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Days of our Lives: The Alternate Timeline is moving!

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After two years, I've had the pleasure of sharing my vision of Days of our Lives with you here at SON. I regretfully will be moving my posts to Blogger, after some lingering formatting issues, and the banning of ML Cooks (aMLCproduction) from the forums (look for his Y&R to appear as well soon), I have decided that it is best for me to move the blog onto another account.

All episodes from #93 will be posted at http://daystat.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/days-93-abbys-home-and-kim-finds-roman.html, as have the previous 92 episodes here. I likely won't be posting much, if at all here anymore, but greatly appreciate the time I've spent here at SON, and hope you all will follow my story there, and please feel free to leave me feedback. Every bit helps motivate me to improve and grow as a writer.

This has been a fabulous exercise for me, and I really appreciate your support through it all. It's been quite the ride!

ETA: If you'd like to keep updated with new episodes, check out the DAYS: ETA page on Facebook.


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