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#008 Wednesday, April 18th



#008 Wednesday, April 18th

Yvette has Norm over to her house for dinner to discuss the project, but they are interrupted when Chester returns from a business trip unexpectedly. Yvette nervously tries to explain the situation to Chester, but he can't understand why Norm is there. Norm says that they were just discussing a possible business deal between McGregor and Donahue, before hurriedly leaving. Chester says that he's not foolish enough to buy that Donahue and McGregor would be doing business together and demands the truth. Yvette says that it's a sensitive matter and she can't discuss it right now. Chester says that he knows that she's up to something again and ask if she will ever learn when to stop scheming. Yvette says that they should forget about this whole matter, seeing as Chester just got home from a long trip. Chester says he's willing to let it go, but hopes that she's not up to anything, because it would be bad for the family.

Cody's past catches up to him when a woman shows up at Donahue's Novi store looking to collect a gambling debt. Cody says that he will pay it off in due time, but the woman demands that he pay her now. He asks the woman to not do this in his family's store and to leave immediately. She tells him that if he doesn't get the money soon, he won't be the only one involved in the matter anymore. Cody warns the woman not to threaten his family, but she scoffs and says that he should have thought about that before he skipped town without paying his debt. Trish comes in the store and sees the two arguing and breaks it up. After the woman storms out of the store, Trish asks Cody what that was about and he says it was just a customer who wanted to return something without a receipt.

Henry demands to know why Tyler is in the management office and Tyler explains that he was looking for an inventory sheet, because he thought his department was short on some items. Henry says that all he had to do was come to him and ask for the sheet and ask why he waited until no one was around to look for the sheet. Tyler says that he didn't wait for anyone to leave, he just happened to need the sheet when no one was around. Henry opens a file cabinet drawer, pulls out the sheet and gives it to Tyler. When Henry turns to leave, Tyler slips the disc into his pocket and follows Henry out the door.

Estelle gives Alma and Anna a grand tour of her warehouse facility and the products she offers. All of the sudden, Carol shows up, much to Anna's disgust. Estelle says she wasn't expecting Carol until tomorrow, but Carol says she wanted to find out about the deal she made with McGregor. Estelle says it's just a typical supplier contract and that it's not really anything Carol should concern herself with. Carol says it is her business when her supplier connects with her main rival. Estelle says that business is business to her and she's not concerned with rivalries between companies. Anna remarks that Carol has no sense of professionalism, everything is about getting even. Carol tells Anna that she's not one to question anyone's professionalism, because she has pulled her share of dirty tricks. Alma tells Anna to ignore Carol, because she's just looking for trouble. Carol tells Estelle that he might have to find another supplier if she continues to do business with McGregor and storms out.


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