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ANOTHER WORLD 132 Danger reaches a climax at the Corys




Danger reaches a climax at the Corys

Created by: William J. Bell and Irna Phillips

Written and Directed By: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction and CarlD2




blogentry-14971-0-90762100-1369528969_th signs for a box and shuts the door. Feliciablogentry-14971-0-19113100-1369528984_th walks out of the bedroom.

Felicia: Is that your new phone?

Mitch: Finally. Activated and everything. I had no idea when it was gonna come.

Felicia: Well next time you'll be more careful around puddles next time. I gotta get out of here so I'll see you later?

Mitch: Of course hun.

They kiss and Felicia leaves. Mitch listens to his voice mail and hears Sharlene's message about Janice getting stronger and stronger. Mitch becomes concerned.




blogentry-14971-0-22814400-1369529023_th paces back and forth.

Rachel: Who would want to frame me for Reginald's murder? Who else knew where my sweater was besides Carl and the kids? Neither of them would have planted a vial of poison in it.

Then Rachel comes a startling realization...

Rachel: Oh my God.

Rachel flashes back to (Episode 102) the Harbor Club Ladies' room...

Sharlene frantically grabs her purse, turns around and sees Rachel.

Rachel: Sharlene? Are you alright?

Sharlene (running by Rachel): I’m fine.


Then Rachel flashes back again to the Cory living room.

Janice: What the hell did you just do to him?

Rachel: I beg your pardon?

Janice: Carl just stormed out of here like a bat out of hell.

Rachel: We just had a disagreement that’s all.

Janice: That looked more than just a difference of opinion. He looked really pissed off.

Rachel: Carl and I will work it out.

Janice: I’m sorry, I overstepped.


Rachel flashes back to the present...

Rachel: It couldn't have been Sharlene. She would never have done this to me unless...she wasn't herself. Oh no.


blogentry-14971-0-29822600-1369529057_th and a guard walk up to the cell.

Cass: The judge granted bail. Amanda put it up.

Guard (unlocking the cell): You're free to go.

Rachel: Cass I know who framed me.




blogentry-14971-0-59975700-1369529072_th grabs a letter opener, opens a piece of mail, places the letter opener on the table in the center of the foyer, and walks into the living room. He gets a call on his cell phone.

Carl: Amanda....I was about to...okay thank you.

Carl walks over to the liquor on the far table, and pours himself a drink of the poisoned liquor. Meanwhile, out back, Janice

blogentry-14971-0-14905700-1369529537_th watches closely, with a unconscious Frankieblogentry-14971-0-63377300-1369529550_th next to her, through the glass double doors.




Carl sits on the couch with an empty glass of liquor he just drank on the coffee table. He places his cell phone on the coffee table next to the glass. Cory

blogentry-14971-0-84765700-1369529493_th walks into the living room.

Cory: Wow dad you don't look so hot.

Carl: Yeah suddenly I'm feeling a little ill.

Cory: Any word on mom?

Carl: Amanda called and told me she got her out of jail.

Cory: Oh cool. Well I'm going out...

Carl: Son? Have you given any consideration for us forging some kind of relationship?

Cory: I dunno dad. As soon as I'm sure that something or someone from your past is not gonna hurt us at some point, then I might give it a try, and it seems like something can crop up any day. See ya.

Carl: Remember your curfew.

Cory leaves the mansion, as Carl continues to sweat and feel weaker. He lies down with his head on the arm of the couch, then Janice walks up to him slowly, and faces him.

Carl: I...can't move...

He looks up and sees her....

Carl: Shar...Sharlene...what are you doing here? Call 9-1-1. Please.

Janice bends down closer to Carl...

Janice: You see, two things you got wrong right there. I'm not calling 9-1-1, and I'm not Sharlene. One thing I CAN tell you, is that this has been a long time coming.

Carl's breathing becomes labored...

Carl: What...did you do?

Janice: What do you THINK I did? I gave you exactly what you deserved.




blogentry-14971-0-70845300-1369529430_th answers the door and Mitch walks in.

Mitch: Hey Greg. Sorry...is your mother here?

Gregory: No...why? What's going on?

Mitch: Do you know where she might be? I tried calling her cell phone and I get voice mail.

Gregory: No. Cousin Frankie came earlier looking for dad, and she said something was wrong. Is it my mom? Is she alright?

Rachel and Cass arrive.

Rachel: No...I'm afraid not Gregory, and we've got to find her before something bad happens.

Mitch flashes back to seeing Sharlene staring at Carl and Rachel at Bay City Center together, and he realizes where Sharlene might be.

Mitch: Come on. We've got to get the Cory Mansion.

Cass: Is that where you think she is?

Rachel: Why would Sharlene go there?

Mitch: Carl could be in danger.

Cass: Let's go.

Mitch: I'll follow you guys.

Gregory: I'm coming, too.

Rachel: Gregory honey you should stay here, in case Sharlene comes back. You should call your father.

Gregory: I will.


Carl: I...can't move.

Janice: I wish you would shut up, because I have a lot to say to you. You will soon though. Neurotoxins have that effect on people.

Carl's cell phone vibrates, and Janice looks at it.

Janice: What do ya know? It's Rachel. Guess you won't be answering that call.



Rachel: Carl please if you see Sharlene call John immediately. I'm on my way home. I love you.

Cass: Voicemail?

Rachel: Yeah.

Cass: I got voicemail when I called Frankie, too.

Rachel: I'm getting worried Cass. Something could be very wrong.

Suddenly railroad track alarms ring and Rachel looks back.

Cass: Glad we got past that.

Rachel: I don't see Mitch behind us. I think he's stuck. He's gonna have to wait for the trains to pass.

Cass: We can't. We gotta get to the mansion.


Janice: What's the matter? Cat got your tongue? Good, it's taking effect, seems like you're having trouble breathing.

Janice stands up, and looks toward the window.

Janice: I wonder how...Evan felt when he had trouble breathing. I saw him. We saw him pressing that pipe against Evan's neck so he couldn't breathe. Sharlene couldn't handle it. That's why I came along, because I was the one who would get revenge for her nephew's death, and that I did. How can someone with the last name 'Love' be so damned evil? Reginald had it coming, too, he had no idea that the room service meal would be his last, and it was so easy to frame your beloved Rachel, and she's gonna go away for his murder. I had to figure out a way to get rid of her, so I could get to YOU. Carl Hutchins, the deadbeat dad. You left her with Evan and Frankie, while you went off in the world doing God knows what! How could you? I bet you wish you stayed and fulfilled your responsibility. Did you really think I was gonna let you play doting dad to Cory and Elizabeth and husband to Rachel? Not a chance. I'll be back. Maybe you should think of some, last thoughts, because when I return, I will ensure that my plan will be complete.



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