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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Written by: Daysfan


-Christopher comes over and Roman asks how the hell she escaped, and asked if she had a guard by her door. Christopher replied yes she did but they found him stripped of most of his clothes and apparently she had pushed on his pressure point which is how she escaped. Abe says he is going to send out search teams for her immediately.

-Greta sits in the Salem Inn as she flashes back to being outside Chez Rouge over Steve’s unconscious body. She remembers saying he was her father, and she slowly says to herself she has to tell him and Kayla someday. As she stands and slowly walks around she says “I can’t keep this thing a secret forever.” and suddenly NICOLE is revealed to be listening from the door. She smirks and says to herself “Now what would that secret be, Greta?”

-Tony and Anna arrive in the small town of Aremid, and as they walk through town Anna comments the place is very desolate. Tony tells her he has heard the same thing, even from when most of Salem was here in 1995. Tony and Anna slowly walk up to a fairly large sized house, and Tony says this is it. This was the house that is owned by the DiMeras and was the one that Andre killed himself in twelve years ago.

-Julie walks into Hope’s house to see Hope sitting with Pamela and Addie. She smiles at Julie as she puts the babies down and greets her and asks how she is. Julie says she is pretty much fine, but she just visited Doug at the hospital.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Roman tells Abe he’s realized they can’t just sit back anymore, and they have to find Stefano and Helena. Abe says they just need to find where they are, and Roman says obviously Stefano wouldn’t be anywhere near Salem so they need to find out what DiMera private jets were used lately! Abe agrees and they leave, while Christopher watches as they go and thinks he recognizes the name Stefano…

-Greta says to herself she should go find out what is currently occurring in Steve and Kayla’s life, and she grabs her purse and heads towards the door. Nicole hears her coming and hides behind a wall as Greta walks out and leaves the Salem Inn, and Nicole vows to find out Greta’s secret, and decides to follow her!

-Tony and Anna enter the house, and Anna asks where they should search first. Tony automatically says “The study.” and Anna asks “Why so sudden with your answer?” and Tony is silent for a moment and says he’s unsure, but they should search there anyway. Anna nods as they head up to the study.

-Hope slowly asks how he is, and Julie says sadly he’s the same. Julie asks Hope how she is, and Hope says she’s as good as she can be. She says her and Bo were supposed to investigate something about the DiMeras but she’s not ready. She is still grieving Alice and after the discovery Gina killed Shawn she just can barely do anything, and she doesn’t even have her father or sons. Julie sniffs and pulls Hope into a hug as Maggie walks in.

-Greta walks up to the entrance to the Pub and watches as Steve and Kayla are talking inside. She watches and says “Not now…” and turns around to leave, and then says to herself “From what I know they have enough problems with Victor Kiriakis as it is. Now is not the right time to reveal Steve is my father…” and as she walks on the screen pans to reveal Nicole listening in on what Greta said! Nicole’s eyes widen and she says “Steve is Greta’s FATHER?!” and as she slowly walks forward she smirks and says “I can use this to my advantage…”

-Tony and Anna walk into the study at the house in Aremid, and begin to look around, searching for anything they can find. Anna says there has to be something in here and Tony agrees, and suddenly as Tony looks at the couch and examines the study closely he has a small flashback of a gun going off!

-Maggie smiles at Julie and Hope, and as Hope wipes away a few tears that came out of her eyes she greets Maggie. Maggie walks over and hugs Hope, and Julie says they are just still trying to get over what happened to Alice and what happened to Doug. Maggie nods and says she understands and it took her some time to get over Mickey’s death. She then says but they are Hortons, and they are strong. She tells Julie and Hope they will get through this, it is what Alice and Doug would want. Julie agrees, and after a few seconds Hope nods, and all three embrace each other.

-Abe and Roman try to look for information back at the police station on if any DiMera private jets have been known leaving anywhere recently, and finally after some time Roman discovers a DiMera jet was only a few hours ago leaving for Italy! Roman tells Abe of what he has discovered, and Abe says then that concludes it. Stefano is in Italy, and then Roman says they have to go there to stop him.


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