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Wednesday November 28 2007



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Wednesday November 28 2007

All The Days of Their Lives Episode 7:

An ambulancre arrives at Bo and Hope's house.

Bo(holding Chelsea's head): Your going to be ok, hang in there.

The paramedics come, and put Chelsea on the stretcher.

Bo: I'm going in the ambulance with her.

Hope: Ok, I'm going to bring Ciara next door, and I'll drive there.

Stephanie: It's ok Aunt Hope, go in the ambulance, me and Sami will bring Ciara.

Hope: Thanks.

Hope and Bo go in the ambulance, and go to the hospital.

Caroline and Carly are in the hospital waiting room.

Caroline: So how is he?

Carly: His condition has changed.

Caroline: For the better?

Carly: No. He needs a bonmarrow transplant.

Caroline: Oh my God. Please don't get mad at me, but I called your mom. Her and your brother will be arriving tomorrow.

Carly: Thank you.

She starts crying, and they hug.

Isabella and Adrianna are watching the news.

News Anchor: Chelsea Brady was shot tonight at her doorstep after a date. More to come after this.

Isabella: That is exactly why you do not ascisoiate with your father!

Adrianna: You think he had something to do with this?

Isabella: He tried to kill her the other day! Of course he had something to do with this.

Adrianna: I can't believe this.

Isabella: Well believe it! This is your father.

L.A. California...

Andrew Donovan is sitting at the airport reading a newspaper. There is a final boarding call for flights to Salem. He looks around, looking for his mom.

Andrew: Where the hell is she?

Kimberly Brady comes behind him.

Kimberly: Come on honey, were going to miss out flight!

They board the plane.

Sami and Stephanie arrive at the DiMera mansion. They bang on the doors, and Rolf opens the door. They run inside.

Rolf: Hey! Get out!

Stefano: What the hell do you want?

Sami: You son of a bitch!

Sami takes out a gun!

Sami: This is how you like to handel things Stefano?

She aims, and fires!

Bo, Hope, and Chelsea arrive at the hospital. They take Chelsea into a room, and Bo and Hope wait outside.

Hope: She'll be ok.

Bo: I hope so.

Billie comes through the doors.

Billie: Oh my God is she ok?

Hope: We don't know yet.

Billie: What the hell happened? Who did this?

Bo: She came home from a blind date, and we heard a shot, and we ran outside, but the shooter was gone.

Hope: Don't worry Billie, she will be fine.

Billie: Is she isn't, I'm going to kill Stefano DiMera!

Carly is at a pay phone in the hospital.

Carly: Mom, it's fine. you don't need to come now.

She pauses.

Carly: Yes mom, ok I'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye.

She goes back to the chairs.

Caroline: Carly, I need to go to the other part of the hospital.

Carly: Whats wrong?

Caroline: My granddaughter was shot.

Carly: Oh my God is she ok?

Caroline: I don't know.

Carly: Ok go, I'll come later.

Caroline: Ok.

Stefano looks at the vase that Sami shot.

Stefano: What the hell is wrong with you?

Stephanie: What's wrong Stefano? You can give it but you can't take it?

Stefano: Leave my house now!

Sami: Don't worry Stefano we don't want to stay in this crypt any longer. But if Chelsea dies, you are going to die! You understand?

Stefano: Go to hell both of you!

Sami: I'll see you there.

Sami and Stephanie leave.

Caroline, Shawn, Bo, Hope, and Billie are in the waiting room. Dr. Berman comes.

Bo: How is she?

Dr. Berman: It doesnt look good.

Billie: Whats wrong?

Dr. Berman: We need to remove the bullet, but were not sure if her body can handel surgery.

Billie: So can't you wait?

Dr. Berman: Thats the problem, if we don't remove the bullet, she will die.

Everyone exchanges shocked faces as Sami and Stephanie walk inside.

The scene changes over to Stefano. He is sitting in a dark room drinking wine, and listening to opera. He looks in front of him, and there is a chess board with more than twice the amount of pieces. He looks at them, and there are faces on the pieces.

Stefano: Who's next, who's next? Hmmmm.....

He moves up a knight.

Stefano: Ha Ha. Goodbye.

He takes the black king, and knocks over the knight. The face of the knight is shown, and it is Austin...

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Mike wakes up in bed naked.

Mike: Last night was great.

He looks down at Belle!

Belle: I couldn't agree more!

Carlo and Adrianna are in the DiMera living room.

Carlo: Where is he? I can't wait to get over with this.

Adrianna: He'll be here.

Stefano walks into the room.

Stefano: Welcome!

Kayla and Carly are in the hospital.

Kayla: I think there is somebody who can help you. Turn around.

Carly turns around, and sees Kimberly standing behind her.

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Good episode. Love feisty Sami, and her telling off Stefano. The previews have me intrgued, Bell and Mike? Can't wait to read that!

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