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Thursday April 23 2009



All the Days of Our Lives

Brady and Sami are in Sami’s house.

Sami: Brady, this is a real problem.

Brady: I know, I told her that, but she kept saying that it’s nothing.

Sami: I’ll call Shawn.

Brady: That’s a good idea.

Marleana is sitting at the bar in the Penthouse Grill. Harold sits next to her.

Harold: Hello, beautiful.

Marleana looks at him, and laughs.

Harold: I have to say, I have never meant that word more.

Marleana: Careful, you’re flattering me.

Harold: Oh, come on! A beautiful woman like you should be used to it!

Marleana: I used to.

Harold: Well then, why don’t I get you used to it again? Why don’t you dance with me?

Marleana: I’d like that.

Yolanda is sitting in the living room of the DiMera mansion. Kristen walks in.

Kristen: Aunt Yolanda?

Yolanda: Kristen! It’s so good to see you! I forgot what you looked like since you never visited me!

Kristen: I visited you! You were just too out of it to remember!

Yolanda: Don’t bull [[email protected]#$%^&*] me, Kristen.

Kristen: What are you doing here, anyway?

Yolanda: I’m waiting for your father.

Kristen: He won’t be home for a while.

Yolanda: That’s fine. I could wait. So, what have you been up to? Hopefully not following in your father’s footsteps.

Kristen: Well, I see that you two are on good terms.

Yolanda: He will ruin you, Kristen, remember that. While he portrays this image showing that he cares about his family, it’s really all an illusion.

Sami and Brady are in the Java Café.

Sami: Where is he? He should be her by now.

Brady: He’s only two minutes late, Sami. Calm down.

Shawn walks into the Java Café, and goes to Brady and Sami’s table.

Shawn: What’s going on? Is everything ok?

Sami: No, something is really wrong.

Shawn: What is it?

Marleana and Harold sit back at the bar.

Marleana: Thank you for that dance.

Harold: Now, let me buy you a drink.

Marleana: I really should be going, Harold.

Harold: Just one drink.

Marleana: Fine.

He orders a drink.

Kristen and Yolanda are in the living room of the DiMera mansion.

Kristen: So, where’s Dora?

Yolanda: She’s on a little trip.

Stefano walks into the living room.

Stefano: What are you doing here?

Yolanda: I’m here to talk to you.

Stefano: Yolanda please! I’m not in the mood to hear your foolish little threats!

Yolanda: I came here to talk about something important, but I’m too foolish for your time, Stefano.

She leaves the mansion. Stefano rolls his eyes.

Shawn, Brady, and Sami are in the Java Café.

Shawn: She really needs help.

Sami: That’s what we just told you!

Shawn gets his phone out.

Brady: Who are you calling?

Shawn: Belle.

Sami: What?

Shawn: I’m going to tell her to meet me after her class. We need to get her help.

Sami: What are you going to do? Drag her to a crazy hospital?

Shawn: It’s better than letting her go on like this!

He calls Belle.

Marleana is in the parking lot of the Penthouse Grill. She goes to her car, and gets out her keys. She starts getting dizzy, and drops them. She picks them up, and is still dizzy. She gets her phone out. She dials a number.

Marleana: Belle, hi are you done your class yet?

Belle: Mom, can you hold on a minute? Shawn is on the other line.

Marleana: It will just be a minute. Can you pick me up at the Penthouse Grill?

Belle: Sure. I’ll be there in a little bit.

Belle hangs up.

Belle: Shawn, sorry, it was my mom. What’s wrong? You sound worried.

Shawn: Belle, can you meet me at the pub?

Belle: Sure, but I just have to go pick up my mom first.

Shawn: Oh, can you ask her to come too?

Belle: Sure. Shawn, is something wrong?

Shawn: We’ll talk when you get here.

In the parking lot, Marleana sits in her car. Harold comes to the window. Marleana rolls it down.

Harold: Are you ok? I noticed you go to your car, and you haven’ driven off yet.

Marleana: I’m, not feeling too good. I called my daughter to pick me up.

Harold: Call her and tell her not to; I’ll drive you home.

Marleana: Thank you, but she’s going to be here any second.

Harold: Ok, well if you change your mind, I’ll be inside.

Marleana: Thank you.

Harold leaves, and gets his phone out.

Harold: I wasn’t able to, I’ll try another night.

He hangs up.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Sami, Shawn, Brady, Belle, and Marleana are in the Brady Pub.

Belle: I don’t need you all ganging up on me! I’m fine!

Nicole and Scotty are in their apartment.

Nicole: You’re going to tell me what that phone call was about.

Billie and Hope are outside Chez Rouge.

Billie: I’m pregnant with Bo’s baby, Hope! Get over it!

Hope: Bo doesn’t love you! Get over it!


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