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Melissa Horton returned to Salem last Spring in the form of her most popular portrayer, Lisa Trusel. Melissa is the daughter of Mickey and Maggie Horton. She came back to Salem, heartbroken and traumatized. She had just recently divorced her philandering husband, Miguel Marco, and he had taken her children from her in the divorce due to his being so well connected in the legal system.

Melissa soon found herself to be the object of Frankie Brady’s affections, and he began pursuing her, relentlessly. She eventually fell for him, as well, and another famous Brady/Horton romance was born! They were the talk of the town. Melissa had everything she ever wanted…except her children, and Frankie vowed to do anything he could to win them back for her.

Frankie saw the perfect opportunity to do this when he had heard Greta Von Amburg needed to marry a prince by her 30th birthday or she would automatically forfeit her inheritance of the Von Amburg fortune. Frankie approached Greta about making a deal in which he would marry her, help her inherit her fortune, and she would give him some of the money – enough to help Melissa pay off Miguel and get her kids back!

Melissa was furious about the idea, but Frankie insisted. When Frankie and Greta wed, Melissa broke up with Frankie, who was floored along with Greta when they heard they’d have to be married six months before they could receive a penny! Melissa finally realized she could not live without Frankie so she rushed to tell him how she felt…only to find he had fallen for Greta…for real!

Melissa was heartbroken as Frankie and Greta grew closer than ever…and Frankie took Greta’s virginity on a romantic New Year’s date. Now, Miguel has come to Salem to win her back. Frankie has the money to pay off Miguel and get Melissa’s children. But will Miguel take the pay off?

Little does Melissa know that Greta has been unfaithful to Frankie with Eric Brady…and her dreams of reuniting with Frankie are closer to coming true than ever. Another secret Melissa has no idea about…is the fact that her sister, Sarah, was the woman Miguel had an affair!

It is bound to be a dramatic summer for Melissa as both secrets WILL come pouring out.

BLOG BONUS: The week of May 21st, Melissa and Frankie will learn the truth about Greta and Eric’s affair! Is a reunion right around the corner for the Horton/Brady love birds?

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