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2009 Previews



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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A new year is upon us! Which means FTL has new stories, couples, returns, exits, and so much more ahead!

Will The Real Annie Dutton Please Stand Up?
Chandler and Reva continue the search fro Annie. But don't expect her to have a simple or boring return. Also when Josh finds out what's going on we'll see him have some shocking reactions.
Annie will have a huge role this year in Springfield. She enters just as things are turned upside down and she is about to rock Springfield again. Expect to see some people from her past come back into her life. Even the people you wouldn't suspect. Also Chandler and Reva grow closer as time goes on.
What we can tell you is Annie will come into great power.

Strong Bonds
Cyrus and Harley are having a very carefree fun relationship. All they both want is for to keep things from getting complicated. The only question is whether or not Springfield will allow that.
Gus and Olivia have gone through a lot with the shooting. Olivia's feelings for Gus aren't going to remain a secret. But Gus has some secrets. It's going to be a difficult year and he'll lean on people he didn't expect to.
All we can say is everyone will find love. It's only a question of who with?

Crazy in Love!
Roxie has feelings for Rick but her mental state comes into wuestion by her brother Rusty. Rusty finds out how dangerous his sister may be. However he knows this could help him get Mindy to himself.
Roxie has a lot going on this year. And her past is going to come back to bite.
What we'll tell you is that you don't know the half of this story.

Best Friends For Life
Bill and Michellf have been friends as long as they can remember. They tried dating in the past but it didn't work. Will they have a better chance now? Michelle is still recovering from Danny's death. And people from Michelle's past will return which will bring her happiness and drama. Bill still feels guilt for what happened for Ava being in a coma. And he is trying to raise their son. But hint, Ava won't be sleeping for too long. She could wake up at any moment.
All we can say is these two will need each other and lean on each other as long as possible.

What to Expect When Expecting
Shayne and Rocky are all ready to raise Marina's child. But Marina is having second thoughts on the situation. But the thing that keeps her giong is Shayne. Marina and Shayne begin to have temptations towards each other again. Rocky is pushing Kevin out of his life. But for how long? Rokcy then finds a career choice that he is passionate about. But Shayne won't feel the same way.
What we'll say is that this time next year these characters will be in places that you never expected them to be.

For Love or Money?
Natalia has saved Alan. He can finally have a happy life without being the richest, or most powerful. But when he gets a chance to have his old life back he just might take it. But can he have both lifestyles at the same time?
We will tell you that Alan will have to decide. And his decision will have consequences.

A Fall From Power
Cassandra and Edmund have had a great reign ruling Springfield. But it's about to end. Cassandra secrets are revealed. Also they discover shocking news that puts them in danger. All we can tell you is in the end Cassandra will finally get her one true wish.

Family Business
The Spaulding business is going to be on the front burner. Right now Phillip, Alan Michael, and Cassandra are battling. But as time goes on more people throw their hats in the ring. The Spauldings will battle and it all will come down to a shocking reveal.
What we will say is we will have a new CEO. And it's someone you won't think about.

Who's the Mommy?
Jonathan and Liz are trying to get a relationship together while letting Aubrey down gentely. But Aubrey isn't going to give up without a fight. Aubrey isn't quite who Jonathan thought and has a lot of secrets. Aubrey will bring in some allies to help her keep them a part. She gets some shocking partners. And just when you think the story is over a whole other bomshell is dropped.
All we can say is that this story is going to have a shocking reveal, probably one fo the biggest of 2009!

Long Lost Child
Mallet and Dinah begin to keep secrets from each other in regards her daughter. Yet neither of them know that Gus and Harley have adopted Dinah's daughter. All of this will be revealed and complicate things for everyone. And it will impact Mallet and Dinah's realtionship.
We will say that the information will be revealed.

A shocking return!
Coop and Ashlee return to Springfield. But a lot is mysterious about the time they spent in Europe. The two will have there own problems but will each make career driven choices.
What we'll tell you is Coop and Ashlee have grown up in a lot of ways.

You read 2008. Now imagine that again..... times 10!!!!!


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It does really sound good. I am most concered for Rocky and Shayne Seems like they r headed for a break up

I bet Annie will end up the CEo of Spaulding/\......

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2009 is going to be a huge year!

A lot of good stories are coming up.

The business is going to take a lot of time but a lot of characters will be involved. Back stabbing is going to of course be involved

Could it be Annie? IDK? It could be anyone.

Rocky and Shayne have been through a lot together. We'll be seeing a lot of them. These next few episodes will give you an idea of the different direction the story is taking.

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LOL You just answered my quetion. It is Annie. I paid close attetion to your previews.

PS there a lot of typos in these last few entries

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Now I am going to give you a few hints.

I can't say you are completley wrong but I will say this.

You basically know where the train leaves. But you don't know where it's going!

That's all I can say!

This storyline is going to basically be the core of 2009 and effect most if not everyone in Springfield. I am so excited for it!

It will explode this Spring.

Now I do want to note that FTL has just cancelled a HUGE story that was planned. Unfortunatly it just wasn't going to work and it was scrapped. This effected atleast 10 characters directly.

But the story is taking another direction that I think will be better and less complicated and crazy.

2009 is going to be a year of triumph, backstabbing, secrets, revelations, romance, returns, and of course family.

I hope you all keep up with FTL! It's going to be a great ride!

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