kept it for herself. I forgot all about that. BUt I know it will come back and bite Nicole in the butt. SMH..

My heart goes out to Roman. Its to the point he can't even work any more. Wow. This is my fav story. I love seeing it unfold and peoples reactions to it as it becomes more and more known. Simply wow!

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