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#007 Tuesday, April 17th



#007 Tuesday, April 17th

Carol walks in on Henry and Trish talking, saying that she needs an expense report from Trish. Henry says that he needs to get back to work and leaves. After he leaves, Carol remarks on what a nice person Henry is. Trish tells her mother not to get any ideas, that he's just a friend. Carol says that when she met Trish's father, they started out as just friends. Trish says that she isn't interested in Henry that way. Carol then asks her if she's having a hard time moving on from Joseph. Trish scoffs and tells her she's completely over Joseph, but Carol doesn't believe her. She says she can tell Trish doesn't want to let Joseph go. Trish tells Carol it would be best if she backed off, since part of the reason her marriage didn't work was Carol's constant meddling.

Edmund gets a call from his estranged wife and the first thing he ask her is how she could abandon her kids, he says it's fine if she was tired of him, but leaving their sons was unacceptable. She tells him that she made a mistake and that she wasn't ready to be married and have a family, but he says that she should have thought about that before she married him. She says that she's staying at her parents house now and asks if the kids can come visit, but Edmund gives her a stern no for an answer, saying that he doesn't want his sons around her so soon after she left them.

Lynette lands the job at Number 37 and is asked to start immediately, but Jim still isn't warm to the idea. He asks her why she feels the need to work when he has provided for her and the children. Lynette tells him it isn't about money and if he doesn't understand that she's not going to waste time arguing with him. She then tells him that she has left dinner in the kitchen and that she will be home by 11. As she leaves, Jim tells her if this is what she really wants, he will try his best to positive about it and support her, but that she has to be patient with him. She thanks him and then runs out the door and Jim stands in the door with an expression of anguish.

Tyler sneaks into the office at the Novi store when no one is there and starts rummaging through files. As he says to himself that all the good stuff is probably buried in the corporate office, he sees a folder marked confidential and opens it. A look of excitement comes over his face as he reads through the file. He looks in another file cabinet and finds another folder with a disc marked "For McGregor Only". Just then, Henry opens the office door and asks Tyler what he is doing.


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