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"The Break Up" - PCE: Episode 70



Endgame- Episode 70
ICU Episode: "The Breakup"
Featuring Alan & Monica
Sunday, August 05, 2007

Written by: Tishy Smith
Ryan Chandler

It was the last night of Monica and Alan’s getaway and Monica still hadn’t been able to bring herself to end things with Alan. She knew in her heart that she had to tell him, and tell him tonight. She was ready to move on with her life with Kevin. She walks absently around in the sitting room, deep in thought as to what she is going to say. In the bathroom, she can hear Alan whistling as he shaved. The two of them had spent earlier making love….that's the least Monica could do, especially since she was about to end things with him.

When he finished he walked into the sitting room and took Monica in his arms. He tells her again how much he loves her. He kisses her neck and caresses her hand. He is so happy that they came on this trip to rediscover their love for each other. He mentions that being close to her today, for the first time in months, had made him realize how much the intimacy was missing from their marriage. Monica begins to squirm as he continues to talk about the 'progress' they've made. He even has a gift for her. Monica wrenches herself free from his grasp and tells him to stop. That she can’t take this anymore.

Puzzled, Alan looks at her. He asks her what is on her mind Monica draws in a deep breath and avoids looking into his eyes. Finally, she focuses on the picture on the wall right above his right shoulder. “Alan, I want to…I just…I think we should go ahead with the divorce. I can’t keep living a lie anymore.”

Alan backs away from her. “What are you talking about, living a lie? You want to go ahead with the divorce? I thought you wanted to repair our marriage Monica. That’s what this trip was for. That's why we've been in therapy! What is going on here?” Alan stares at her and watches her expression. Everything that has been suspicious about Monica's actions these past few months begin to fall into place. Alan demands to know if this has anything to do with her resigning her position as Chief Cardiologist.

Monica sinks into a chair and folds her hands in her lap. She thinks back to when she first started chatting online with Kevin. How connected she felt with him and how she still feels with him. The feeling she gets when he makes love to him. Slowly, she starts to tell Alan about how when times were tough between the two of them she met someone online and that they became confidants. Then they decided to meet as he was coming to Port Charles. Alan interrupts, “You met him Monica? You confided in this man. You opened your heart to this man, all the while I thought we were doing good? Tell me, do I know this person?”

After a long silence, she nods. “Yes Alan you do. You know him quite well."

"Well don't just sit there Monica, share with the class what his name is?"

"Don't you patronize me Alan. That's part of the reason why this isn't working anymore! You don't treat me with respect."

"Damn it! Tell me his name!"

Monica's anxiety turns to anger. "It's Kevin….Kevin Collins.”

“You are having an affair with Kevin Collins!” Alan’s face turned red with rage as he ranted. “How long has this been going on Monica, this carrying on behind my back? How long?” Monica whispered that she had been seeing Kevin for months. “Oh wonderful, you must have loved it when I hired him on at the hospital again." Alan's surprise and pain begin to grow as he realizes what a fool he's been these past few months. "Tell me Monica, did the two of you have sex at the hospital? Here in this hotel? At my house…..IN OUR BED?” Alan angrily stormed around the room and picked up a glass, and threw it against the wall. "And don't you even bring up that nonsense about it being your house."

“Well it is my house! Look Alan, just stop it. Stop it! I mean….it just happened! We were having problems…” Monica’s voice trailed off.

Alan turned around and faced her, a vein throbbing in his neck he was so angry. "It just happened? It just happened? No Monica, flash floods just <i>happen</i>. Affairs, months long, secret, hidden affairs are done voluntarily."

He laughed maliciously, saying it was just like her to blame him when she was the one that had the affair. He had tried so hard to please her and the whole time she was sleeping with Kevin. He demanded to know who else knew. He realized that David Hayward had to know since she recommended him for her old job. "Let me guess….those packages you were receiving…..David must have found out and blackmailed you into resigning as Chief of Staff."

She also told him that Lucy knew. “Well tell me Monica, tell me who didn't know? Who didn't know that you were breaking your marriage vows while I sat at home like an idiot?!”

Monica shot to her feet and yelled back that he had been constantly ignoring her and she needed attention. Kevin was there for her. He gave her that attention. He made her feel like a beautiful, sexy woman whereas Alan made her feel unwanted.

"You stand there with your self-righteous indignation and accuse me of breaking your heart. We haven't been happy for years. I may have had an affair, but you are NOT innocent in this. You've had your fair share of affairs too Alan, so don't you try to act like I'm the evil one." Monica walks over towards the closet. "I did love you Alan. I loved you very much, but I don't love you anymore."

Alan yelled that he loved her every day of his life. “Get out Monica. I need to be by myself. Get out and go to your lover!” Monica’s eyes were blurred with tears as she grabbed her purse and her coat and walked through the door. After she shut the door, she could hear Alan yell an angry yell. Monica placed her head on the door as the tears streamed down her face. She's tempted to go back inside, but realizes that doing so will only put them back in the same cycle they've been in. Monica takes a deep breath, regaining her composure, walking away and not looking back.

Back inside, Alan sat on the edge of the bed and tried to keep from letting the pain overcome him.

To be continued….
Next…on Port Charles

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The continuation of the special "ICU" episode. Monica heads to Kevin's after breaking things off with Alan. The other Quartermaine's argue regarding ELQ. Meanwhile Alan drowns his sorrows at the MetroCourt bar. What happens when he's flooded by so many memories of Monica that his heart breaks? How will the family and Monica deal with the news?

Characters featured tomorrow: Monica, Kevin, Alan, Liz, Blake, David, Lucy, Skye, AJ, Tracy, Ned and Edward.

The Quartermaine's and those connected to them will face a very challenging time. Relationships destroyed may be rekindled, alliances will be formed and battles will be drawn.


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Tell me this eppy brought a tear to my eye! :(

I loved it, and how the promo intertwined w/ the story fit perfectly! This IS Alan and Monica...and I can't wait to see Part 2

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