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Tucker’s Grand Scheme of Things #118



Les’s Apt. thCAY2UA79.jpgMalcolm is looking in on Spencer and Leslie talking. He’s mad and jealous. He clears his throat. Spencer and Les both look at him.

Malcolm: I think some one forgot to close the door.

thCAR0JMGT.jpgLeslie: Malcolm.

Malcolm shakes his head at Les and just walks off.

Les goes to close the door.

thCAEKX2FU-1.jpgSpencer gets up off the couch and looks at Les.

“I’m sorry.” He says.

Leslie: I’m not worried about an insecure Malcolm. Its not about him. We have a family Spencer. It’s about Roxanne. If Malcolm can’t understand that then I don’t know what to tell him.

Spencer: It is about Roxanne. Do you think we can ever mend this family? Stop Roxanne’s pain? She’s hurting deeply.

Leslie: It may take some time but I believe we can put this back together.

Spencer holds her. He asks her what does this mean for them.

Leslie: Us? Like in getting back together?

Spencer: Yes.

Leslie: I don’t think so. You need to focus on you. A job. Our daughter. What we had was a long time ago and granted it was good, I don’t think we need to focus on that right now.

Spencer: I do need to focus on me. And finding out why Victor did this to us.

Les: You know why. You put him in jail.

Spencer: It’ not going to end like this. Victor is going to pay for this.

Leslie: Avery too. Funny how I haven’t been able to catch her since I first found out about our daughter during Victor‘s trial. I don’t get why she would betray me like this. When I catch up to her its going to be hell to pay.


Episode 118: Tucker’s Grand Scheme of Things

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consult: C. Nate Richardson

Story Editor: Martin Saenz

thumbnailCABUFLIV.jpg Abby walks into her uncle Jack’s office.

Jack hangs up the business call he was on and smiles at Abby.

thCA107RLV-1.jpgAbby: Uncle Jack you are hard to get a hold of these days. I had to literally track you down.

He gets up out of his chair and gives Abby a hug.

Jack: Jack.jpgJabot is under duress thanks to Billy and his scandal. I been trying to keep our contractors at bay wanting to dump our products. Sorry I haven’t been around. What’s going on kid, what brings you by?

Abby: Well you’ve been so busy I guess you haven’t notice anything different?

Jack: I don’t believe so. You know come to think of it, I haven’t seen your mother around is she ok?

Abby: She’s ok. She’s not here Jack.

Jack: What does that mean?

Abby: Mom left Genoa City. She went to in Asia. She didn’t want to be here any longer.

Jack: My sister left town and didn’t even say good bye.

Abby: It’s not that she didn’t want to, she didn’t want you to try and convince her to stay.

Jack: She knows me well. At least she’s at Jabot Asia. Lord knows how much we need help over there after Keemo made a mess of things.

Abby: Speaking of Keemo have you spoken to him since Gloria’s ball?

Jack: No and I have nothing to say to him as long he is dating Gloria Bardwell.

Then Tucker walks in. Jack and Abby both give him a look of disgust. Tucker just smiles at them.LlsHDNXzQr2OtKzyC9GISg3777soapoprah.jpg


The Club. thCA11ZVQP.jpgMalcolm walks in and sees Devon at the bar having a drink. He decides to join him.

imagesCAMMDZHMsoapoprah.jpgDevon: Malcolm, good to see you man what’s going on?

Malcolm orders a stiff drink. He downs it in one gulp and then orders another.

Devon: Wow man you ok?

Malcolm: No Devon. I’m losing Leslie. She’s pulling away from me. Now Spencer is always there for her.

Devon: Roxanne is kind of doing the same thing to me. But there is no other man that’s been there for her. ( Devon then thinks back to the moment in the park where he caught Roxanne and Nate hugging :

>>>>Nate meets up with Roxanne at the park. They hug.

What they don’t know is Devon is also at the park writing music on his laptop and is now watching them from a park table in a distance.

Nate: Thank you for meeting me again.

Roxanne: It seems to be a routine for us.

Nate: Look I need to talk. That damn cop went to my mother about me. Now he’s got my mother worried that I’m hiding something. Damn him. He is relentless

Roxanne: Nate I’m telling you, you would be so much better if you just came clean. Just tell your mother what you did. She can help you get through this and put the pieces back together. Do this for Moses. And Malcolm. They both need it. You have to tell Malcolm that Moses is really his son and not Neil’s. I know your not found of Malcolm but aren’t you found of your uncle Neil?

Nate: Of course I admire him.

Roxanne: Then think of what this is doing to him. Not knowing. He’s not fair to him. Your doing him a disservice. Clear your coconscious Nate.

Nate: It’s easier said then done. What is my family going to think of me after I come clean? My career may be over. Damn you Malcolm.

Roxanne holds Nate again. He holds her back.

Devon is very interested at the two.

Nate: Roxanne I don’t know what I would do with out you. You’ve been a great friend to me. There for me in my darkest hour.” They pull back.

Nate: Your so beautiful.

She smiles. “ I have to get to Devon Nate. I told you I can’t do this.”

Nate: I’m sorry. I can’t help myself. You make me feel so much better just at the very sight of you. Devon is lucky.

Roxanne smiles at him. “ Bye sexy” She walks away and sees Devon walking towards her. She is stunned and her heart begins to race. Nate is also caught off guard.<<<<


To reassure himself he says it again.) Yea man ..There is no other man in Roxanne’s life.

Malcolm: How yo girl holding up finding out Leslie and Spencer her parents?

Devon: Not to good. She’s very angry and hurt. Confused would be a good word to use also. I can understand where she is coming from. We both want to know why Victor did this.

Malcolm: Yea bro I’ve known Mr. Newman a long time. This is a low for him.” He gulps his second drink and orders another.

Devon: You might want to slow down on those.

Malcolm: My life been hard man. Losing Sophia. That still bothers me. Moses not being my son. I’m losing Leslie. I feel like I’m losing myself man. I don’t know what to do.” He drinks his third drink and orders another.


Back at Jabot.

Abby: What are you doing here Taker?

Tucker: I got the feeling there is no love lost here.

Jack: You got a lot of nerve showing your face here.

Tucker: Ah come on Jackie. Good to see you to. Abby darling you got your vowels mixed up. It’s Tucker.

Abby: No ass. It’s Taker. You took my moms hurt and ripped it to shreds. I’m so glad she saw the light about you. You’re a snake!

Jack: Abby now now let me handle this. Leave us two here and I’ll catch up with you later.

Abby: Ok Uncle Jack. Love you.” Abby then bumps into to Tucker as she leaves.

Jack: Why are you here?

Tucker: Where is Ashley? I’ve been trying to get a hold of her. I was told she’s at Jabot Asia? At least that’s what the secretary told me.

Jack: She’s gone! And you drove her away! Your plan to take over Chancellor and Newman came before her. She got tired of playing second.

Tucker: Don’t take the high road with me. Remember up until I ended our partnership you were willing to get a piece of the pie. You wanted Newman as well and was going to help me get it.

Jack: Yea well now thing have changed. We are on opposites teams now.

Tucker: You’re right and I’m going to win. Once I get Chancellor and Newman, I’m coming for Jabot.

Jack: Over my dead body.

Tucker: Won’t be the first one.” Tucker then leaves. Jack is left feeling uneasy at Tucker’s last remark.


Back at the Club. Young-Restless-tv-24SOAPOPRAH.jpgNeil enters the lobby and begins to take his coat off as he gets a call on his cell. He answers it. It’s Harmony telling him she cannot make it to dinner because of a major situation at Chancellor. Neil tells her he understands and that he will catch up with her after work. He hangs up the phone. Then he hears,

“Hello Neil.”

He turns around and sees Leslie. He smiles at her.

Neil: Leslie good to see you.” He gives her a hug.

Neil: I wanted to talk to you and my dinner date just canceled, why don’t you join me here so we can talk and catch up?

18853527.jpgLeslie: I’d like that.” They are then escorted to their table unbeknownst to Devon or Malcolm.


Newman Tower. Tucker heads up to Victor Newman’s office on the 24th floor. Its after business so the building is just about empty making his timing impeccable. The elevator doors open and he sees no one around in the reception area. He opens Victors’ door and enters the office. He looks at the paint job and is impressed his paint team matched the hunter green very well. He tries to look for the camera’s that Iris had installed but he is unable to locate any. So that means Iris and her team did a great job and Tucker is thankful. He then takes a deep breath in and then exhales. He begins to feel dizzy and begins to cough. His cough turns into choking and a severe headache comes on. He then leaves the office and catches his breath. “ There is no way Katherine is going to survive those paint fumes. As soon as she walks in that office, she won’t be coming out alive.” He then boards the elevator. The elevator door closes and out walks Murphy from around the corner who was still following Tucker.





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Good use of flashbacks with Devon, Roxanne, and Nate

I see you setting up Malcolm

What is Murphy going to do now that he knows what Tucker is trying to do to Katherine?

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