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ANOTHER WORLD 134 Vicky makes a vow



ANOTHER WORLD 134 Vicky makes a vow


Kirkland blogentry-14971-0-31129400-1388865386_tharrives and spots Charlieblogentry-14971-0-03664900-1388865467_th walking with a tray.

Charlie: Kirkland what are you doing here?

Kirkland: What time are you off?

Charlie: My shift isn’t over for another for another couple of hours. I got a lunch break soon though. I’m gonna bring this to the kitchen.

Kirkland: Put that down. Come with me to the terrace.


Kirkland and Charlie observe a table for two, then someone brings a bag out to them.

Kirkland: I want you to put that on.



Tyroneblogentry-14971-0-99452600-1388865563_th, Marleyblogentry-14971-0-28043400-1388865646_th, Priscillablogentry-14971-0-45234500-1388865715_th and Etta Maeblogentry-14971-0-10163100-1388865777_th sit at their table, and Priscilla goes on...

Priscilla: I still think you should try and get your judge’s seat back.

Marley: Tyrone already said that he didn’t feel good about that idea, and quite frankly neither do I.

Priscilla: What kinda wife wants to hold her husband back from doing better in his career? I can’t believe this!

Etta Mae: Tyrone, Marley, would you at least think about it?

Priscilla: Any GOOD wife would want better for her husband!

Tyrone: Mom that’s enough! I’m tired of all of this bickering. Marley are you ready to go?

Marley: I thought you’d never ask.

Priscilla: Stop holdin’ yo husband back Marley.

Tyrone: Ma STOP!

Priscilla: Who you talkin’ to like dat? I’m yo mother!

Tyrone: After all these years, you STILL don’t get it. ANY decision that I make, I WILL consult my WIFE about it. I don’t give a damn if you don’t like it.

Priscilla gets up.

Priscilla: Boy I’ll knock yo ass in the middle of next week.

Etta Mae (Holding Priscilla): Priscilla you know he’s right. It’s his life.

Priscilla: You supposed to be my friend.

Tyrone: Let’s go Marley.


Tyrone and Marley walk to the door as Allenblogentry-14971-0-63464400-1388865899_th walks in. Priscilla walks up..

Priscilla: Well look what da cat drug in! My husband slept with your mother and out you came! The affair that almost destroyed my family.

Tyrone: Ma this is not the time for this!

Allen: That’s right. Getcha mother!

Tyrone: We’re going out to the car.

Priscilla: Allen can I talk to you for a minute?


AT THE HOSPITAL...Jakeblogentry-14971-0-45274500-1388866013_th and Lindsayblogentry-14971-0-65958500-1388866104_th are finishing up...

Lindsay: And that's it.

Jake: Another session in the books huh?

Lindsay: You've down to a cane now.

Jake: Guess I got some fast healing bones.

Lindsay: That does help, along with your positive attitude.

Jake: I get it from my family.

VICKYblogentry-14971-0-66044200-1388866263_th, WHO IS OUTSIDE THE ROOM, WALKS UP AND LISTENS IN...

Jake: My family's everything to me. My wife, my daughter.

Lindsay: The support of family is very important in recovery.

Jake: I hurt my knee moving Bridget's room around. She tried to do it herself but I wouldn't let her.

Lindsay: What a protective dad you are.

Jake: Where's your mom?

Lindsay: She's out of town on a conference. Why do you ask?

Jake: Legal matter.

Lindsay: I'm...sure you could ask my Uncle Cass for that.

Jake: Cass has got the parole hearing coming up. I...I didn't wanna bother him.

OUTSIDE THE ROOM....Bridgetblogentry-14971-0-92842500-1388866424_th confronts Vicky

Bridget: Mom what are you doing?






Kirkland and Charlie are out on the terrace eating.

Charlie: I have to go back to work.

Kirkland: No you don’t. You have the rest of the night off.

Charlie: How did you pull that off?

Kirkland: I know people in high places. Besides, I do know the boss.

Charlie chews her food and notices Kirkland gazing at her.

Kirkland: You looks so beautiful.

Charlie: Thank you handsome.

Kirkland: I think you’ve got something on the side of your mouth. Might wanna wipe that.

Charlie unwraps her handkerchief and a ring falls onto the table.

Charlie: Oh...my God.

Kirkland: Put it on.

Charlie (putting it on her left ring finger): This...this is…

Kirkland gets up, walks slowly toward Charlie, and gets down on one knee.

Kirkland: Charlotte Frame Winthrop, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?

Charlie’s mouth is open in amazement, and a co worker brings a cordless phone out onto the terrace.

Kirkland: Don’t you see we’re in the middle of something here?!

Co-worker: I’m so sorry. I wouldn’t interrupt if this wasn’t important. Charlie it’s for you. It’s your dad. He says it’s urgent.

Charlie takes the phone.

Charlie: Dad (beat). I’ll…I’ll be right there.

Kirkland: What was that?

Charlie: Dad says mom has been hurt; to come to the hospital. I’m so sorry. I gotta make sure my mom’s okay.

Kirkland: I’ll...I’ll come with you.



Priscilla: How is your mother?

Allen: She’s fine. Why?

Priscilla: This ain’t easy for me, and I’ve been prayin’ about this for a lonnng time now, and I know it ain’t your fault that my husband slept with Nicole.

Allen: Hell must be freezing over.

Priscilla: For what it’s worth, I’m sorry for the way I treated you when Clayton brought you home.

Allen: I don’t know what to say.

Priscilla: There really ain’t nothing for you to tell me. My anger was misguided, and I did not treat you right. I hope that one day you’ll forgive me for it. Um...well have a good night.

Priscilla leaves and Allen is speechless, then he answers a call on his cell phone.

Allen: Hey beautiful. What time you gettin’ here? (beat) Alright I’ll be right there.


HOSPITAL Bridget confronts Vicky

Vicky: I'm waiting for your father's PT session to be over.

Bridget: Yeah right you were listening to their conversation.

Vicky: Don't be silly Bridget. I am waiting for Jake's therapy session to be over.

Bridget: Why would you want to listen to anything they had to say?

Jake limps out with a cane, and Lindsay is right behind him.

Bridget: Dad how you feelin?

Jake: Much better.

Vicky: Lindsay's been a very big help.

Bridget puts her arm around Jake's shoulder.

Bridget: Thank you for taking care of my dad.

Lindsay: Oh I'm...just doing my job.

Jake: Lindsay's not easy.

Bridget: No, but she's bringing my dad back.

Bridget kisses Jake on his cheek, and Lindsay looks at them with envy, and Vicky notices.

Jake: We're gonna go to the car.

Vicky: Alright I'll see you guys down there.

As Jake and Bridget walk away, Vicky approaches Lindsay...

Vicky: So you’re still Jake’s therapist?

Lindsay: Yeah why? I want to see him through the completion of his therapy.

Vicky: I thought that you were going to be gone for a while, at least that’s what Stacey told me.

Lindsay: My mom? You guys hate each other. Why would you two be discussing...you know don’t you?

Vicky: Know what?

Lindsay: That Jake is my biological father.

Vicky: Yes.

Lindsay: So everybody knows the truth but him.

Vicky: And he must never know.

Lindsay: I deserve to have a relationship with my father!

Vicky: Keep your voice down! We lost Bridget’s twin sister and things are just getting back to normal.

Lindsay: Really Vicky? You care more about Jake finding out that you’re a liar.

Vicky: You watch your mouth!

Lindsay: You’re not gonna keep me from getting know my father.

Vicky: And I’m not gonna let you and Stacey destroy my family.



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Great work. Can't wait to see the next part.

Kirkland sure moves fast.

Who is playing Tyrone's mother?

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Love jennifer Lewis. I also how Charlie foundt her ring. Clever. I also love that Vicky and Lindsay r going to war. No good will come to Vicky thats for sure. They may not make it past this. Good show. Good to be back!

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