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Thursday November 29 2007




Thursday November 29 2007

All The Days of Their Lives Episode 8:

Adrianna is on the phone with Kate.

Adrianna: Hi Ms. Roberts, is something wrong?

Kate: Actually there a little bit of a problem. Theres a family emergency right now, so we can either have the interview tonight, or tomorrow.

Adrianna: Thats fine, Ms. Roberts. Whenever your ready is fine.

Kate: Ok, bye.

Adrianna hangs up and calls somebody.

Adrianna: Carlo, are you going to go see dad?

Carlo: Ya, why?

Adrianna: Come and pick me up.

Mike wakes up in bed naked.

Mike: Last night was great.

He looks down at Belle!

Belle: I couldn't agree more!

Mike: So you busy today?

Belle: No, why?

Mike: I was thinking we can stay in bed a little longer, and then we can go out for lunch.

Belle: I think that sounds great.

Mike kisses her, and he goes on top of her.

Belle: I want you so much.

Mike: Me too.

They start to make love.

Adrianna and Carlo are in Carlo's car, and they have just arrived at the DiMera mansion.

Carlo: Are you sure you want to go inside?

Adrianna: Yes, lets go in now!

Carlo: Fine.

They get out of the car, and walk up to the mansion. They ring the doorbell, and Rolf comes to answer it.

Rolf: Hello, you must be Carlo, and Adrianna.

Carlo: Yes.

Rolf: Ok, wait in the living room, and your father will be in there in a second.

They go in the living room, and Rolf leaves.

Carlo: I guess were just an appoitment.

Adrianna: He'll be here soon.

Carlo: Where is he? I can't wait to get over with this.

Adrianna: He'll be here.

Stefano walks into the room.

Stefano: Welcome!

Carly is in the waiting room of the hospital. Kayla comes to see her.

Kayla: Hey Carly, remember me?

Carly: Ya, Kayla right?

Kayla: Yes.

Carly: So how are you?

Kayla: I'm good. How are you holding up?

Carly: I think i'm ok now, I just hope he is.

Kayla: I think there is somebody who can help you. Turn around.

Carly turns around, and sees Kimberly standing behind her.

Kimberly: Hi Carly, I'm Kimberly.

Carly starts crying, and so does Kimberly.

Mike and Belle are sitting at the table eating pancakes. Mike finishes.

Mike: I'm going to go take a shower. Why don't you come when your done?

He kisses her.

Belle: I'll be right there.

Her phone rings. She answers it.

Belle: Hello.

Philip: Belle, where are you?

Belle: Philip, pleae leave me alone!

Philip: Belle, I need you! I want you so much! I can't stop thinking about you!

Mike: Belle are you comming?

Philip: Who the hell was that?

Belle: I have to go Philip. Bye.

Stefano looks at his children.

Stefano: Wow you guys have grown up so much! I can't even recgonize you!

Carlo: Ya, that happens when you don't see your children for since they were 12 years old.

Adrianna: Or 15. So what do you want father?

Stefano: I want to reconnect with you guys! Were family.

Carlo: Funny how were so important when your only family that gave a damn about you has died.

Stefano: It's not like that.

Adrianna: Come on! Don't tell us that you just want to talk to us and ask how our day was! You just want us here to take over your dying dynasty.

Stefano: Thats not why I called you guyd here!

Carlo: Why the hell didn't you do this when I was 12? Why did you abandon me? Why didn't you do this before?

Stefano: I've been busy.

Adrianna: Oh, I get it. Killing people and tormenting their lives is more importsant than your children. Wait! Mabye I should be greatful! I mean you did send me a cheque every month and a card every birthday. Or at least every birthday.

Carlo: I haven't gotten anything from you for 10 years! Then the other day I get a phone call from you!

Stefano: Can we please stop talking about this, and have breakfast?

Kimberly tries to hug Carly, but Carly backs away. Caroline is sitting in a chair, looking sad.

Carly: No, you don't get to do that.

Kimberly: Carly, I'm sorry. I didn't want to give you up! You have to know that!

Carly: Then why did you? Why did you leave me? Did you just have me, and then ship me off?

Kimberly: No! It wasn't like that! It wasn't like that at all!

Kimberly has a flashback:

Kimberly is in the hospital, with her baby in her arms.

Kimberly: Hi little Caroline! (She rubs her eyes) You know I have to leave soon? It's not what I want sweetie. I've tried and tried and tried, but I can't honey. Your going to go to a better home. There is no greater bond then a mother and her child, and I believe that one day we will see each other again. And I will hug you and hold you like I am now!

Caroline walks in the room with tears.

Caroline: It's time Kim.

Kimberly: Mom please no! Please! I don't want her to go!

Caroline: Sorry.

Kimberly comes back from the flashback.

Kayla: Kim, I have to go pick up Max from work.

Kim: Ok.

Carly: Who's Max?

Kayla: Our brother.

Carly: I thought it was just you, Kimberly, Bo and Roman.

Caroline looks at Kayla.

Kayla: No, umm he's our adoptive brother.

Carly looks shocked, and looks at Caroline.

Carly: I guess money was fine then huh?

She runs off, and goes in a room.

Kimberly: Carly!

Carly slams the door, and locks it. She falls to the floor and starts crying.

Kimberly looks at Caroline.

Caroline: Sorry.

Next on All The Days of Their Lives:

Carly and Kimberly are in the hospital.

Kimberly: I will do this operation for him.

Carly: Thanks.

Stefano, Adrianna, and Carlo are on the couch in the DiMera living room.

Stefano: Adrianna, I want to give you this. (He hands her a box)

She opens it, and her mouth opens.

Bo, Hope, and Billie are in the hospital, when Dr. Berman comes.

Dr. Berman: Theres news about Chelsea.

Bo: Is she ok?

Sami digs in her purse for her car keys. She drops them, and bends down to get them. She yells, as she sees something under her car!


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