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#006 Monday, April 16th



#006 Monday, April 16th

Norm is having coffee at the food court in the mall, when he sees Yvette and walks over to her. Yvette tells him that she doesn't want a rival this close to her, but he tells her he might be of help to her. Yvette asks how that is possible and Norm replies that he knows about the project she's trying to get off the ground and that he wants a piece of it. Yvette says that what she is doing is strictly for McGregor, but he says that he's not looking for a partnership in companies, just a partnership between him and Yvette. He says that he has connections to people who can help her go over Anna's head and start building immediately. Yvette asks if he is doing this just because he dislikes Anna, but he says that he only wants to profit from the venture. Yvette says she's willing to try anything to get the shopping center built, even if it means partnering with Norm.

Anna and Joseph are in the den at the mansion, when she brings up Trish. Joseph says he's not in the mood to talk about her, but Anna continues anyway. She says that he should fight for his relationship with Trish before it's too late. Joseph asks her why she even cares, she never really liked Trish anyway. Anna says she never had anything against Trish and that she's the only decent person in her family. Joseph says that his relationship is over and he doesn't want to get back into it, because he can't deal with Trish's demands. Anna says that sometimes you have to admit when you were wrong, but Joseph insist that he did nothing wrong. Anna reiterates what Trish said about him never being at home and Joseph accuses her of taking Trish's side. Anna says she's not taking sides, she's just trying to help him. Joseph says that he doesn't need help, because even if he wanted Trish back, she wouldn't agree to come back to him.

Henry comes into Trish's office with a pastry box. She looks up and tells him to sit down, saying that she's surprised to see him, but is glad he's here. Henry says he brought her the donuts she always liked. Trish says that it was nice of him to remember that and thanks him. Henry says that she looks tired and she replies by saying that she's had a double work load for the pass few days and hasn't any rest. They start reminisce about old times in school, they laugh until they get to the point that Trish married Joseph. Henry says that he never understood why she married Joseph, seeing how she knew he was work obsessed when she met him. Henry then asks her if she regrets it, but before she can answer Carol comes in.


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