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ANOTHER WORLD 163 A question, a threat, and an ultimatum



ANOTHER WORLD 163 - A question, A threat, and an ultimatum

Created by: William J. Bell and Irna Phillips

Written by: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, DRW50, beebs, and robbwolff


Joyblogentry-14971-0-73883500-1400329717_th is sitting at one of the tables on her cell phone.

Joy: I’m on my way there. I’m gonna get a bite to eat first. Bye.

Joy puts her cell phone in her purse, then she looks up at Stevenblogentry-14971-0-86932800-1400329739_th who is holding a cup.

Steven: I think I owe you a cup-a-joe.


GRANT’S MANSION - Kirklandblogentry-14971-0-94679400-1400329767_th is there with Grantblogentry-14971-0-52101700-1400329785_th. Grant is pouring himself a drink.

Grant: Your wedding’s coming up soon.

Kirkland: I know dad.

Grant: Where’s Charlie?

Kirkland: She went to Chadwell with her mother.

Grant: How can they go to Oklahoma when Charlie’s about to marry you?

Kirkland: They went to get Emma’s wedding dress. I didn’t come to discuss my fiancee. I gotta go meet Steven.

Grant: Well go on and meet your brother. I don’t want to keep you.

Kirkland gives Grant a card.

Grant: What is this?

Kirkland: Call him and he’ll fit you for your tux.

Grant: You want me to...stand up for you?

Kirkland: You were always a smart man. Later dad.

Kirkland leaves and Grant smiles…and then he gets a phone call.

Grant: Christy.

Christyblogentry-14971-0-54866900-1400329818_th (on a cell phone, from prison): Any news?

Grant: I’m working on it.

Christy: Well you need to work a little harder. You know what I can do to you. Get a move on.


THE LOVE MANSION...Michaelblogentry-14971-0-38659900-1400329846_th comes downstairs to the living room as Donnablogentry-14971-0-73406500-1400329890_th is sitting on the couch.

Michael: How long have you been down here?

Donna: Ever since I got out of bed.

Michael sits next to her on the couch.

Michael: Talk to me. Something’s on your mind.

Donna: A lot of things Michael. Someone sent me the gun I shot my father with, and a text message saying that they know what I did. It’s probably the same person who burned down the Harbor Club.

Michael: The police don’t have any leads?

Donna: None that I know of, but what’s really eating at me is Victoria. She came here very upset. I don’t know if she and Jake are gonna make it this time.

Michael: You were telling me.

Donna: What about Bridget? If Jake and Victoria break up, what is this gonna do to her?



Bridget:blogentry-14971-0-95327700-1400329950_th Dad? Tell me you’re not gonna leave us again.

Jakeblogentry-14971-0-44757500-1400329994_th puts his hands on Bridget’s shoulders and faces her

Jake: I’m never gonna leave you honey. Ever.

Bridget: So you’re not gonna move out like you did last time. You’re gonna stay right?

Vicky: I’d like to know the answer to that question, too.

Bridget steps past Jake and approaches Vickyblogentry-14971-0-12671800-1400330030_th.

Bridget: If dad leaves, it’s all your fault!



Michael sighs...

Donna: We need to go over there and see what’s going on.

Michael: Donna you know we can’t do that.

Donna: Why not? We have to make sure that Victoria is happy, and that her family isn’t torn apart.

Michael: And we have to let Jake and Vicky work it out. It’s their marriage, not ours.

Donna: But…

Michael: Shhh. No buts. If Victoria needs us, she will call.

Donna: You don’t understand Michael! Our daughter needs her parents to be there for her.

Michael: When she comes to us. Now come on upstairs with me...to bed.

Michael kisses Donna on her cheek, and works his way down to her neck, and Donna chuckles…

Donna: There’s nobody else in the house. Why do we have to go upstairs? We can stay right here...


Joy: Why should I take this from you? You don’t even know how I like my coffee?

Steven: Something tells me you’re a latte kinda gal.

Joy: You don’t have to do this okay. Thanks but no thanks.

Steven: Come on. Take the coffee, just don’t throw it away in front of me.

Joy tries to hold back her smile, but it seeps out like air out of a small balloon hole.

Steven: Therrrre it is.

Joy: I normally don’t drink coffee this time of night.

Steven: Maybe we can...get dinner...at an earlier...time of night...in the evening.

Joy: Sounds like you’re asking me out on a date.

Kirkland walks up to them and Steven turns around to face him.

Kirkland: Hey bro sorry.

Steven: Oh hey Kirkland.

Kirkland: I went to my dad’s.

Steven: Hey let me introduce you to….

Kirkland: Who? The air?

Steven: She’s...she’s gone.

Kirkland: Talking to yourself?

Steven: Funny little brother. Let’s head to mom and Jake’s. I’m sure they have plenty to talk about over there.


Vicky: Bridget…

Bridget: You lied to dad about Lindsay. Every time we have problems it’s because of you.

Jake: Bridget go upstairs!

Bridget: If you leave, I’m going with you.

Vicky: You heard your father. He and I aren’t finished talking.

Bridget goes upstairs.

Vicky: So what’s your answer Jake?

Jake: I can’t give you one right now.

Vicky: You’re just gonna leave us in limbo. Is that what you’re gonna do? Be a man Jake!

Jake: You’re not really challenging me right now.

Vicky: I am! You stay here! You fight for our marriage! You fight for our family!

Jake: The only thing I seem to be fighting is you.

Vicky: We love each other Jake. We’ve been through too much to just throw it all away!

Jake: You already decided that for us when you kept the truth from me.

Vicky: You’ve never done anything wrong in your life that you needed someone to give you another chance?

Jake: It’s not the same.

Vicky: It’s not? You slept with me, my sister, my mother, and Paulina. You raped my sister, and you tried to swindle Cory Publishing with Spencer Harrison, and you’re saying it’s not the same? Don’t be like that guy!

Jake: You did whatever you could to keep me and my daughter apart. Lindsay is my daughter! My flesh and blood, and you...said...nothing! You expect me to stay here, and lie next to you in bed, knowing that you lied! You want me to fight for our marriage, which has become a complete sham.

Vicky: Is that how you view our family? A sham?

Jake: I…I need to get some air.

Vicky: I’m gonna tell you this once...if you decide to leave, don’t think about coming back.

Jake opens the door, and Steven and Kirkland appear. They look at Jake and Vicky…

Kirkland: What the hell is going on over here?



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God that bitch Vicky. I knew she was going to try and twist everything on Jake. Nice mentions of history. I liked the scenes between Michael and Donna. It really showed the kind of bond they have formed with each other through out the years. I love how Bridget feelings are starting to be consisdered and I enjoyed how you slowed it down so readers actually see that you are considering everyone affected by the DNA secret. Christy is laying down the law which with her is always dangerous. THE WEDDING IS GETTING CLOSER!!! Also, keep up the WONDERFUL work.

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WoW another fanstatic show. THe smaller things in the show put a smile on my face.

Like with the way kirk informed Grant he wanted him to stand up for him. That was so nice considering everythign they've been through. I was very happy to see that. Then of course sour puss ass Christy Canyon had to ruin it.

Loved Donna's scene with Mike. He wanted to go upstairs but she gave him a twist and said why go up there and no one's home lol, I liked that...

Joy sure is evasive.

I loved Vicky calling Jake out on everything he's done. I had not even considred his actions but boy what a game changer. She really turned the tabels around on him. Their back and forth exchanges were eletricfying Cary. Very sharp and well thought out. Gripping... Outstanding.

Very GREAT SHOW bro. That climax of the linds' Paternity story has been supreme!!

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VERY good episode, Cary. LOVE LOVE LOVE Vicky and Jake's fight. And THANK YOU for bringing Marley's rape up. AW wanted to sweep that under the carpet before, so I'm glad you're acknowledging it.

I also loved Vicky asking Jake if he'd ever done something he needed a second chance for. It's SO vivid in my mind that she'd say that. Brilliant.

Donna and Michael, just how I remember loving them. BRILLIANT scenes together. You get them both.

I can't wait to see more of what Joy's up to.

FANTASTIC episode. You've done a GREAT job.

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Great work. I love the Vicky/Jake fight. It has such fireworks, and it's so true to Vicky's character - strong, assertive, self-righteous, unapologetic.

Great to see more of Donna too, and the other stories slowly moving forward. I'm really interested in more of Stephen and Joy.

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