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Written by: Jay


-Lexie asks Stefano what the real deal is with Helena. She tells him that it’s not like him to be running from a lady. Stefano shuns her and dismisses the accusations that he is running from a woman. claiming that she will get hers once in Italy. He then says that “Italy is where it is meant to happen, and it shall go down there...”

-Abe is walking about when he comes across Marlena after she leaves the hospital. They greet each other. She tells him that she just got done with Kate and they both turn their noses up at mention of her name. Abe tells her that he heard what has been happening with Helena. Marlena reveals that Helena Cassadine is Ej’s mother to Abe.

-Kate, recovering from her lashing from Marlena runs into Roman. She complains about Sami and Marlena and Roman defends his daughter and his wife. Kate tells Roman that Marlena is just upset at her because “some crazy lady beat Sami up.” Roman says “What?!”, and wants to know where he can find Helena Cassadine.

-EJ has left the hospital. He is walking and he drops his bag with all of his valuables. When he looks up, Nikolas is there and he says “Told ya”.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-EJ looks up, and says “What the hell do you want?” Nikolas says “I told you this wasn’t the end of it.” EJ tells Nikolas that he wants nothing to do with him. Nikolas tells him, “You would if only you knew what your father did to my grandmother” EJ looks at him.

-Kate tells Roman that Helena is a force to be reckoned with and that he had better just let Stefano handle her. Roman says “No, tell me where she is, Kate!” “I don’t know Roman. All I know is that she is in Salem Hospital” Kate finally tells him “I’m going”, Roman remarks.

-Marlena tells Abe that Helena is in Salem to get revenge on Stefano, and Sami was just caught in the crossfire. Abe tells Marlena that he is sorry. He asks if there is any way he could question Helena and get a lowdown on her before she starts any trouble. Marlena tells him that she is in Salem Hospital. He says that he will go over.

-EJ ask Nikolas what he means. Nik tells him he will just have to wait and see, and Nikolas walks away.

-Abe and Roman meet up and they both figure out that the other is going to the Hospital. They both walk in to the hospital to find mass turmoil. Abe flashes his badge and asks what’s going on. A Doctor informs him that Helena Casssadine has escaped!!

-Helena in new clothes is boarding a plane. “I know you my Stefano. I know how you think. Italy, here I come.”


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Ooh wee. I decided to check you guys out and I am glad I did I love the short length. Episode moved VERY FAST.

So glad to see Abe in the mix of things. Also glad to see Marlena and Kate as enemies.

And hold up, are you telling me that Helena and Abe fathered EJ or did I mis read?

This Helena story is very interesting. I know this is Jay's doing. He love him some ABC soaps.

GREAT EPISODE and I look forward to the next

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Daysfan actually started the cross story. Helena was already in town when I came aboard. I just brought in Nikolas and plan on bringing in someone else from ABC. Who?? :) You'll just have to wait and see. :lol:

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