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DAYS #92: Roman is found, while Nick moves forward with the next part of his plan



Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson


The sunlight fights its way through every available crack between Nick's blinds. One beam brightly hits Nick right in the eyes, jolting him from his slumber. The bright sunlight shocks him, causing him to squint.

Nick goes to sit up, but is hit almost immediately with a searing headache. It nearly cripples him, but he manages to stumble over to the window of his small studio apartment.

Looking out the window, he sees the bright day, sighing as he winces, the sunlight hurting his eyes. He turns back to find his laptop bag. Rifling through it, he finds his pills. But his fingers slide across what's resting next to the pill bottle: Marlena Evans' perscription pad. Just as he's about to lift the pad up, he lurches back in pain. The pad gave him a papercut.

Nick puts the cut finger in his mouth, wincing at the pain and discomfort.

NICK: Mm! Dammit!

Nick holds in his pain a moment to awkwardly open the bottle of pills. He struggles, as his hands shake violently. He looks at them, concerned greatly by his symptoms.

He quickly opens the bottle, taking two pills from the bottle. He looks down at the bottle, shrugs, and pulls another one out. Taking all three, he steps into the bathroom, and turns on the tap, pouring half a glass of lukewarm water, which he uses to wash down the pills.

After downing his medication, he looks into the bathroom mirror. He looks at his messy appearance, the emerging circles under his eyes, and shakes his head.

NICK: You gotta get it together, Fallon. You got too much to do today to let this stop you. Wayyy, way too much.


Sheryl lies half-asleep in bed, sighing after a good night's rest, before she reaches out slowly to caress Lucas' face. She reaches out and finds no one there.

Opening her eyes in surprise, she gets up with a start. She looks confused around her room.

SHERYL: Lucas?

Getting up from her bed, covers, of course, covering her body, she inspects the bathroom before looking for her phone.

SHERYL: Where the Hell did you go?

Pulling her phone out, she looks down, seeing no texts or calls from Lucas. She looks up, confused by his absence.


Hope walks into her living room, dressed and ready for work, coffee cup in hand, as the doorbell rings. She jumps momentarily, before putting her coffee cup down, and calls out toward the door.

HOPE: One second!

She runs over to the door, looking in the small window in the door, she spots Marlena. She opens the door, smiling.

HOPE: Hey! Marlena!

Her face drops, however, upon seeing the heavy concern on Marlena's face.

MARLENA: Hope, I...
HOPE: ..W...What's wrong? Come in, come in!

Hope moves back away from the door, welcoming Marlena in. Marlena walks in solemnly. She hesitates to speak, sighing as she begins.

MARLENA: Thank you. Uh...I had to see you, and I'm...I'm sorry to bother you so early in the morning.

Hope shakes her head, looking very concerned at Marlena.

HOPE: No, no! Nonsense, you're always welcome here, you know that. Uh...sit down. You, uh...you want some coffee? I just made a fresh pot.
MARLENA: Ah...no. No, thank you. I couldn't possibly keep anything down right now.

Marlena obliges Hope's request, sitting down, breathing heavily, struggling to hold herself together. Hope quickly walks to Marlena's side and sits down next to her.

HOPE: Marlena...you're scaring me. What's wrong?

Marlena looks up at Hope, starting to tear up.

MARLENA: Roman's missing. And I need your help to find him.


Lucas wanders through the park, deep in thought over the events of the previous night. Up ahead, he spies Club TBD. He craves a drink, but resists. Looking at the nearby bench, he spots something unusual.

It's Roman, asleep by the bush. Lucas looks on, baffled by the sighting, and calls out to him.

LUCAS: Roman?

Roman doesn't answer, but is startled by Lucas. He stirs, as Lucas approaches. Lucas kneels down next to him, shaking him gently to make sure he's okay.

LUCAS: Roman! Hey, man. You alright?

Roman grunts as he starts to wake up. Lucas bursts into action as he takes his jacket off to try to warm a freezing-to-the-touch Roman up.

LUCAS: Man, you're freezing! Here, take my jacket.
ROMAN: Uh...where am I?
LUCAS: You're in the park, just outside Club TBD. Are...are you okay? What are you doing sleeping out here? It's got to be like...fourty degrees outside!

Roman's eyes widen, as he struggles to catch his breath. He looks around, confused.

ROMAN: I...I have no idea. I went for a walk and...who...how did I end up here?
LUCAS: I dunno, man, but we gotta get you inside. Come on.

Lucas hoists Roman up on his feet and guides him slowly towards the club.


A tray of food is set down in front of a sleeping Sonny. The sound of the tray hitting the table jolts Sonny from his sleep. He looks, wide-eyed at the tray, before looking up, and seeing Will standing over him, a smile on his fiance's face.

WILL: Good morning!

Sonny looks stunned a moment, before lifting himself off the couch he'd spent the night on in the hospital lounge. He stutters a bit before he answers.

SONNY: I...ah...Will...hey!

Will laughs a bit, watching Sonny stumble over his words.

WILL: You surprised to see me? I've been with you all night.
SONNY: You...you have?
WILL: Yeah. I was worried about you. I...I saw Adrienne walk out of here last night, she...she seemed really upset. Did you--
SONNY: ...Yeah. We talked.

Will folds his arms, nodding slowly, knowing exactly how it turned out from Sonny's reaction.

WILL: Aaand obviously that didn't go very well.

Sonny raises his eyebrows, before shrugging, a hint of sadness in his voice.

SONNY: You could say that. 

Will sits down next to Sonny, putting his arm around Sonny's waist, drawing him close to him. Sonny leans into Will, feeling comforted by Will for the first time in a long time.

WILL: I'm sorry, Sonny. I...feel like I'm...I dunno, like it's my fault this all happened.
SONNY: (sigh) Don't say that. It's not your fault my mom has this...vendetta against you.
WILL: Well...what happened?

Sonny lifts himself off Will's shoulder, turning to face Will. He sighs with sadness in his eyes before answering him.

SONNY: Well...she came to me to tell me what her and my dad were fighting about in the garden.

Will looks at Sonny, a very concerned look on his face as he asks Sonny a question, almost not wanting an answer.

WILL: And...what was it?
SONNY: She says that you are a carbon copy of your mother, and that you are, and I quote: lusting after my brother. 

Will tenses up, knowing that Adrienne has his number, but he hides the uneasiness.



Sami stands in the DiMera living room, sipping her coffee, as she flips through some paperwork. She hears her phone ring. Picking it up, she quickly answers.

SAMI: (into phone) Hey! Uh...Suzanne, it's Samantha Brady...yeah. I, uh, I'm heading into the station today and I just need you to pass along a message to Nicole Walker.

EJ walks into the DiMera living room, Johnny on his shoulders, laughing heartily. Sami turns and sees EJ and Johnny step into the room. She smiles as she sees them come into the room, but is immediately striken with tension, as they approach. She fights the tension, as she continues her phone conversation.

SAMI: (into phone) ...YES! I, I just want to pass along to her that I would like to meet with her for 11am. Tell her it's imperitive that I speak with her, and she should cancel all other arrangements for that time...Thank you.

Hanging up the phone, she looks at Johnny and EJ and smiles.

JOHNNY: Mommy! 
SAMI: Hey, sweetie! You ready for your trip today?

EJ and Sami laugh as Sami gently pats Johnny's head. She smiles, though her hand trembles. EJ catches Sami's hesitation and speaks up.

EJ: I uh...I packed the children's things, Harold...helped me out, but...
SAMI: That's great. Thank you. Uh...

EJ leans down to lift Johnny off. EJ crouches down by Johnny and speaks kindly to him.

EJ: Now, I need you and your sisters to be downstairs in twenty minutes. No later. Alright?

Johnny runs off out of the living room, heading upstairs, as EJ approaches Sami. He nearly places a hand on her shoulder, but thinks better of it, as Sami, sensing the nearness of his hand, flinches slightly. Setting his hand down by his side, EJ sighs.

EJ: Are you sure about this?

Sami responds, not turning around the face EJ.

SAMI: I think it's better that they are with family far away from all this tension right now, yes.

EJ sighs, as Sami turns to face him, explaining her rationale.

SAMI: Look, EJ, I don't want them to go to Colorado any more than you do, but the truth is that while you and I are going through therapy and I'm struggling with...our...past...it just isn't healthy for them. They need to feel loved and cared for. I can't give that to them right now, especially Johnny.

EJ nods, trying to understand.

EJ: I understand...but it seems as though you're punishing the children for something that I did. And by extension, you're punishing me, and yourself.
SAMI: I have to do what's  best for them. And what's best for them isn't to be around us right now. Not until I'm able to deal with what happened between us that night, and not until I'm comfortable...I'm comfortable being with you again.

EJ looks down, fighting his emotions, as he nods. He tries to understand Sami's situation, though he struggles. He finally responds.

EJ: I...uh...I need to go check on the children. I'll see you at the office later?
SAMI: Yeah! I'll be in after I take care of business at the station.
EJ: Alright. Samantha...

Sami turns back at look at EJ, who stares at her, hurt, but lovingly.

EJ: I do love you, very very much.

Sami smiles, unsuccessfully holding in her desire to cry.

SAMI: Me too.

EJ swallows heavily as he turns back around, heading out after Johnny. Sami stays behind, wiping her tears away, as she hears another notification ping. She looks at her phone, stunned.

SAMI: Oh my God!

Sami reads the headline:

Victor Kiriakis suffers heart attack, hospitalized


Will sighs heavily, biting his lip as he looks up at Sonny, almost afraid to ask what Sonny did next.

WILL: And...what did you say about that?
SONNY: Well, of course, I told her it was nonsense...and then I told her that I wanted her to stay away from you, and from me.

Will looks stunned, unsure what to say in response to his fiance's act of loyalty.

WILL: Sonny...you didn't have to do that--
SONNY: Yes...I did, Will. Look, you know...this is why I was afraid of you taking this job at EnerNext. I...I don't mean to interfere in your career, but...my family, they have this way of...meddling, of worming their way into our lives. And it looks like they found their way in already.

Will takes Sonny's hand, and holds it tightly. He smiles warmly at his fiance.

WILL: Sonny, I love you. And I really appreciate what you did for me. But I don't want you to ruin your relationship with your mom over me. It's not fair to you, or your mom.
SONNY: No, what's not fair is my mom deciding to meddle in our business. She's trying to create problems and make me doubt you. And I'm not going to let her do that.

Will looks down, still tightly gripping Sonny's hand, he smiles warmly at him.

WILL: I know. But don't you think you're just...both under a lot of stress right now, what with Victor's heart attack, and Chad being AWOL from TBD, and...our...problems at home...don't you think you overreacted just a bit?

Sonny looks at Will, then looks down. He thinks over what Will says intensely.


Hope gets off the phone to the station, and turns back around to Marlena, who is furiously texting, a very worried look on her face.

HOPE: Okay, uh...so I just spoke to Rafe...they can't formally put out a missing persons' report yet, but...they are looking into it.

Hope looks down at Marlena finishing up her text.

HOPE: Who are you texting?
MARLENA: Kim. She was with me when...Roman took off.

Hope looks on, increasingly concerned for Roman. She takes a moment, unsure whether to ask or not, but decides to go ahead.

HOPE: Marlena...is something wrong with Roman?

Marlena looks up at Hope, incredibly hesitant to tell her the truth. She looks down and sighs before responding.

MARLENA: In all honesty, I don't know. But if we don't find him, I'm very concerned for his well-being.

Hope, shocked, rushes over to the sofa again and sits at Marlena's side.

HOPE: Good God...it's not Stefano is it? Has Stefano kidnapped--
MARLENA: ...No! No, no, no, it's not Stefano...at least not that I'm aware of. No, it's...Roman himself...I am so worried that he may be a danger to himself.

Hope looks on, before pulling a tearful Marlena into a hug. Still unclear as to Marlena's concern, she furrows her brow, concerned for her brother-in-law.


Lucas sits Roman down on the bench, as T comes over to see what's wrong.

T: Hey, uh...Lucas...what's wrong with Mr. Brady? Is he okay?
LUCAS: I uh...I think he's okay, but...he's been outside for quite awhile, can you grab us some coffee for him?
T: Yeah, absolutely.

T runs off to grab Roman a cup of coffee, as Lucas pulls out his phone.

ROMAN: Who are you calling?

Lucas doesn't look up as he scrolls through his contacts.

LUCAS: I'm calling Marlena, first off. She needs to know you're okay.

Roman panics at Lucas' suggestion, holding his hand up to reach out for Lucas' phone to stop him.

ROMAN: I don't want Marlena to hear about this, you understand me?

Lucas looks at Roman, stunned and concerned.


Nick steps into the lab, where Percy sits at a desk, headphones in, listening intently to various conversations throughout the Titan complex. Nick waves silently to Percy, who, over the sound of his headphones, welcomes Nick loudly.


Percy fumbles, realizing not everyone hears the things he is, and quickly takes his headphones off. He walks quickly over to Nick.

PERCY: Oh, Nicholas, I have very important news for you.
NICK: Oh do you.
PERCY: Well...strictly speaking, I have two items for you to look over, but...this first one is of utmost importance.

Nick looks to Percy, intrigued, as he sets down his bag on the table.

NICK: I'm listening.
PERCY: Well...you may not be especially thrilled about this first one.
NICK: Try me.
PERCY: Well...it seems as though Miss Ridgeway and Miss Connors have taken on a new addition to their ensemble--

Nick pulls out an apple, which he bites into as he replies.

NICK: Oh yeah...I met him last night. Jeremy or...
PERCY: Yes, uh, a Jerome Grant. Well...it seems as though the three of them have some sort of...computer software they're looking to install on the Titan servers, and it appears to me, as though today is the day they will go ahead with this. It sounds actually like something that could really cause a lot of damage.
NICK: Really!

Nick smiles wryly as he crunches into his apple.

PERCY: Yes...I say this because I have a concern that...well...they may try to use you as a...what did they call it, a...uh...."fall guy" for their plan. And knowing that your intentions are only to assist these young ladies...I wouldn't want to see you harmed.

Nick laughs, slapping Percy heartily on the back before pulling him in close to him.

NICK: (laughs) Ohhh Percy. Not to worry, I won't be taking the fall for anyone. You can bet on that.

Nick looks down at his apple, and bites into it, almost maniacally.


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