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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Written by: Jay


-Stefano, Lexie and Megan arrive in Italy. “Ah, It is good to be home” Stefano says. Lexie wants to know what they are doing there. “You will find out soon enough my dear”, Stefano remarks.

-Roman and Abe are at the station. Roman is making a case related call while Abe is calling Celeste to watch Theo while he is gone. While Abe is on the phone, Celeste warns him, “Abraham, you and Roman mustn’t go looking for Stefano; you will find trouble before you reach him.” Abe thanks Celeste for the concern but lets her know that it is his job to stop her. Roman gets of the phone; Abe gives him the nod, and the two head out.

-Steve, Kayla, and Stephanie are walking when they see Nikolas. “He’s hot!” Stephanie says. Kayla tells her that he is Nikolas Cassadine, grandson of the woman who has come to wreck everything Salem and Stefano DiMera.

*LIS opening*

-Roman and Abe are on their way out when they hear something funny outside. Abe tells Roman about what Celeste told him and the two brush it off. When getting into the car, Roman and Abe are both knocked out with clubs. The camera rises to EJ and Nikolas each standing on opposite sides of the car and the two stare each other down.

Celeste and Theo are reading a book. Celeste feels something. She hugs Theo and says, “Theodore, I hope your daddy is ok.”

-Stephanie tells her mom “So?”, and Steve tells her that Nikolas’s Uncle Stefan Cassadine was a bad guy. He then explains the history of Stavros, Mikkos, and the whole Casssadine Empire. Stephanie says “So he’s rich and hot?” “And dangerous,” Steve says. “I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with those Cassadines!”

-Helena is on her airplane on the phone. She tells the person that she is on the phone with that everything is going as planned. She then says she is hot on Stefano’s tail and he cannot get away from her. She smiles deviously.

-Stefano and the gals arrive at a huge palace. He then says “Here it is my girls, where it all took place”

-Helena getting out of a car arrives at the palace and simply says “ShowTime!"

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Ok. That was short. I know we write North And South at SL, so I liked it.

Glad Abe is running things. It's the first time Roman had to take orders from him.

Helena is nuts, period.

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