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ANOTHER WORLD 133 Painful Pasts are revisited




Created By: William J. Bell and Irna Phillips

Written and Directed By: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction and CarlD2

Painful pasts are re-visited

Special appearances by Jenifer Lewis

blogentry-14971-0-53882500-1369938272_th and Elain R. Grahamblogentry-14971-0-88954700-1369938391_th



blogentry-14971-0-28310000-1369938158_th and Marleyblogentry-14971-0-66613000-1369938176_th are riding in Tyrone’s car. Marley looks out of the passenger’s side window.

Tyrone: Whatcha thinking bout baby?

Marley: I can’t believe your mother wants to meet with us. Are you sure she said ‘us’ and not just you?

Tyrone: She wants to talk to both of us. I think she wants to try and make things right.

Marley: I dunno Ty. Something doesn’t sit right with me about this. There’s something else going on.




blogentry-14971-0-04034100-1369938194_th looks out at the water as he answers his cell phone.

Allen: Hey beautiful.


blogentry-14971-0-89029600-1369938125_th: Hey I‘ll be free in about an hour, I was wondering if you wanted to meet me at the Harbor Club.

Allen: Yeah that would be perfect.

Amanda: Sounds like you’re outside. Where are you?

Allen: On the docks…taking in the evening air.

Amanda: Oh I see, well the sooner I get this work done, the sooner I can come see you.

Allen: See ya later.

Allen hangs up, takes a deep breath, and continues his watch over the water, and Toni walks up beside him, and stands the opposite way.

Toni: I knew I’d find you here. I know what you’re thinking about.



Tyrone and Marley sit at their table.

Marley: Where’s Priscilla?

Tyrone: I don’t know. My mom’s not usually late.

Marley: I’m going to the ladies’ room.

Tyrone: Okay.

Marley leaves and a woman wearing a red fitted dress, black heels, bright red lipstick, and a big matching hat with the initials P.I.M. written on the right side of it, approaches Tyrone.

Tyrone: I recognize that hat anywhere mom.


blogentry-14971-0-53882500-1369938272_th: Sorry baby, you know yo mama is never late. That valet was kinda cute though.

Tyrone pecks his mother on her right cheek with a kiss.

Tyrone: Flirtin’?

Priscilla: Oh come on baby I might as well have some fun.

Priscilla curls her lips and asks Tyrone “You talk to yo daddy?”

Tyrone: No mama I haven’t.

Priscilla: Where’s Marley? She decided not to come?

Tyrone: She’s in the ladies’ room. She’ll be out in a second.

Priscilla: Cuz I got a surprise for you.

Another woman walks up to the table, and Tyrone is shocked.

Tyrone: Etta Mae? Look I can’t handle a fight between you two.

Priscilla: No baby, we’re as good of friends as we’ve always been.

Etta Mae

blogentry-14971-0-88954700-1369938391_th sits across from Tyrone.

Etta Mae: I forgive you.




blogentry-14971-0-77118800-1369938412_th and Rachelblogentry-14971-0-34272000-1369938426_th approach the back double doors.

Rachel: I hope Sharlene didn’t see us. Oh my God.

They notice an unconscious Frankie

blogentry-14971-0-92838700-1369938466_th, and Cass tends to her and says he’s going to call 9-1-1. Rachel looks inside through the glass and notices Carlblogentry-14971-0-70660000-1369938491_th lying on the couch. She runs to him.

Rachel: Carl? Honey?

Carl looks at Rachel but can’t talk because of the neurotoxin, and notices the empty glass on the table.

Rachel: Who did this?




blogentry-14971-0-07740900-1369938533_th walks up to the door…

Janice: Did I use all of it? How could I be so stupid?

Suddenly Mitch

blogentry-14971-0-60200300-1369938555_th appears behind Janice.

Mitch: Janice! Stop!

Janice looks back at Mitch and walks into the foyer of the mansion, with Mitch close behind. She grabs the letter opener on the center table, and opens the double doors of the living room. Rachel…and Janice….face to face. Rachel sees Janice with the letter opener, and is shocked.

Rachel: My God…it’s happening again.




Allen: Shouldn't you be trying to find my grandfather's killer?

Toni: Even cops need a break.

Allen: He got what he gave out you know. Karma came back to bite him in the ass in a big way.

Toni: He did a lot of horrible things to a lot of people.

Allen: He separated me and my mother. I grew up in boarding schools. I never got a chance to have a relationship with my real parents. By the time I came to Bay City I was already a teenager, and Priscilla treated me like the stepchild that I was.

Toni: I'm sorry that you went through that.

Allen: I always said that when I have a child, I'm gonna be the BEST father, just like I would have been to our daughter.



Tyrone: I didn't know.

Etta Mae: After I thought about some more, I realized I couldn't even be mad atchu about it.

Priscilla: Baby I was gon' talk to you about maybe getting yo' judge status back.

Tyrone: Well you forgot the reason I had to resign.

Etta Mae: If we can forget about it, I'm sure everybody else has.

Marley walks up to them and sits in her seat.

Priscilla: Marley.

Marley: Hi Priscilla. Etta Mae? I'm surprised to see you here.

Etta Mae: We're just burying the hatchet.

Priscilla: Have you talked to him about maybe getting his judge status back?

Marley: No I haven't mentioned it to him. Why?

Priscilla: So that's whatchu want? You want him to be stuck all his life as a lawyer when he can be a judge.

Marley: I haven't mentioned it to him because it was a painful time in our marriage.

Priscilla: Me and his daddy's marriage survived an affair, and so can y'alls.

Marley: With a due respect, Priscilla, I'd rather not bring that up.

Etta Mae: You know Tyrone, maybe it's all blown over. The public can be more forgiving than you realize.

Tyrone: I'll never forget it. I can't take a judge's seat knowing what I've done.


Toni: I didn't know that you...thought about our daughter.

Allen (sighs): You told me after we separated.

Toni: Allen I would never have kept something like that from you.

Allen: I was just...wondering what it would have been like to have been her father. Watch her utter her first words, take her first steps, send her off to the prom, knowin' me I probably woulda followed them, graduate college. Give her away to a man who will take care of her. I never got that chance.

Toni: Me neither.

Allen: Sometimes I wish I could...get another chance to be a father. I'm sorry I'm not trying to bring up bad memories. You lost a baby, too.

Toni gets a phone call....

Toni: What is it? I'll be right there

Allen: What is it?

Toni: I gotta go. An ambulance has been dispatched to the Cory Mansion.


As Janice and Rachel face each other, Mitch whispers in Janice's right ear as she holds a letter opener in her right hand.

Mitch: Put it down.

Janice turns around, faces Mitch, and stabs him.

Janice: You've been here before haven't you?

Rachel: I'm going outside to get Cass.

Janice: I think you know what will happen if you run. I've gotten Carl, now I gotta get you.

Janice walks up to Rachel and they struggle for the letter opener.



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