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Tuesday November 27 2007



Tuesday November 27 2007

All The Days of Their Lives Episode 6:

Shawn opens the door to his room above the Pub. Him and Cathy walk in.

Cathy: The place looks diffrent.

Shawn: All of Belle's stuff is gone. It has a better feel to it, don't you think.

Cathy: As long as your in it, it's fine.

They kiss.

Chelsea and Sami are at the DiMera mansion.

Chelsea: Can we hurry up here? How many more boxes do you have?

Sami: Not much.

Stefano comes in the room.

Stefano: Well, well, I heard you almost died Chelsea.

Chelsea: Go to hell you old man! I know you put me on that ship!

Stefano: I did no such thing!

Chelsea: Your son, Carlo told me! What do you think Stefano? After not seeing you since he was 12, he's going to be loyal to you?

Stefano: Well, you know you inspired me.

Chelsea: What the hell does that mean?

Stefano: Well after never seeing your father, you seem to trust him.

Chelsea: You son of a-

She goes closer to him, but Sami stops her.

Sami: Don't waste your time on him.

Chelsea: What do you have left?

Sami: Nothing, lets go.

Stefano: Samantha, your forgeting something.

She throws keys to the mansion on the floor.

Stefano: No not those.

He opens a drawer, and pulls out some papers.

Sami: Your crazy if you think I'm singing away Johnny to you!

Stefano: Fine, I'll sue for custody of my grandson.

Sami: No judge in their right mind would hand over custody of a baby to you!

Stefano: Key terms Samantha- right mind.

He laughs, and Chelsea and Sami leave.

Isabella gets out of her car, and locks it. she walks to the front door, and unlocks it. she goes inside, and hears a noise.

Isabella: Who's there?!?!

She grabs an umbrella.

A girl comes out of the kitchen.

Girl: Mom, it's me.

Isabella: Adrianna!

They hug.

Isabella: You didn't tell me you were comming tonight!

Adrianna: I know, but I couldn't wait.

Isabella: Whats the real reason you came so soon?

Adrianna: The real reason? Dad called.

Isabella: Oh please! I thought we decided that a man like him doesnt deserve the "dad" title. He should be called by his name, Stefano.

Adrianna: Mom, he is my father! Why can't you just-

Isabella: He abandoned you! He hasn't seen you in 5 years! All he did was write checks and call you on holidays!

Adrianna: I know but-

Isabella: No buts! I already talked to your brother about this.

Adrianna: Carlo's here too!?!

Isabella: Yup. He decided it was his job to rescue some girl.

Adrianna: Thats like him.

Isabella: Well I don't care! You two aren't getting involved in this! Stay away from it, and stay away from Stefano DiMera!

Max and Belle are at the Brady Pub.

Max: Belle, just stay away from him! He doesnt want you anymore!

Belle: This is none of your business!

Max: The hell it is!

Marleana walks into the Pub.

Marleana: Whats going on?

Belle: Nothing mom.

Marleana: Belle, I thought I already told you, give Shawn some time, and he will come back to you; he just doesnt realize it yet.

Max: Oh sure Shawn will go back to her! Marleana don't you see what she did! She cheated on him countless times to be with Philip! And a couple days before the wedding!

Marleana: Your one to talk Max. First you were with Chelsea, then you jumped to Stephanie, then you jumped to Mimi, then Abby. then back to Stephanie, then that girl from the soriorty.

Max: I didn't cheat on any of them.

Belle: Just let me go see him.

Max: He's up there with Cathy now, I don't think you want to see what their doing.

Marleana: Come on Belle, lets leave.

They leave the Pub.

Chelsea's phone rings. She answers it.

Chelsea: Hello.

Stephanie: Hey Chels. What would you say to a blind date?

Chelsea: Stephanie, not tonight please.

Stephanie: But he's waiting for you.

Chelsea: What! Why didn't you ask me!?

Stephanie: Yes or no?

Chelsea: Fine! Fine! I'll meet him at 9:00. But where.

Stephanie: Salem Place.

Chelsea: Bye.

Sami:Where you going?

Chelsea: Stephanie has been begging me to go on a blind date, and I kept saying no, so she thought tonight was the perfect night to do it!

Sami: This is going to be so much fun! Me and Stephanie will dress you up!

Chelsea: Yay.

She fakes a smile.

Adrianna and Isabella are in the kitchen.

Adrianna: Stefano called before.

Isabella: What did he want?

Adrianna: He wants to have dinner with me and Carlo.

Isabella rolls her eyes.

Isabella: And what did you say?

Adrianna: Mom, don't get mad-

Isabella: You agreed!?!?! I can't believe this! You agreed to see the man who abandoned you!

Adrianna: He's my dad!

Isabella: It's funny how he all of the sudden cares now.

Adrianna: Look mom, I'll just go to the dinner, ask him why he cares, and leave.

Isabella: Why he cares? His empire is crumbling! Andre is dead, EJ is dead, Stefano is going to drop any day now, Tony wants nothing to do with him, same with Lexie, which means Theo will have nothing to do with him, Benjie is dead and his wife and son have left Salem. All thats left is little Johnny who Stefano thinks will be his! So even if he does get Johnny, he still needs somebody to run the empire! He doesnt want to spend time with you becaus he cares about you! You and Carlo are just pawns!

Adrianna: Mom, please let me handel this! I'm 20 years old! I think I can make my own decisions!

Isabella: I'm just trying to help you!

At the Brady Pub...

Shawn and Cathy are having sex when somebody wearing all black comes to the window.

Person in Black: This should do it.

They pull a gun out of their pocket, and aim in at Shawn.

Cathy: Shawn stop! Stop!

Shawn: Whats wrong?

Cathy: Theres somebody in the window!

The person dissapears.

A couple hours later...

Sami, Stephanie, Bo, Hope, and Ciara are sitting on the couch talking.

Sami: She really looked great tonight.

Stephanie: I hope she had a good time.

Bo: Not too good of a time!

Hope: Come on Bo, loosen up!

Stephanie: Ya!

Sami: Well, I better go now.

Hope: Don't you wanna wait and hear about her night?

Sami: I do but- what the heck fine!


Chelsea gets out of the car, and her date walks her to the door.

Chelsea: Thanks Peter, I had a really great time! I thought I wouldn't but I did.

Peter: Good. I did too.

They kiss. Chelsea walks to the door, and he is walking down the path, when he stops.

Peter: Oh, Chelsea before I forget,

Chelsea turns around and smiles.

Chelsea: What?

He pulls a gun out, and shoots her in the stomach! Peter runs, and Chelsea falls to the ground. Sami, Bo, Hope, and Stephanie run outside!

Hope: O my God! Chelsea!

Bo bends down, and tries to help her. Sami and Stephanie bend down too, and Hope runs inside to call 911. The screen fades to black.

Next on Days of Our Lives:

Sami and Stephanie bang on the doors of the DiMera mansion! Rolf opens the door, and they run inside!

Stefano: What the hell do you want?

Sami: You son of a bitch!

Sami pulls out a gun, and fires!

Caroline and Carly are at the hospital.

Caroline: Carly, I need to go to the other part of the hospital.

Carly: Whats wrong?

Caroline: My granddaughter was shot.

Isabella and Adrianna are watching the news.

News Anchor: Chelsea Brady was shot tonight at her doorstep after a date. More to come after this.

Isabella: That is exactly why you do not ascisoiate with your father!

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