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Endgame- Episode 64
Thursday, July 19, 2007

Written By:
Tishy Smith
Ryan Chandler

Luke opens the door of the Brownstone and takes in the scene in front of him. He sees Bobbie sitting at the kitchen table, a bottle of vodka, unopened, in front of her. “Barbara Jean? What’s wrong honey, is it Noah?” Luke kneels down next to her chair and speaks softly. “Did something happen to Lucas or Carly? You can tell me Barbara Jean, I am right here.”

Bobbie looks up, tears streaming from her eyes. “I’ve done something very bad and you are going to hate me when I tell you what I have done. I can’t live like this anymore. The guilt is eating me up inside and oh, Luke, I don’t want you to hate me, please.”

Luke assures her that is impossible. They have gone through far too much for him to hate her. She tells him that this is the worst thing she has ever done and that everyone will hate her, even her own children. “Barbara Jean, let me be the judge of that. Now tell me what’s going on so your big brother can help you.”
Carly is walking by Kelly’s and sees Lucas sitting there, eating alone. She hadn’t seen him in a few days, so she opens the door and strides in. She sits down across from him and smiles brightly. He looks up and says, “I don’t believe I asked you to sit down. In fact, I would rather be alone right now.

“Well brother dear, you are going to have to deal.” Carly sets her purse down on the table and continues, “How are you and don’t just say fine because I know you are lying. You can at least tell me you are happy for me.” Carly smiled and patted her stomach. “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse. Give me one of those.” She reached over and took a French fry from his plate.

Lucas smiles briefly. Carly has been very good to him and he could use the company. He had been trying to go out every day, but he felt like he was betraying Brandon by living. He really needs to talk to someone and the only person who hasn’t judged him and that he can fully trust is Carly. He takes a deep breath and prepares to confide in her when the door opens. It’s Maxie. His face darkens at the sight of her, causing Carly to look behind her.
At the MetroCourt, Jax and Skye are having a meeting discussing business. After she was unceremoniously fired from ELQ back in February by Tracy, Skye has had little to do. She's ready to get back into the swing of things and hopes Jax can help her. Jax asks Skye how she's held up since she ended her relationship with Lorenzo. Skye admits that it's a little tough, but she feels she did the right thing. She can't deal with his life and doesn't want to share a future with someone who murders innocent people.

Skye asks Jax if he has any room at Titan Corp. Jax mentions that he recently purchased a subsidiary of ELQ's, but the companies will still be linked together. He needs a woman who's beauty is parallel to her intelligence. Skye blushes inside. It's been a very long time since she's been able to enjoy herself around anybody, especially someone who she used to love as much as Jax. Skye mentions that she's interested in doing whatever he needs. Jax hires Skye on the spot, informing her that she'll work as his liaison between Titan and ELQ regarding the new purchase and will oversee any transitions. Jax calls over a waiter to bring some champagne as the two toast to their new business relationship.

Anna steps off the elevator at the MetroCourt ready to cash in her rain check for a date with Jax. She watches at the two toasts each other, looking very happy. Normally not one to feel awkward, Anna knows about the history between Jax and Skye. She decides to speak with Jax later and heads back on the elevator. Jax looks over to the elevator just as the doors close, thinking he saw Anna. Skye wonders what he's looking at; Jax says he thought he saw someone familiar, but shakes it off.
“Ok, Lucas, what’s the deal with you and Maxie” Carly demanded. “Every time you see her your face becomes a thundercloud.” She leans closer and urges Lucas to tell her whatever is on his mind

Lucas clams up. “I don’t want to talk about it Carly.” He stands up and throws some money on the table. “I’ll talk to you later.” Lucas walks out of Kelly's in a hurry.

Carly waits a bit before confronting Maxie. “What the hell is going on between you and my brother?”
Back at Bobbie's, the conflicted nurse takes a deep breath and recounts the night of Brandon’s death. She speaks in a low, monotonous tone, staring at the vodka bottle as she confides in Luke that the night Brandon Wexler was killed, she god drunk. She mentions that was having a rough day and turned to the bottle for support. Georgie showed up and during the conversation mentioned that Lucas was out at a party with Brandon. So she got in her car and took off after Lucas…not even really knowing what to say to him. She struggles as she recounts the event scene for scene and finally breaks when she tells Luke she was the one that killed him. She didn’t know what she had done, because she was so drunk that she blacked out everything. It's only because of Noah that she isn't in jail right now. When she finished speaking, she burst into tears again.

Luke stood up, stunned. He puts his arms around Bobbie and lifts her up out of her chair, comforting her as she cried. “Oh Bobbie. We will figure something out. It’s ok.” She hiccups and tells him that Mac is onto her; he came by earlier and questioned her.

“Barbara Jean, look at me.” Luke grasps her by the shoulders and stares directly into her eyes. “I will get you out of this ok; you just have to trust me. Do not say another word to the police. I don’t care what Mac Scorpio says to you. You will not say anything else until you hear back from me, do you understand me?” Bobbie nodded. “I love you Barbara Jean with all my heart and will do anything for you. Now tell me, where is Noah now?” She tells him that he is at the hospital. He tells her that he is going to go out and that she is to lock the door behind him and to only answer the door when he comes back. No matter who calls or comes to the door, to ignore it. He will be back soon.

Luke kisses her on the forehead. “Remember, don’t talk to anyone except me and that includes your husband!” Luke sternly says before left, taking the bottle of vodka with him.
Next….on Port Charles
-Luke has a violent confrontation with Noah
-Jason asks Lainey for some advice
-Robin thinks Anna may be jealous; Anna tells Robin about her strange dream
-Maxie and Lulu argue about Lucas


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My heart is literally breaking reading of Luke finally learning the truth about Bobbie... A large part of me is wondering exactly how far Luke would go to try to protect his sister...Just the way he spoke to her was great volumes of determination to do whatever he can.

Loving Lucas and Carly's bonding over a terrible situation. Even if he does keep silent, his silence speaks so many things for Carly to do whatever she can to find out what is going on.

Wonderfully written; it pulls a great deal at the heart strings...

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Its great that your using family in your blog. Lucas/Carly, Bobbie/Luke and remembering that Jax and Skye are friends, which GH tends to forget. This episode was awesome.

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