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Episode 118



Christmas is celebrated in Springfield...

Bauer Home:

Robbie and Hope run into the living room.
Hope shouts, "Santa was here! He was here!"
Michelle walks downstairs, "Hey babies. Oh look at all of your gifts."
Robbie walks his sister to the tree.
The two start looking through the presents.
Ed walks down and hugs Michelle, "Merry Christmas my daughter."
She smiles, "Merry Christmas Daddy."
Rick and Mindy come over.
Rick walks to his father and sister, "Merry Christmas guys."
Mindy walks over, "We ready to open presents yet?"
The kids shout, "Yes!"
Rick walks over, "Well let's get started."
Michelle stands by Rick, "So are you going over to Harley's later?"
Rick nods, "Actually the Coopers are on their way over to Company. I talked to Jude this morning. And then I'm going to stop by Mel's and see Leah."
Michelle sighs, "I know this is always hard for you."
He nods, "I know but my kids should spend the holiday's with their mothers. It's good for them. I'll be fine."
Rick sits with his niece and nephew.
Michelle looks over across at the stockings.
There is one empty hook.
It was left for where Danny's would have been.

Cross Creek:

Vanessa walks downstairs.
Billy is making breakfast, "Merry Christmas."
Vanessa kisses him, "Oh Merry Christmas Darling."
Billy smiles, "Do you think you got all the gifts that Santa promised you?"
Vanessa grins, "I have everything I could ever hope for."
Bill walks over with little HB and Emma, "Hey you guys Merry Christmas."
Vanessa smiles, "Oh Merry Christmas!"
Billy smiles, "Look at our little Grandson. His first Christmas!"
Vanessa turns, "That reminds me. I need to call Dinah. I have to go over there later today to see my other Grand baby."
Vanessa goes to make a call.
Billy looks at Emma, "Hey you want help Grandpa Billy make the Christmas pancakes!"
Emma smiles, "Yes!"
The two go put on aprons.
Josh comes downstairs and walks over to Bill, "Merry Christmas."
Bill grins, "Merry Christmas Uncle Josh. So are Marah and Shayne coming over today?"
Josh sighs, "Well Marah is still on business in Paris. I guess she couldn't make it back for the holiday's but I think things are just still complicated with that Jeffrey O'Neill. And as for Shayne he is spending the day with Rocky. But he said he'd come by tonight."
Bill nods, "Well what about her?"
Josh questions, "Her?"
Bill continues, "Is she still coming over?"
Josh knows he's talking about Reva.


Harley and her children walk in carrying gifts.
Buzz runs over, "Hey there you are! You guys ready to start exchanging gifts soon?"
Zach nods, "Oh yeah! We all chipped in and got you a great one this year!"
Buzz grins, "Well first I need you to go in the back and help me get food ready. Come on!"
They all go in the back.
Lucy walks over to Harley, "Hey Merry Christmas."
Harley hugs her, "Merry Christmas sweetheart."
Lucy looks at her, "Wow you have a big smile on your face. What's up with that?"
Harley laughs, "It's Christmas Lucy."
Lucy shakes her head, "Nope. It's not that. It's something else," she gasps, "Oh my God! You met someone! Who is he?"
Harley backs up, "Let's not do this."
Lucy walks over, "Do I know him!"
Just then Marina, Shayne, and Rocky all walk in.
Marina walks over to Harley, "Hey Merry Christmas."
Harley hugs her, "Merry Christmas."
Lucy grins, "Merry Christmas. Excuse us. My sister and I have to go check someone."
Harley is dragged off, "Lucy wait..."
Marina turns to Shayne and Rocky, "I'm nervous guys. I don't know how everyone is going to react."
Shayne looks at her, "Hey it doesn't matter. We are doing a great thing here and they are your family and will understand."
Rocky sighs, "I guess we'll find out won't we?"
The three sit at the table.

Mel's House:

The Spaulding's and Boudreau's share another holiday.
Mel walks over to Alan Michael, "Oh sweetheart, "This is so great! I think this is going much better than Thanksgiving."
Alan Michael smiles, "That's because you are the one who is putting it all together."
Mel laughs, "Stop it."
He nods, "Really! I mean you are just so beautiful, funny.... amazing. I mean all the reasons I love you."
Mel stops and turns to him, "What did you say?"
Alan Michael looks over, "I said that's why I love you."
She takes a deep breathe, "This is the first time you've said that."
Alan Michael is confused.
Alan is looking in a mirror at his bruises.
Phillip walks over, "Still hasn't healed yet?"
Alan sighs, "What do you care. Jonathan Randall beat the hell out of me."
Phillip scoffs, "Well you deserve it."
Alan turns to him, "You think I don't know that?"
Beth walks over, "Stop! It's Christmas. Now Lizzie is spending it with Jonathan. I don't like the idea but that is her choice. We all need to accept it."

Cross Creek:

Reva walks up to the door.
Jonathan, Liz, and Aubrey follow.
Reva smiles, "Oh! I can't believe I have my Son and Granddaughter back for the holidays!"
Jonathan nods, "It's almost to good to be true."
Aubrey takes Reva's hand and places it on her stomach, "And next year you'll have another Grandchild to share the holiday with."
Reva grins, "Oh! I still can't believe it!"
Liz sighs, "My family is not going to be happy. Not only am I spending the holiday's away from them but I'm with Jonathan. And we'll be celebrating with the Lewises."
Reva nods, "Lizzie.... I know you are still upset with me for this whole thing but I appreciate that you are here today."
Liz nods, "I understand Reva. That doesn't mean it's okay but I get it."
Reva hugs her, "I do love you sweetheart."
Aubrey clears her throat, "Well I'm cold so let's go in."
Reva knocks on the door.
Billy answers.
He sees Jonathan, "Jon!"
Jonathan hugs him, "Billy. It's great to see you man."
Billy smiles, "This must be Aubrey. Reva told me about her."
Aubrey smiles, "I've heard a lot about you too."
Everyone is hugging Jonathan and Sarah.
Liz stands in the back.
She feels very out of place.

Malah House:

Mallet and Dinah are standing by the tree holding Anthony.
Dinah smiles, "Wow.... just wow. I can't believe this. I mean this is my dream Mallet. I always wanted a big house on Christmas, big tree, family coming over, standing with my husband and my child. I can't believe I am finally here."
Mallet hugs her, "I know. We are just... we are so blessed."
Maureen walks downstairs, "Merry Christmas!"
Mallet hugs her, "Merry Christmas Maureen."
Dinah smiles, "Merry Christmas sweetie."
The doorbell rings.
Maureen opens.
Blake and her children walk in.
Blake walks in, "Merry Christmas everyone."
Kevin is bringing in presents.
Maureen walks over to him, "Let me help you with those."
He looks down, "Uh... thanks yeah."
She looks at him, "I'm.... glad your here. I don't want to lose our friendship Kevin."
He nods, "Uh... neither do I."
She smiles, "Merry Christmas Kevin."
She gets up and walks over to the kitchen.
Kevin decides to try and enjoy the day.


Mel's House:
Alan Michael looks at Mel, "What are you talking about?"
She is shocked, "You never said that before."
He laughs, "Mel of course I have."
She shakes her head, "No! I've been waiting for it. I just thought... maybe you weren't.... I don't know but you just said it."
He sighs, "Oh my God! Mel, I'm so so sorry. I can't believe I haven't been saying this to you every moment I look at you because I do! I do! I love you Mel Boudreau! I love you!"
She jumps into his arms, "I love you too!"
He looks into her eyes, "Mel.... you have made my life happier than I thought possible."
She nods, "And you did the same thing for me. You are so great with Leah and.... I truly love you and treasure you!"
The two kiss.
Beth and Phillip sit together.
Beth holds baby Penelope, "Look at our little girl Phillip. She's getting so big isn't she?"
He smiles, "She is. I'm just worried about our other little girl."
Beth sighs, "I know... but Phillip soon everything in this family will be what it is supposed to be. We have a plan remember."
He looks around, "We can't talk about it here."
She sighs, "Phillip. Once you do this it's going to change everything. You need to let them know soon."
He nods, "I know but not yet. Just... not now."
Beth and Phillip both look down at their little girl.

Bauer Home:
Rick and Mindy kiss.
Mindy smiles, "This is just... one of the best Christmas's of my life!"
He grins, "I'm glad. Because it's been a while since we spent Christmas as a couple."
Mindy nods, "I know... but now we are finally back together Rick. After all of these years of growing up and trying to find out who we are. Who would have thought it would all lead to us finding our way back to each other as adults? It's like..."
He smiles, "Fate?"
She turns and kisses him.
Michelle sits with her children.
Hope jumps into her lap, "Merry Christmas Mommy!"
Michelle kisses her, "Oh a Merry Christmas to you too my baby! Did you like all of your gifts?"
Hope nods, "I love them!"
Hope runs off to get some of her toys.
The doorbell rings.
Robbie runs over to answer it.
Father Ray is at the door.
Robbie hugs him, "Merry Christmas Uncle Ray!"
Ray smiles, "Merry Christmas."
Michelle walks over, "It's so great to see you!"
He nods, "It's great to see you too. But I have some gifts."
Michelle smiles, "Oh you didn't have to do that Ray."
Ray whispers to her, "I didn't Michelle.... these are from Danny."
Michelle is confused and speechless.

Malah House:
Maureen and Dinah are chatting.
Jason walks over, "So what's going on over here?"
Maureen smiles, "Oh I'm just talking about my job.."
Jason nods, "What about it?"
Maureen sighs, "Well I quit at the Pizza Parlor. This is going to be my job now. Dinah's paying me."
Dinah smiles, "Maureen is going to be watching Anthony while we are at work. She is the only woman that Mallet and I trust enough. It's going to work out perfect because I go back to work in a few months. Reva is already talking to me about potential stories for the station."
Jason looks at his sister, "Dinah I am just so happy for you. All of your dreams are really coming true."
Dinah nods, "They are. They really are."
They all look at baby Anthony.
Across the room Blake's cell phone rings.
She doesn't recognize the number.
She answers, "Hello? Hello?" she walks out to the other room, "Who is this?.... Oh my God. Ross? Ross is that really you?"

Cross Creek:
Jonathan and Aubrey are playing with Sarah.
Vanessa walks over to Aubrey, "Oh it's so nice to meet you. How far along are you?"
Aubrey smiles, "Not very far yet. But I am so thrilled."
Vanessa grins, "You are really going to love being a part of this whole Shayne/Lewis clan. I know I do."
Aubrey takes a deep breathe, "I really think I could fit in."
Liz watches from a distance.
As a Spaudling at a Lewis party she feels out of place.
Liz sees Sarah walking around, "Sarah. Baby come here."
Sarah looks at her but turns around and runs off.
Liz is heartbroken and embarrassed.
Reva saw it, "Oh Lizzie sweetheart...."
Lizzie runs out the door.
Reva runs after her, "Lizzie please wait!"
Reva bumps into someone.
Chandler is there, "Reva... I was just..."
Reva looks at him, "What are you doing here? Why aren't you with your family?"
He sighs, "I'm still working on this Annie thing."
Josh walks out, "Reva.... Dr. Tyler. What are you doing here?"
Reva sighs, "He's here to see me?"
Josh is confused, "Why?"
Reva grabs Chandler and pulls him into a kiss.

Lucy and Harley are in the back.
Lucy talks with Harley, "Now tell who this guy is and why you don't want anyone else in our family to know."
Harley sighs, "Lucy you wouldn't understand."
Lucy nods, "Harley yes I would."
Harley is confused, "What do you mean?"
Lucy sighs, "I've been in a sort of relationship with David Grant."
Harley gasps, "Oh my God! David?"
Lucy shushes her, "We are trying to be low key. You can ask me questions after you tell me your little secret.
Just then Buzz walks in, "Look who I found outside."
Cyrus walks in, "Uh hey."
Harley stares, "What are you doing here?"
Buzz smiles, "He's alone on Christmas so I dragged him in here."
Cyrus sighs, "I really have to go."
Buzz shakes his head, "Nonsense. Come on we have good food."
As he walks out Cyrus makes eye contact with Harley.
Lucy notices.
Lucy grabs Harley, "Oh my God! You are with Cyrus Foley? Guillespie's brother?"
Harley goes to speak but attention is turned to the front where Rocky and Shayne stand in front of the family.
Rocky smiles, "We have an announcement to make."
Shayne looks around, "Well I told Rocky about the ceremony. Now I'll admit he freaked but now it's back on and we hope to see you all there in a few months!"
The room cheers.
Rocky nods, "And we have another big announcement... Shayne and I are going to be adding someone to the family."
Shayne grins, "We are adopting."
Buzz is in shock, "What? Adopting? Already?"
Rocky nods, "It's a big step but there is a mother who needs us and we are more than ready for this."
Buzz looks at them, "Who is the mother?"
Marina stands up, "I am... I'm pregnant and I'm giving my baby to Rocky and Shayne."
The entire room goes dead silent.

Michelle is stunned by the gifts
The Coopers react to the news!
Jonathan and Liz hang out
Reva and Chandler tell a fib
Blake keeps a secret
Alan Michael has huge plans


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Nice little Christmas ep. Shocking ending. I can't belive it was put on blast like that and I like how dr. Chandler and reva was kissing. I can't say much about the ep kuz it was a holiday ep but still gud.

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Yes I really wanted it to be a nice break from all the complications but still have some exicting moments.

Thanks! ML!

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